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Show List Using Metric Units

Multiple Ascent List for Brian Kalet

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Lake Hill5000USA-CO2642642013-08-222015-06-091 Year, 291 Days Later
Peak 57735773USA-CO1091092009-02-182015-05-316 Years, 102 Days Later
Prospect Hill5000USA-CO1051062013-08-292014-08-25361 Days Later
Reservoir Ridge5735USA-CO87882009-02-182014-09-035 Years, 197 Days Later
Peak 59345934USA-CO54542009-02-182011-11-302 Years, 285 Days Later
Duncan's Ridge5720USA-CO28282010-06-162015-07-155 Years, 29 Days Later
Clark Hill5010USA-CO27272013-09-102014-07-11304 Days Later
Morril Benchmark5791USA-CO20202009-03-022011-11-302 Years, 273 Days Later
Torture Chamber5400USA-CO12122015-03-252015-07-15112 Days Later
Table Mountain6200USA-CO11122004-09-092014-12-1910 Years, 101 Days Later
Peak 57205720USA-CO11112009-03-102011-11-302 Years, 265 Days Later
Peterson Ridge8600USA-CO10102009-10-262015-08-295 Years, 307 Days Later
Genesee Mountain8284USA-CO992010-01-272015-07-125 Years, 166 Days Later
Piano Boulder5640USA-CO992015-04-082015-05-0123 Days Later
Nemesis Tower5240USA-CO992015-04-082015-05-0123 Days Later
Jelm Mountain9656USA-WY882009-09-302010-11-141 Year, 45 Days Later
Baby Grand Boulder5640USA-CO882015-04-132015-05-0118 Days Later
Talent Scout Boulder5600USA-CO882015-04-202015-05-0111 Days Later
Green Mountain8144USA-CO772004-06-212014-08-0310 Years, 43 Days Later
Colorado Mines Peak12493USA-CO772005-10-152006-10-261 Year, 11 Days Later
Tiptop Peak12053USA-CO772006-03-192007-03-311 Year, 12 Days Later
Peak 78257825USA-CO772009-11-272015-08-295 Years, 275 Days Later
Unknown Roof5640USA-CO772015-04-152015-05-0116 Days Later
Bootie Slab5640USA-CO772015-04-152015-05-0116 Days Later
Punk Rock5560USA-CO772015-04-212015-05-0110 Days Later
Peak 57505750USA-CO662008-09-012009-03-01181 Days Later
Eliminator Boulder5600USA-CO662015-04-222015-05-019 Days Later
Ship's Prow5600USA-CO662015-04-222015-05-019 Days Later
Mount Evans14264USA-CO552003-08-242011-06-067 Years, 286 Days Later
Flattop Mountain12324USA-CO552004-04-112015-02-2810 Years, 323 Days Later
Morgan Peak12474USA-CO552006-04-022007-11-041 Year, 216 Days Later
Haystack Three Point Benchmark6480USA-CO552008-09-022009-02-27178 Days Later
Meditation Boulder5520USA-CO552015-04-232015-05-018 Days Later
Tiger Rock5600USA-CO552015-04-272015-05-058 Days Later
Regatta Hill4970USA-CO442013-06-042014-12-041 Year, 183 Days Later
Pikes Peak14110USA-CO3319842012-09-0928 Years, 252 Days Later
Dinosaur Mountain7360USA-CO3320042014-08-0310 Years, 214 Days Later
Torreys Peak14267USA-CO332004-06-062012-06-248 Years, 18 Days Later
Quandary Peak14265USA-CO332004-07-142012-06-177 Years, 339 Days Later
Bear Peak8461USA-CO332004-09-092009-07-024 Years, 296 Days Later
South Boulder Peak8549USA-CO332004-10-082009-07-024 Years, 267 Days Later
Castle Peak14265USA-CO332005-04-072008-10-253 Years, 201 Days Later
Peak 1182011820USA-CO332006-02-192007-04-011 Year, 41 Days Later
Sanitas Mountaineer Top6800USA-CO332007-02-092012-09-175 Years, 221 Days Later
Charles Benchmark12050USA-CO332007-03-262007-03-282 Days Later
Prospect Peak11840USA-CO332007-03-262007-03-282 Days Later
Arthurs Rock6780USA-CO332009-03-242011-05-222 Years, 59 Days Later
Peak 71607160USA-CO332009-04-272009-06-2761 Days Later
Peak 87208720USA-CO332010-03-022010-10-30242 Days Later
