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Show List Using Metric Units

Multiple Ascent List for Arthur Josephson

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Mount Ward410USA-MA1411411986-02-092013-03-2427 Years, 43 Days Later
Pope Hill354USA-MA1281281986-01-112009-03-1223 Years, 60 Days Later
Fairmont Hill531USA-MA1071071985-12-282010-04-0624 Years, 99 Days Later
Wachusett Mountain1998USA-MA1021021963-06-082012-12-1549 Years, 190 Days Later
Ockoocanganset Hill522USA-MA76761985-10-302011-06-1125 Years, 224 Days Later
Red Hill2020USA-NH67671972-07-092014-07-1242 Years, 3 Days Later
Piper Mountain2044USA-NH63651974-07-072015-06-3040 Years, 358 Days Later
Straightback South1890USA-NH61671977-08-082012-08-2735 Years, 19 Days Later
Milan Hill1720USA-NH59592006-02-252015-08-279 Years, 183 Days Later
Lockes Hill1057USA-NH51511980-08-022015-05-0734 Years, 278 Days Later
Mount Major1786USA-NH45521977-08-082012-08-2735 Years, 19 Days Later
Straightback Mountain1910USA-NH45461977-08-082012-08-2735 Years, 19 Days Later
Whiteface Mountain1660USA-NH43431977-05-012015-06-3038 Years, 60 Days Later
Gibbs Mountain502USA-MA42421997-03-232013-03-1615 Years, 358 Days Later
Belknap Mountain2382USA-NH30301962-07-192015-08-0853 Years, 20 Days Later
Gunstock Mountain2240USA-NH27271962-07-172015-08-0853 Years, 22 Days Later
Moose Top1420USA-NH25252005-11-062014-09-088 Years, 306 Days Later
Mack Mountain1945USA-NH22231980-07-202012-08-2432 Years, 35 Days Later
Klem Mountain2001USA-NH22221977-09-052012-08-2434 Years, 354 Days Later
Cobble Mountain1403USA-NH21211986-05-112015-05-2429 Years, 13 Days Later
Waukewan Park Hill1170USA-NH21211989-08-122012-10-0623 Years, 55 Days Later
Prospect Mountain2067USA-NH21211990-09-162015-04-1624 Years, 212 Days Later
Rail Tree Hill382USA-MA19191987-05-011999-12-3012 Years, 243 Days Later
Ladd Mountain1320USA-NH17171976-08-152015-08-0938 Years, 359 Days Later
Anna Mountain1660USA-NH14161979-07-192013-10-1934 Years, 92 Days Later
Mount Crag1412USA-NH14141996-08-172015-06-2018 Years, 307 Days Later
Mount Watatic1831USA-MA13131963-09-072012-04-2148 Years, 227 Days Later
Hudson MA High Point472USA-MA13131988-03-242011-05-1923 Years, 56 Days Later
Little Mount Major1117USA-NH12121981-07-042001-09-2320 Years, 81 Days Later
Mount Jasper1584USA-NH12121989-10-012015-06-1425 Years, 256 Days Later
Pond Mountain1240USA-MA11111978-12-021985-12-077 Years, 5 Days Later
Nutting Hill1624USA-MA11111985-04-152012-04-2127 Years, 6 Days Later
Great Hill354USA-MA11111986-04-142013-03-1826 Years, 338 Days Later
Lang Hill1320USA-NH11112005-11-062010-09-164 Years, 314 Days Later
Little Sugarloaf Mountain1002USA-NH10161977-08-202013-09-2936 Years, 40 Days Later
Cedar Hill433USA-MA10111989-02-112012-03-2923 Years, 47 Days Later
Mount Morgan2200USA-NH10101974-07-092014-08-0140 Years, 23 Days Later
