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Multiple Ascent List for William Musser

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Mount Kineo1789USA-ME90932002-06-282017-07-0915 Years, 11 Days Later
Green Mountain6855USA-CO38382016-08-24 a2018-05-151 Year, 264 Days Later
Mount Bailey9089USA-CO24242017-03-202018-04-15 a1 Year, 26 Days Later
Spruce Creek Preserve High Point41USA-FL15152015-03-072018-04-213 Years, 45 Days Later
Wekiva State Park High Point99USA-FL13132011-01-152017-02-11 b6 Years, 27 Days Later
Dinosaur Ridge6660USA-CO12142016-08-24 b2018-04-28 c1 Year, 247 Days Later
Mount Dora180USA-FL12122012-04-092016-11-084 Years, 213 Days Later
Gemini Springs State Park High Point40USA-FL992015-03-082017-04-162 Years, 39 Days Later
New Smyrna Beach High Point35USA-FL992015-10-182017-04-291 Year, 193 Days Later
Green Mountain-Observation Point6609USA-CO882017-07-26 b2018-05-09 b287 Days Later
Kennesaw Mountain1808USA-GA7132011-02-252017-05-02 c6 Years, 66 Days Later
Little Kennesaw Mountain1600USA-GA7112011-02-25 b2017-05-02 d6 Years, 66 Days Later
Castle Rock6319USA-CO772017-03-18 K2018-05-161 Year, 59 Days Later
Turkey Mountain920USA-OK672015-11-11 a2017-11-091 Year, 363 Days Later
Shaw Mountain1653USA-ME662010-06-262016-07-19 b6 Years, 23 Days Later
Pine Mountain1562USA-GA572014-12-01 d2017-05-01 i2 Years, 151 Days Later
The Brother7800USA-CO562017-06-25 d2018-03-11 b259 Days Later
Mount Morrison7881USA-CO552017-03-01 a2017-12-06280 Days Later
Three Sisters-South Peak7800USA-CO552017-06-25 e2018-03-11 c259 Days Later
Three Sisters-North Peak7760USA-CO552017-06-25 g2018-03-10 c258 Days Later
Castle Rock6585USA-CO552017-07-162017-11-04 b111 Days Later
Pigeon Hill1240USA-GA482011-02-25 c2017-05-02 e6 Years, 66 Days Later
French Hill426USA-CA472016-05-05 a2018-02-23 e1 Year, 294 Days Later
Katahdin5268USA-ME462009-07-11 a2016-07-20 c7 Years, 9 Days Later
Pico El Yunque3445Puerto Rico452010-12-06 c2016-03-20 a5 Years, 105 Days Later
Sugarloaf Mountain310USA-FL442008-072015-06-206 Years, 354 Days Later
Katahdin-South Peak5260USA-ME442009-07-11 b2016-07-20 b7 Years, 9 Days Later
La Roca EL Yunque3379Puerto Rico442010-12-06 d2016-03-20 b5 Years, 105 Days Later
Torre de Los Picachos3175Puerto Rico442010-12-06 e2016-03-20 c5 Years, 105 Days Later
Footer Point120U.S. Virgin Islands442013-10-242013-10-27 b3 Days Later
Kelly Park High Point85USA-FL442015-03-012016-02-28 d364 Days Later
Prevatt Lake Sandhill85USA-FL442016-02-28 b2017-02-25363 Days Later
North Table Mountain6570USA-CO442017-03-17 A2018-04-08 h1 Year, 22 Days Later
North Table Mountain-Quarry Peak6480USA-CO442017-03-17 B2018-04-08 g1 Year, 22 Days Later
Three Sisters-Middle Peak7840USA-CO442017-06-25 f2017-12-23 c181 Days Later
Bandimere Ridge6283USA-CO442017-07-18 d2018-02-24 c221 Days Later