First Flatiron7280USA-CO332011-04-122013-07-022 Years, 81 Days Later
Sunset Hill5400USA-CO332012-10-162014-11-222 Years, 37 Days Later
Exit Wall5600USA-CO332015-04-282015-05-013 Days Later
Mental Block5600USA-CO332015-04-292015-05-056 Days Later
Peak 72207220USA-WY262015-02-072015-02-081 Day Later
Mount Shavano14229USA-CO232006-05-292007-10-201 Year, 144 Days Later
San Luis Peak14014USA-CO232006-06-042007-08-181 Year, 75 Days Later
Peak 1010010100USA-CO232010-06-192010-07-1122 Days Later
Mount Audubon13223USA-CO2220022011-09-109 Years, 252 Days Later
Keystone Mountain-North Peak11641USA-CO222002-12-282015-03-2712 Years, 89 Days Later
Mount Werner West10520USA-CO222003-01-042014-03-1711 Years, 72 Days Later
Sunshine Peak10385USA-CO222003-01-042014-03-1711 Years, 72 Days Later
Storm Peak10360USA-CO222003-01-042014-03-1711 Years, 72 Days Later
Mount Ida12840USA-CO222003-12-212010-08-076 Years, 229 Days Later
Coon Hill12757USA-CO222004-05-162005-04-16335 Days Later
Mount Democrat14148USA-CO222004-06-202004-07-0414 Days Later
West Evans14256USA-CO222004-07-112009-09-205 Years, 71 Days Later
Grays Peak14270USA-CO222004-07-252012-06-247 Years, 335 Days Later
Mount Sherman14036USA-CO222004-08-012006-08-172 Years, 16 Days Later
Mount Belford14197USA-CO222004-09-192004-09-267 Days Later
Hagar Mountain13200USA-CO222005-04-232006-11-111 Year, 202 Days Later
The Nebel Horn7560USA-CO222005-09-242014-07-188 Years, 297 Days Later
Horsetooth Mountain7255USA-CO222006-01-022010-07-154 Years, 194 Days Later
Taylor Hill11725USA-CO222006-01-112006-01-121 Day Later
Marble Peak11314USA-CO222006-01-152006-03-2569 Days Later
Saint Vrain Mountain12162USA-CO222006-02-112015-03-089 Years, 25 Days Later
Greg Mace Peak12560USA-CO222006-03-272006-03-281 Day Later
Peak 1331213312USA-CO222006-03-282011-06-255 Years, 89 Days Later
Greyrock Mountain7613USA-CO222006-05-232009-06-213 Years, 29 Days Later
Tabeguache Peak14155USA-CO222006-05-292007-10-201 Year, 144 Days Later
Esprit Point13630USA-CO222006-05-292007-10-201 Year, 144 Days Later
Mount Rainier14411USA-WA222006-09-272007-07-14290 Days Later
Conundrum Peak14022USA-CO222006-10-142008-10-252 Years, 11 Days Later
North Conundrum Peak14040USA-CO222006-10-142008-10-252 Years, 11 Days Later
Sugarloaf Mountain8917USA-CO222006-12-212009-07-012 Years, 192 Days Later
Cupid13117USA-CO222007-04-012011-12-264 Years, 269 Days Later
Santa Fe Peak13180USA-CO222007-05-062010-09-053 Years, 122 Days Later
Estes Cone11006USA-CO222007-06-182010-06-243 Years, 6 Days Later
Peak 1272412724USA-CO222007-08-192012-09-165 Years, 28 Days Later
Bighorn Mountain8520USA-CO222007-10-032013-05-055 Years, 214 Days Later
Mount Garfield6765USA-CO222008-09-022009-02-21172 Days Later
Aiguille du Greyrock7456USA-CO222009-04-292009-06-2759 Days Later
Mount Sanitas6863USA-CO222009-05-112012-09-173 Years, 129 Days Later
Peak 1120411204USA-CO222009-05-272012-06-163 Years, 20 Days Later
Williams Peak11617USA-CO222009-05-272012-06-163 Years, 20 Days Later
Haystack Mountain9105USA-CO222009-05-272012-06-163 Years, 20 Days Later
Peak 1088110881USA-CO222009-05-272012-06-163 Years, 20 Days Later
Peak 68236823USA-CO222009-05-312009-06-2222 Days Later
Sheep Mountain8450USA-CO222009-06-112009-07-2443 Days Later
Black Mountain11654USA-CO222009-07-122011-11-062 Years, 117 Days Later
Kruger Rock9355USA-CO222009-07-232012-05-242 Years, 306 Days Later
Peak 80118011USA-CO222009-08-092010-06-13308 Days Later