Round Mountain2140USA-NH10101986-08-102014-05-0727 Years, 270 Days Later
Meetinghouse Hill226USA-MA10101988-01-061990-03-142 Years, 67 Days Later
Crows Nest1287USA-NH10101992-09-122015-05-0622 Years, 236 Days Later
Shannon Mountain1265USA-NH10101995-07-082013-09-2818 Years, 82 Days Later
Heator Mountain1806USA-NH10101998-07-042010-10-1012 Years, 98 Days Later
West Rattlesnake1240USA-NH9141974-07-112012-08-0338 Years, 23 Days Later
The Rattlesnakes1289USA-NH9101974-07-112012-08-0338 Years, 23 Days Later
Mount Rowe1680USA-NH991962-07-172013-07-2251 Years, 5 Days Later
Brown Hill1312USA-MA991973-06-021995-03-1921 Years, 290 Days Later
Mount Percival2212USA-NH991974-07-092014-08-0140 Years, 23 Days Later
Walnut Hill443USA-MA991985-11-292013-02-2327 Years, 86 Days Later
Wright Hill311USA-MA991985-12-091999-02-1713 Years, 70 Days Later
Strawberry Hill335USA-MA991987-05-212008-09-1021 Years, 112 Days Later
Sugarloaf Mountain1360USA-NH881977-08-202010-06-2732 Years, 311 Days Later
Red Hill South Peak1780USA-NH881985-08-252015-07-0229 Years, 311 Days Later
Nashawtuc Hill245USA-MA881987-04-231990-04-263 Years, 3 Days Later
Goat Pasture Hill1120USA-NH881995-07-082012-10-0717 Years, 91 Days Later
Grand Monadnock3150USA-NH771961-10-282002-06-0840 Years, 223 Days Later
Stinson Mountain2840USA-NH771975-09-142010-09-0434 Years, 355 Days Later
Rollstone Hill827USA-MA771979-04-171983-05-184 Years, 31 Days Later
Binney Hill1427USA-NH771985-04-202010-11-2825 Years, 222 Days Later
Emerson Hill1545USA-NH771985-04-202006-04-1620 Years, 361 Days Later
Farm Hill463USA-MA771986-08-052006-04-0719 Years, 245 Days Later
Brickyard Mountain940USA-NH771988-10-102006-06-1117 Years, 244 Days Later
Mount Cardigan3123USA-NH661977-05-281997-07-0620 Years, 39 Days Later
Cedar Mountain1082USA-NH661981-07-042012-07-1531 Years, 11 Days Later
Nutting Hill-Northeast Slope1585USA-MA661985-04-152012-04-2127 Years, 6 Days Later
Rand Mountain1883USA-NH661999-07-032012-08-26 A13 Years, 54 Days Later
Little Cedar Hill394USA-MA662010-01-012012-03-292 Years, 88 Days Later
Sawink Farm Hill413USA-MA662010-01-162013-02-233 Years, 38 Days Later
Welch Mountain2605USA-NH561969-07-192009-07-1239 Years, 358 Days Later
West Quarry1894USA-NH561999-07-032012-08-26 D13 Years, 54 Days Later
North Pack Monadnock Mountain2276USA-NH551964-04-251995-04-3031 Years, 5 Days Later
Little Monadnock Mountain1890USA-NH551967-10-081999-12-2632 Years, 79 Days Later
Little Wachusett1565USA-MA551974-04-272004-08-1430 Years, 109 Days Later
Mount Swett1535USA-NH551983-05-292014-06-28 B31 Years, 30 Days Later
Sligo Hill595USA-MA551985-12-281997-05-1211 Years, 135 Days Later
Location Hill1980USA-NH551994-08-072011-10-1117 Years, 65 Days Later
Suncook Mountain1851USA-NH551998-07-042010-10-1012 Years, 98 Days Later
Greenleaf Mountain295USA-MA552002-04-232006-11-274 Years, 218 Days Later