Platte Canyon HS Peak8650USA-CO442017-08-20 a2018-03-16208 Days Later
Enchanted Rock1825USA-TX382015-01-05 a2017-02-07 j2 Years, 33 Days Later
Borestone Mountain-West Peak1960USA-ME352010-06-29 a2015-07-04 c5 Years, 5 Days Later
Little Rock1740USA-TX352015-01-05 b2017-02-07 d2 Years, 33 Days Later
Little Rock-Point 17051705USA-TX352015-01-05 c2017-02-07 c2 Years, 33 Days Later
Turkey Peak1680USA-TX352015-01-05 f2017-02-07 i2 Years, 33 Days Later
Clingmans Dome6643USA-TN/NC341977-08-112015-11-07 a38 Years, 88 Days Later
Stone Mountain1680USA-GA341977-08-122015-07-28 a37 Years, 350 Days Later
Lookout Mountain7374USA-CO331979-062017-03-18 M37 Years, 290 Days Later
Brasstown Bald4784USA-GA331980-082012-06-03 g31 Years, 307 Days Later
Borestone Mountain1981USA-ME332010-06-29 b2015-07-04 b5 Years, 5 Days Later
Brevard County High Point83USA-FL332010-07-132015-09-225 Years, 71 Days Later
Seminole County High Point130USA-FL332010-08-302015-10-045 Years, 35 Days Later
Mount Britton3087Puerto Rico332011-03-022015-08-12 a4 Years, 163 Days Later
Indian Fort Mountain-East Pinnacle1503USA-KY332014-04-24 a2015-04-30 h1 Year, 6 Days Later
Indian Fort Mountain-Eagles Nest1400USA-KY332014-04-24 b2015-04-30 i1 Year, 6 Days Later
Indian Fort Mountain1552USA-KY332014-04-24 e2015-04-30 j1 Year, 6 Days Later
Cross Mountain1920USA-TX332015-01-05 l2017-02-07 k2 Years, 33 Days Later
Mead Botanical Gardens Park High Point93USA-FL332016-11-032017-01-1573 Days Later
Mount Glennon6473USA-CO332017-03-01 c2017-10-24237 Days Later
Peak 71807180USA-CO332017-03-17 G2018-05-011 Year, 45 Days Later
South Table Mountain6330USA-CO332017-03-18 J2018-05-16 b1 Year, 59 Days Later
Dakota Ridge Peak6580USA-CO332017-07-18 c2018-04-28 b284 Days Later
East Loveland Pass Peak12915USA-CO242010-02-09 a2010-09-04 e207 Days Later
Pulpit Rock6600USA-CO242017-10-03 a2017-10-18 c15 Days Later
La Citadel-Québec328Canada-QC232012-08-07 a2017-01-20 b4 Years, 166 Days Later
Vineyard Mountain1354USA-GA232015-04-09 b2015-07-26 g108 Days Later
Turtle Rock Park High Point530USA-CA232016-05-05 b2018-02-22 c1 Year, 293 Days Later
Pulpit Rock6622USA-CO232017-10-03 b2017-10-18 b15 Days Later
Hobbs Peak8220USA-CO232017-12-09 c2018-02-25 a78 Days Later
Shining Rock6000USA-NC221993-08 c1993-08 gSame Day
Sitting Bear Mountain4095USA-NC221997-04 d1997-04 fSame Day
Cadillac Mountain1528USA-ME221999-072009-08-01 d10 Years, 31 Days Later
Peak 812987USA-CO222001-012016-12-2715 Years, 361 Days Later
Lake Louisa State Park High Point185USA-FL222008-12-282014-02-025 Years, 36 Days Later
Big Moose Mountain3196USA-ME222009-07-032014-07-065 Years, 3 Days Later
Big Squaw Mountain-Eagle Rock2367USA-ME222009-07-052016-06-186 Years, 349 Days Later
Pamola Peak4919USA-ME222010-07-15 a2015-07-07 a4 Years, 357 Days Later