Devils Playground13060USA-CO222009-08-302012-09-093 Years, 10 Days Later
Emerald Mountain9237USA-CO222009-09-022012-10-203 Years, 48 Days Later
Peak 86408640USA-CO222009-10-012009-11-0333 Days Later
West Bull Mountain9242USA-CO222009-10-042010-06-06245 Days Later
Taylor Mountain9134USA-CO222009-11-022014-06-044 Years, 214 Days Later
Guy Hill8104USA-CO222009-11-032010-06-27236 Days Later
Peak 85478547USA-CO222009-11-242014-06-094 Years, 197 Days Later
Cottonwood Benchmark10119USA-CO222009-12-172012-10-142 Years, 302 Days Later
Button Rock Mountain8450USA-CO222009-12-312013-12-253 Years, 359 Days Later
Grouse Mountain9843USA-CO222010-02-182010-10-30254 Days Later
Peak 91229122USA-CO222010-03-012011-03-131 Year, 12 Days Later
Blue Mountain9230USA-CO222010-03-012011-03-131 Year, 12 Days Later
Peak 90839083USA-CO222010-03-012010-12-18292 Days Later
Peak 90409040USA-CO222010-03-022010-10-30242 Days Later
Wild Mountain6695USA-CO222010-03-202014-02-163 Years, 333 Days Later
Mexican Ridge10122USA-CO222010-03-282011-05-211 Year, 54 Days Later
Red Mountain9103USA-CO222010-06-052010-11-14162 Days Later
Sheep Mountain11819USA-CO222010-09-112012-10-072 Years, 26 Days Later
Peak 98109810USA-CO222010-10-092012-10-142 Years, 5 Days Later
Grouse Mountain9881USA-CO222010-11-072010-12-0427 Days Later
Peak 1105311053USA-CO222011-01-082013-08-172 Years, 221 Days Later
Peak 93609360USA-CO222011-01-082014-04-133 Years, 95 Days Later
Noddle Head South8240USA-CO222011-03-192012-05-201 Year, 62 Days Later
Green Mountain7596USA-CO222011-04-142011-04-217 Days Later
Bishop Rock8240USA-CO222011-07-042012-10-281 Year, 116 Days Later
Elkhorn Point8617USA-WY222011-08-212015-01-113 Years, 143 Days Later
Second Flatiron7120USA-CO222011-09-182013-07-021 Year, 287 Days Later
Booth Mountain6460USA-CO222012-03-032014-02-161 Year, 350 Days Later
Booth Mountain South6460USA-CO222012-03-032014-02-161 Year, 350 Days Later
Timber Mountain6896USA-CO222012-04-012014-02-161 Year, 321 Days Later
Peak 67206720USA-CO222012-04-012014-02-161 Year, 321 Days Later
Peak 65006500USA-CO222012-04-012014-02-161 Year, 321 Days Later
Peak 1264012640USA-CO222012-09-232013-08-04315 Days Later
Portico6620USA-CO222012-11-212014-12-192 Years, 28 Days Later
Third Flatiron7000USA-CO222012-11-222014-01-181 Year, 57 Days Later
The Regency6840USA-CO222012-11-252014-11-292 Years, 4 Days Later
Rock Island I5640USA-CO222012-12-092013-09-08273 Days Later
Sunset Flatironette7240USA-CO222013-02-182013-07-02134 Days Later
Peak 87208720USA-CO222013-06-152014-07-131 Year, 28 Days Later
Rock Three8080USA-CO222013-11-272014-06-20205 Days Later
Alpine Hill5400USA-CO222014-03-232014-11-22244 Days Later
Peak 73407340USA-WY222014-12-102015-02-0860 Days Later
Gill Pinnacle5600USA-CO222015-04-292015-05-012 Days Later
Penny Boulder5560USA-CO222015-04-292015-05-056 Days Later
The Scoop5520USA-CO222015-04-292015-05-012 Days Later
Iron Nipple13480USA-CO 22006-05-212006-05-21Same Day
Baldy Alto13698USA-CO 22006-06-042006-06-04Same Day
Challenger Point14081USA-CO 22006-06-102006-06-10Same Day
Columbia Point13960USA-CO 22006-06-102006-06-10Same Day
Mount Meeker-East Peak13840USA-CO 22006-06-242006-06-24Same Day
Peak 81478147USA-CO 22008-10-282008-10-28Same Day
Hagues Peak13560USA-CO 22009-07-082009-07-08Same Day
Peak 1076010760USA-CO 22010-10-302010-10-30Same Day
Peak 73637363USA-CO 22012-01-222012-01-22Same Day

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