Rag Rock Hill248USA-MA552002-05-032007-06-285 Years, 56 Days Later
Eagle Cliff1400USA-NH461979-07-102002-08-0323 Years, 24 Days Later
Firescrew3040USA-NH451977-05-281997-07-0620 Years, 39 Days Later
Bald Knob1801USA-NH451982-10-302012-09-15 c29 Years, 321 Days Later
Quarry Mountain-East Peak1880USA-NH452002-06-022012-08-26 C10 Years, 85 Days Later
Mount Chocorua3480USA-NH441964-07-221996-08-2432 Years, 33 Days Later
Cotton Mountain1200USA-NH441967-07-222013-08-0446 Years, 13 Days Later
Mount Tecumseh4003USA-NH441969-09-161994-07-0324 Years, 290 Days Later
Mount Grace1617USA-MA441969-10-262001-04-2931 Years, 185 Days Later
Middle Sugarloaf2539USA-NH441971-07-182013-09-1742 Years, 61 Days Later
Mount Israel2620USA-NH441972-07-122014-07-1141 Years, 364 Days Later
Mount Pisgah709USA-MA441973-12-012012-03-2738 Years, 117 Days Later
Bear Mountain1847USA-NH441980-08-292006-08-0525 Years, 341 Days Later
Turtleback Mountain2203USA-NH441982-10-302012-09-15 b29 Years, 321 Days Later
Fall Hill1201USA-MA441984-11-232004-12-0420 Years, 11 Days Later
Rock Hill404USA-MA441989-02-112012-01-2922 Years, 352 Days Later
Devil Slide1580USA-NH442006-04-222014-05-188 Years, 26 Days Later
Oak Hill960USA-NH442008-09-192014-08-035 Years, 318 Days Later
Crow Hills1230USA-MA351975-05-251996-05-0520 Years, 346 Days Later
Pack Monadnock Mountain2280USA-NH341964-04-251995-04-3031 Years, 5 Days Later
Pitt Hill1240USA-MA341984-11-232004-12-0420 Years, 11 Days Later
Mount Livermore1480USA-NH331967-07-282012-06-2344 Years, 331 Days Later
Kidder Mountain1810USA-NH331967-09-021974-07-216 Years, 322 Days Later
Gap Mountain1890USA-NH331967-10-221999-12-2632 Years, 65 Days Later
Pitcher Mountain2162USA-NH331968-07-041989-05-2820 Years, 328 Days Later
Mount Whiteface4000USA-NH331972-07-301982-10-0910 Years, 71 Days Later
Mount Shaw2990USA-NH331973-07-091983-05-149 Years, 309 Days Later
Crow Hills-South Peak1220USA-MA331975-05-251996-05-0520 Years, 346 Days Later
Dickey Mountain2734USA-NH331975-07-202009-07-1233 Years, 357 Days Later
Middle Tripyramid4120USA-NH331975-07-221991-06-0115 Years, 314 Days Later
South Tripyramid4080USA-NH331975-07-221991-06-0115 Years, 314 Days Later
Plymouth Mountain2193USA-NH331976-09-062014-10-2738 Years, 51 Days Later
Grant Hill1540USA-NH331977-05-152006-07-0829 Years, 54 Days Later
Durrell Mountain1650USA-NH331977-05-152006-07-0829 Years, 54 Days Later
South Baldface3560USA-NH331977-09-111984-08-256 Years, 349 Days Later
Blueberry Mountain1781USA-ME331978-09-021993-06-0514 Years, 276 Days Later
Flat Rock Hill945USA-MA331979-05-171983-06-014 Years, 15 Days Later
Avery Hill1461USA-NH331981-07-192012-05-1330 Years, 299 Days Later
Hathaway Hill285USA-MA331981-08-301986-03-304 Years, 212 Days Later
Beech Hill1122USA-MA331984-11-232004-12-0420 Years, 11 Days Later
Harding Hill1024USA-MA331985-10-271997-04-2711 Years, 182 Days Later