Chimney Peak4900USA-ME222010-07-15 b2015-07-07 b4 Years, 357 Days Later
Cerro de Punta4390Puerto Rico222010-12-06 a2016-03-24 d5 Years, 109 Days Later
Monte Jayuya4298Puerto Rico222010-12-06 b2016-03-24 c5 Years, 109 Days Later
Watoga Knob3280USA-WV222011-04-23 a2013-04-211 Year, 363 Days Later
Chinsegut Hill274USA-FL222011-10-212015-07-19 c3 Years, 271 Days Later
Jost Van Dyke High Point1053British Virgin Islands222012-03-24 b2012-03-262 Days Later
Pull and Be Damn Point279British Virgin Islands222012-03-252012-03-272 Days Later
Indian Hill50USA-FL222012-06-142016-11-064 Years, 145 Days Later
Ebright Azimuth442USA-DE222012-07-112012-08-11 a31 Days Later
Mount Pleasant Point240U.S. Virgin Islands222013-10-25 a2013-10-26 b1 Day Later
Cerro Maravillas3970Puerto Rico222013-11-21 c2016-03-24 a2 Years, 124 Days Later
Stone Mountain2305USA-NC222013-11-232013-11-25 c2 Days Later
Turtle Mound30USA-FL222013-12-222015-05-08 a1 Year, 137 Days Later
Mount Joy426USA-PA222014-02-06 b2015-01-17 b345 Days Later
Philippe County Park High Point37USA-FL222014-06-192014-12-14178 Days Later
McDill Point2188USA-AL222014-12-29 e2015-02-23 b56 Days Later
Freshman Mountain1630USA-TX222015-01-05 h2017-02-07 f2 Years, 33 Days Later
Buzzards Roost1580USA-TX222015-01-05 i2017-02-07 g2 Years, 33 Days Later
Kuili342USA-HI222015-03-242015-03-25 b1 Day Later
Indian Fort Mountain-West Pinnacle1487USA-KY222015-04-29 c2015-04-30 l1 Day Later
West Indian Fort Mountain Peak1551USA-KY222015-04-29 d2015-04-30 k1 Day Later
Hatcher Mountain-VonByran Peak2040USA-TN222015-11-062015-11-082 Days Later
Tangerine Hill167USA-FL222015-12-292015-12-312 Days Later
Club Lake Ridge83USA-FL222016-01-242016-02-28 c35 Days Later
Isleta High Point128Puerto Rico222016-03-252016-03-261 Day Later
Denny Hill170USA-WA222016-05-062018-05-082 Years, 2 Days Later
Great Hill135USA-NY222016-05-142018-03-19 b1 Year, 309 Days Later
Froze to Death Plateau11792USA-MT222016-08-09 a2016-08-10 c1 Day Later
Tempest Mountain12469USA-MT222016-08-09 b2016-08-10 b1 Day Later
Genesee Mountain8284USA-CO222016-08-25 c2018-03-051 Year, 192 Days Later
Signal Peak1164USA-CA222016-09-112017-02-20 a162 Days Later
Bill Frederick Park High Point142USA-FL222016-10-28 a2017-03-05128 Days Later
Morrison Point6916USA-CO222017-03-01 b2017-04-20 b50 Days Later
Red Hill10341USA-CO222017-03-222018-04-111 Year, 20 Days Later
Dinosaur Ridge-North I-70 Peak6540USA-CO222017-06-07 a2017-06-27 a20 Days Later
Peak 81008100USA-CO222017-06-25 a2018-03-11 d259 Days Later
Indian Mountain7281USA-CO222017-07-29 a2017-12-30154 Days Later
Plymouth Mountain7295USA-CO222017-07-29 f2018-02-11197 Days Later
Legault Mountain9074USA-CO222017-08-052017-10-1571 Days Later
Summit Rock142USA-NY222018-03-18 b2018-03-19 a1 Day Later
Windsor Castle Historic Hill170UK-England222018-03-232018-03-241 Day Later