Indian Head Hill413USA-MA331985-12-282008-11-2922 Years, 337 Days Later
Bear Hill375USA-MA331987-05-131998-05-2011 Years, 7 Days Later
Tower Hill256USA-MA331987-11-181989-05-101 Year, 173 Days Later
Rocky Mountain Poets Seat492USA-MA331989-04-232006-12-0317 Years, 224 Days Later
Tully Mountain1163USA-MA331989-06-102012-05-2722 Years, 352 Days Later
Pine Mountain2400USA-NH331989-10-092012-09-0322 Years, 330 Days Later
Chapel Rock2320USA-NH331989-10-092012-09-0322 Years, 330 Days Later
Flagg Hill463USA-MA331990-12-202012-03-1321 Years, 84 Days Later
Green Hill768USA-MA331991-01-012004-03-2413 Years, 83 Days Later
Faraway Mountain2782USA-NH331994-10-232010-11-1316 Years, 21 Days Later
Faraway Mountain-South Peak2720USA-NH331994-10-232010-11-1316 Years, 21 Days Later
Boyd Hill1041USA-NH331994-11-062012-08-0317 Years, 271 Days Later
White Oaks Hill750USA-NH331995-10-292013-05-1317 Years, 196 Days Later
Mount Cabot1512USA-NH331996-06-292014-06-1917 Years, 355 Days Later
Indian Hill246USA-MA332002-08-222013-03-1410 Years, 204 Days Later
Bridle Path Hill1647USA-NH332009-11-082011-11-061 Year, 363 Days Later
Gardner Hill325USA-MA332011-05-122013-03-171 Year, 309 Days Later
Mount Tecumseh-Northwest Peak3766USA-NH241977-07-041994-07-03 d16 Years, 364 Days Later
Saddleback Mountain4120USA-ME241982-08-271988-09-17 e6 Years, 21 Days Later
Temple Mountain2045USA-NH231964-05-101992-11-1528 Years, 189 Days Later
Mount Starr King3898USA-NH231977-06-181982-10-105 Years, 114 Days Later
Black Mountain2820USA-NH231977-08-131994-05-29 d16 Years, 289 Days Later
Mount Cube2909USA-NH231978-08-221991-05-1812 Years, 269 Days Later
Whaleback Mountain3586USA-NH231979-07-071985-09-226 Years, 77 Days Later
Saddleback Mountain-The Horn4041USA-ME231982-08-271988-09-17 d6 Years, 21 Days Later
South Crocker Mountain4040USA-ME231983-08-261984-07-22331 Days Later
Crag Mountain1512USA-MA231989-11-192000-01-0810 Years, 50 Days Later
Pratt Mountain1821USA-NH221964-05-101972-05-138 Years, 3 Days Later
Mount Webster3910USA-NH221964-07-201977-07-0212 Years, 347 Days Later
Artists Bluff2320USA-NH221968-08-312013-04-2244 Years, 234 Days Later
Barrett Mountain1840USA-NH221969-05-251972-05-132 Years, 354 Days Later
Katahdin5268USA-ME221969-08-121983-09-0314 Years, 22 Days Later
Potash Mountain2680USA-NH221969-08-151988-07-0318 Years, 323 Days Later
Grant Peak1783USA-NH221969-08-311995-06-1025 Years, 283 Days Later
Mount Kearsarge2920USA-NH221971-09-251997-06-0725 Years, 255 Days Later
Skatutakee Mountain2002USA-NH221971-10-021990-09-2318 Years, 356 Days Later
Little Mount Grace1260USA-MA221972-05-282001-04-2928 Years, 336 Days Later
Mount Passaconaway4043USA-NH221972-07-291982-10-0910 Years, 72 Days Later
Mount Wonalancet2760USA-NH221972-07-291987-08-0915 Years, 11 Days Later
Mount Hibbard2920USA-NH221972-07-291987-08-0915 Years, 11 Days Later
Wonalancet Hedgehog3120USA-NH221972-07-291987-08-0915 Years, 11 Days Later
North Sugarloaf2310USA-NH221972-08-192013-09-1741 Years, 29 Days Later
Osgood Hill2244USA-NH221973-05-191991-04-1417 Years, 330 Days Later
Mount Toby1260USA-MA221973-05-271987-10-2414 Years, 150 Days Later
Black Snout2803USA-NH221973-07-091982-10-309 Years, 113 Days Later
Mount Paugus3198USA-NH221973-07-112000-05-2926 Years, 323 Days Later
Mount Osceola4320USA-NH221973-07-131995-07-0921 Years, 361 Days Later
Mount Jefferson5712USA-NH221973-08-131993-09-0520 Years, 23 Days Later
Mount Hale4054USA-NH221973-08-191983-08-069 Years, 352 Days Later
Mount Surprise2194USA-NH221973-08-242014-06-2040 Years, 300 Days Later
Borden Mountain2500USA-MA221973-11-241989-11-1215 Years, 353 Days Later
Doublehead Mountain2158USA-NH221974-07-082004-09-2530 Years, 79 Days Later
Sandwich Mountain3960USA-NH221974-07-121982-08-228 Years, 41 Days Later
Sandwich Mountain-Carroll County Highpoint3960USA-NH221974-07-121982-08-228 Years, 41 Days Later
Kearsarge North3268USA-NH221974-08-111990-07-2115 Years, 344 Days Later
Mount Jim4172USA-NH221974-09-171993-07-0418 Years, 290 Days Later
Mount Moosilauke4802USA-NH221974-09-181993-07-0418 Years, 289 Days Later
Mount Horrid3216USA-VT221974-10-271997-08-1622 Years, 293 Days Later
Great Cliffs3000USA-VT221974-10-27 a1997-08-1622 Years, 293 Days Later
North Tripyramid4160USA-NH221975-07-221991-06-0115 Years, 314 Days Later
Mount Webster2076USA-NH221976-09-262012-05-1235 Years, 229 Days Later
Peaked Hill1905USA-NH221976-10-101988-05-1511 Years, 218 Days Later
Prospect Hill472USA-MA221977-04-011978-04-261 Year, 25 Days Later
Church Mountain2260USA-NH221977-05-291979-05-27 a1 Year, 363 Days Later
Mount Waumbek4006USA-NH221977-06-181982-10-105 Years, 114 Days Later
Mount Katherine1360USA-NH221977-08-182015-08-0737 Years, 354 Days Later
Sanbornton East Peak1560USA-NH221977-10-082015-05-0837 Years, 212 Days Later
Sanbornton Mountain1607USA-NH221977-10-082015-05-0837 Years, 212 Days Later
Caribou Mountain2840USA-ME221978-08-161996-08-1117 Years, 361 Days Later
Mount Cube-North Peak2880USA-NH221978-08-22 b1991-05-18 c12 Years, 269 Days Later
Mount Pemigewasset2557USA-NH221978-09-092013-08-0234 Years, 327 Days Later
Carr Mountain3453USA-NH221978-09-241997-07-1218 Years, 291 Days Later
Fox Hill1043USA-MA221978-11-251978-12-0914 Days Later
Wildcat Mountain1122USA-MA221978-11-251978-12-0914 Days Later
Orange Mountain2684USA-NH221979-05-271980-07-061 Year, 40 Days Later
Mount Cardigan-South Peak2864USA-NH221979-05-271980-07-061 Year, 40 Days Later
Blue Mountain2520USA-NH221979-06-301987-05-167 Years, 320 Days Later
Green Mountain1884USA-NH221979-07-091991-06-2311 Years, 349 Days Later
North Twin4761USA-NH221979-08-181983-07-103 Years, 326 Days Later
Mount Meader2782USA-NH221979-09-151988-06-048 Years, 263 Days Later