Big Pinnacle5040USA-VA 32013-11-24 a2013-11-24 dSame Day
Blood Mountain4440USA-GA 22009-07-27 a2009-07-27 cSame Day
Mount Craig6647USA-NC 22009-10-07 e2009-10-07 gSame Day
Peak 1293612936USA-CO 22010-02-09 c2010-02-09 eSame Day
South Wolfpen Ridge4561USA-GA 22010-04-21 a2010-04-21 cSame Day
Mount Sniktau-South Peak13152USA-CO 22010-09-04 b2010-09-04 dSame Day
Beacon Rock840USA-WA 22011-06-06 a2011-06-06 cSame Day
Bonneville Peak9271USA-ID 22011-07-14 a2011-07-14 cSame Day
Douglas Mountain1382USA-ME 22011-07-24 b2011-07-24 cSame Day
Mount Washington6288USA-NH 22011-07-25 b2011-07-25 eSame Day
Ball Crag6106USA-NH 22011-07-25 c2011-07-25 eSame Day
Sassafras Mountain3554USA-SC/NC 22011-11-11 a2011-11-11 dSame Day
Table Rock3124USA-SC 22011-11-11 e2011-11-11 fSame Day
Rabun Bald4696USA-GA 22012-06-03 b2012-06-03 eSame Day
Round Bald5800USA-NC/TN 22013-01-02 b2013-01-02 hSame Day
Jane Bald5800USA-NC/TN 22013-01-02 c2013-01-02 gSame Day
Grassy Ridge Bald6160USA-NC 22013-01-02 d2013-01-02 fSame Day
Round Mountain2293USA-CT 22013-06-09 a2013-06-09 eSame Day
Mount Frissell2451USA-MA 22013-06-09 b2013-06-09 dSame Day
Higby Mountain-South Peak828USA-CT 22013-06-11 a2013-06-11 cSame Day
North Brother4151USA-ME 22013-07-18 a2013-07-18 cSame Day
Second Burroughs Mountain7402USA-WA 22013-08-11 b2013-08-11 dSame Day
Inadu Knob5920USA-NC/TN 22014-07-24 a2014-07-24 dSame Day
Williams Hill1000USA-PA 22015-01-16 a2015-01-16 bSame Day
Hernandez Peak2344USA-AL 22015-02-23 a2015-02-23 cSame Day
Red Top Mountain State Park High Point1080USA-GA 22015-04-09 d2015-04-09 eSame Day
Wilburn Ridge5520USA-VA 22015-05-22 a2015-05-22 gSame Day
Pine Mountain5526USA-VA 22015-05-22 b2015-05-22 fSame Day
Mount Glory10086USA-WY 22015-08-29 a2015-08-29 eSame Day
Mount Glory-North Peak10032USA-WY 22015-08-29 b2015-08-29 dSame Day
Driskill Mountain-South Peak510USA-LA 22015-12-19 b2015-12-19 dSame Day
Cowles Mountain1591USA-CA 22016-05-01 c2016-05-01 fSame Day
Barren Mountain2640USA-ME 22016-07-16 a2016-07-16 bSame Day
Rattlesnake Ledge2040USA-WA 22016-10-05 a2016-10-05 cSame Day
Squak Mountain-West Peak1995USA-WA 22016-10-05 d2016-10-05 fSame Day
Bear Butte4422USA-SD 22016-10-16 b2016-10-16 cSame Day
Peak 612573USA-CO 22016-12-29 a2016-12-29 cSame Day
Sawnee (Indian Seats)1680USA-GA 22017-01-04 c2017-01-04 dSame Day
Cheapskate Hill595USA-CA 22017-02-23 a2017-02-23 cSame Day
Baldpate Mountain-West Peak3662USA-ME 22017-06-17 b2017-06-17 dSame Day
Mount Agamenticus691USA-ME 22017-07-01 c2017-07-01 ddSame Day
Mount Cameron14238USA-CO 22017-07-30 a2017-07-30 dSame Day
Two Buttes4711USA-CO 22018-01-20 a2018-01-20 cSame Day
Rottenwood Creek Hill 935935USA-GA 22018-01-24 a2018-01-24 cSame Day
Sanitas Mountaineer Top6800USA-CO 22018-04-08 b2018-04-08 dSame Day

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