Smarts Mountain3238USA-NH221980-08-101991-05-1810 Years, 281 Days Later
Zealand Mountain4240USA-NH221980-08-231980-08-241 Day Later
Mount Guyot4560USA-NH221980-08-231980-08-241 Day Later
Mount Guyot-South Peak4560USA-NH221980-08-231980-08-241 Day Later
Devils Den Mountain1100USA-NH221981-07-251982-08-231 Year, 29 Days Later
Mount Molly1250USA-NH221981-07-261982-08-231 Year, 28 Days Later
Copple Crown Mountain1868USA-NH221981-08-012002-07-0620 Years, 339 Days Later
Copple Crown Mountain-Southwest Slope1700USA-NH221981-08-012002-07-0620 Years, 339 Days Later
Rines Hill1020USA-NH221981-08-132015-05-2133 Years, 281 Days Later
Flag Mountain1437USA-MA221981-11-281994-12-1013 Years, 12 Days Later
Mount Huntington3680USA-NH221982-09-121991-05-198 Years, 249 Days Later
Mount Nancy3926USA-NH221982-11-061983-10-15343 Days Later
Mount Wolf3480USA-NH221984-07-031985-10-051 Year, 94 Days Later
Goose Eye Mountain3860USA-ME221984-09-081985-09-151 Year, 7 Days Later
Gore Mountain3600USA-NH221984-09-161995-11-0411 Years, 49 Days Later
Elephant Mountain-East Peak3100USA-ME221984-09-291989-07-094 Years, 283 Days Later
Nobscot Hill602USA-MA221985-02-242012-04-0527 Years, 41 Days Later
Round Hill227USA-MA221985-03-101986-03-301 Year, 20 Days Later
Clark Hill251USA-MA221985-03-231986-03-291 Year, 6 Days Later
Mount Hunger1457USA-MA221985-03-241996-04-2811 Years, 35 Days Later
Fisher Hill1548USA-MA221985-03-311996-04-2811 Years, 28 Days Later
College Hill699USA-MA221985-04-181985-05-1628 Days Later
Burton Peak2000USA-NH221985-04-211992-11-157 Years, 208 Days Later
Little Mugget Hill1075USA-MA221985-04-271992-02-226 Years, 301 Days Later
Prospect Hill735USA-MA221985-04-271991-01-015 Years, 249 Days Later
Quabbin Hill1026USA-MA221985-04-271987-05-022 Years, 5 Days Later
Bennetts Knob1476USA-MA221985-05-192001-04-2915 Years, 345 Days Later
Bear Mountain3280USA-ME221985-06-221992-09-057 Years, 75 Days Later
Ames Mountain2060USA-NH221985-06-301997-05-2411 Years, 328 Days Later
Mount Lincoln1238USA-MA221985-11-092000-11-2415 Years, 15 Days Later
Parker Hill2051USA-MA221985-11-231985-12-0512 Days Later
Phillips Hill455USA-MA221986-01-012012-06-2826 Years, 179 Days Later
Pine Hill Southboro453USA-MA221986-01-042006-03-1920 Years, 74 Days Later
Stratton Hill398USA-MA221986-01-111995-09-209 Years, 252 Days Later
High Rock423USA-MA221986-04-201988-05-082 Years, 18 Days Later
Provin Mountain620USA-MA221986-04-272001-12-0215 Years, 219 Days Later
Round Mountain2181USA-NH221986-10-191988-10-091 Year, 356 Days Later
Hager Hill374USA-MA221987-01-012004-09-1717 Years, 260 Days Later
Round Top Hill394USA-MA221987-01-011998-02-1511 Years, 45 Days Later
Ball Hill1196USA-MA221987-04-202012-10-0525 Years, 168 Days Later
Wolfden Hill1001USA-MA221987-04-202012-09-1325 Years, 146 Days Later
Peru Hill2175USA-MA221987-10-311989-11-122 Years, 12 Days Later
Dry Hill1378USA-MA221987-11-211987-12-0413 Days Later
Moore Hill1693USA-MA221987-11-221989-11-121 Year, 355 Days Later
Moose Hill492USA-MA221988-05-081995-05-076 Years, 364 Days Later
Bliss Hill1240USA-MA221988-06-262005-11-2117 Years, 148 Days Later
White Hill1361USA-MA221988-06-261999-12-0511 Years, 162 Days Later
Spruce Hill2572USA-MA221988-10-291988-11-19 e21 Days Later
Meetinghouse Hill1350USA-NH221988-11-161993-09-194 Years, 307 Days Later
Jacob Hill1184USA-MA221989-01-142004-11-2715 Years, 318 Days Later
Mount Pleasant1299USA-MA221989-01-281990-11-251 Year, 301 Days Later
Shoestring Hill539USA-MA221989-02-111995-05-036 Years, 81 Days Later
Little Roundtop1000USA-NH221989-08-122015-08-0625 Years, 359 Days Later
Roundtop1100USA-NH221989-08-122015-08-0625 Years, 359 Days Later
Fern Hill1339USA-NH221990-06-171999-12-269 Years, 192 Days Later
Boundary Bald Mountain3620USA-ME221990-10-061996-07-065 Years, 274 Days Later
Northfield Mountain1083USA-MA221990-12-091999-12-129 Years, 3 Days Later
Millstone Hill778USA-MA221991-01-012004-03-2413 Years, 83 Days Later
Long Hill1075USA-MA221991-01-011998-04-057 Years, 94 Days Later
Wawbeek814USA-NH221991-10-141997-08-315 Years, 321 Days Later
Smith Hill1795USA-NH221991-11-091995-04-013 Years, 143 Days Later
Bald Hill Surry1260USA-NH221991-12-151994-04-232 Years, 129 Days Later
Taft Hill837USA-MA221992-01-191992-01-267 Days Later
Ghost Hill384USA-MA221992-04-202012-03-1119 Years, 326 Days Later
Cedar Hill223USA-MA221993-01-011999-02-216 Years, 51 Days Later
North Sugarloaf Mountain797USA-MA221993-11-112001-11-238 Years, 12 Days Later
South Sugarloaf Mountain610USA-MA221993-11-112001-11-238 Years, 12 Days Later
Mount Roberts2582USA-NH221994-10-232010-11-1316 Years, 21 Days Later
Round Top1319USA-MA221995-07-161996-06-08328 Days Later
Mount Ingalls2242USA-NH221996-06-292012-07-2216 Years, 23 Days Later
Middle Mountain2000USA-NH221996-08-172015-07-1618 Years, 333 Days Later
First Mountain1685USA-NH221996-08-172015-07-1618 Years, 333 Days Later
Ethan Allen East Peak3160USA-VT221997-06-151997-08-1763 Days Later
Pinkney Hill673USA-NH221999-04-102000-04-01357 Days Later
Lookout Slab1002USA-NH221999-08-282013-09-2814 Years, 31 Days Later
Tuttle Hill295USA-MA222001-12-162012-02-1610 Years, 62 Days Later
Horn Pond Mountain285USA-MA222002-05-032002-09-13133 Days Later
Middle Mountain2380USA-NH222004-11-072011-11-066 Years, 364 Days Later
Lee Mountain1367USA-NH222004-11-072009-11-215 Years, 14 Days Later
Dickey Hill1605USA-NH222006-04-222012-05-056 Years, 13 Days Later
Wiggins Rock936USA-NH222014-05-082014-06-1942 Days Later
Brown Mountain2230USA-NH 21977-05-291977-05-29 cSame Day
Kinsman Mountain-North Peak4293USA-NH 21977-06-051977-06-05 aSame Day
Mount Field4320USA-NH 21977-06-261977-06-26 cSame Day
Cherry Mountain3554USA-NH 21977-09-041977-09-04 cSame Day
Mount Franklin5000USA-NH 21978-08-181978-08-18Same Day
Mount Monroe-West Peak5197USA-NH 21978-08-181978-08-18 eSame Day
Ames Mountain2686USA-ME 21978-09-031978-09-03 cSame Day
Three Sisters3354USA-NH 21979-06-301979-06-30 dSame Day
Baldpate Mountain-West Peak3662USA-ME 21979-07-181979-07-18Same Day
The Bulge3940USA-NH 21980-10-101980-10-10 dSame Day
Mount Cabot4160USA-NH 21980-10-101980-10-10 eSame Day
Bald Mountain2120USA-NH 21982-08-08 a1982-08-08 cSame Day
Burnt Hill1460USA-NH 21982-09-061982-09-06 cSame Day
Mount Weeks-South Peak3885USA-NH 21983-06-121983-06-12 dSame Day
Big Attitash Mountain2900USA-NH 21983-07-03 a1983-07-03 cSame Day
North Brother4151USA-ME 21983-09-041983-09-04 cSame Day
Blue Ridge Mountain-North Peak3009USA-NH 21984-07-031984-07-03 cSame Day
Hemp Hill1060USA-NH 21984-08-11 a1984-08-11 cSame Day
Castle Mountain3563USA-NH 21984-09-151984-09-15 dSame Day
Mount Abraham-Middle Summit3740USA-ME 21984-09-301984-09-30 cSame Day
Bald Top2047USA-MA 21986-05-181986-05-18 dSame Day
Mount Gloriette2740USA-NH 21986-09-06 a1986-09-06 dSame Day
Russell Hill2540USA-VT 21986-10-251986-10-25Same Day
Prospect Hill1959USA-MA/NY 21987-06-071987-06-07 cSame Day
Page Hill1145USA-NH 21988-08-131988-08-13 cSame Day
Warner Hill2060USA-MA 21988-09-241988-09-24 cSame Day
Lenox Mountain2146USA-MA 21989-11-181989-11-18 cSame Day
Brodie Mountain-East Mountain2598USA-MA 21989-11-251989-11-25 eSame Day
Blood Hill1654USA-NH 21990-05-121990-05-12 cSame Day
Wallace Hill1140USA-NH 21990-05-271990-05-27 cSame Day
Stratham Hill280USA-NH 21991-04-281991-04-28 cSame Day
Styles Peak3392USA-VT 21991-09-221991-09-22 dSame Day
Upper Prospect Mountain1557USA-NH 21991-10-051991-10-05 dSame Day
Hay Mountain3240USA-ME 21992-10-111992-10-11 dSame Day
Barber Hill1220USA-MA 21992-11-281992-11-28 eSame Day
Colwell Hill1220USA-MA 21992-11-281992-11-28 fSame Day
Avery Hill1220USA-MA 21992-11-281992-11-28 gSame Day
Whiting Peak1010USA-MA 21993-11-261993-11-26 hSame Day
Deadtop of Mount Tom1110USA-MA 21993-11-26 e1993-11-26 gSame Day
Bickford Mountain2360USA-NH 21994-05-221994-05-22 cSame Day
Little Pond Hill728USA-ME 21994-05-281994-05-28 dSame Day
Arch Pond Hill North Peak1627USA-NH 21994-06-11 b1994-06-11 dSame Day
Campbell Hill1270USA-NH 21995-04-081995-04-08 cSame Day
New Boston Cemetery Hill1132USA-NH 21995-04-291995-04-29 cSame Day
Douglas Mountain1382USA-ME 21995-08-191995-08-19 eSame Day
French Hill1312USA-ME 21995-09-02 a1995-09-02 cSame Day
Pine Hill Montague906USA-MA 21995-12-021995-12-02 eSame Day
Quarry Hill827USA-MA 21995-12-021995-12-02 dSame Day
Saddle Hill3175Canada/USA 21996-05-251996-05-25 cSame Day
Blue Ridge Mountain3278USA-VT 21996-06-231996-06-23 cSame Day
Tory Hill945USA-NH 21997-05-041997-05-04 cSame Day
Tug Mountain-North Peak1673USA-NH 21997-05-171997-05-17 cSame Day
Post Hill-West Peak988USA-NH 21997-05-261997-05-26 dSame Day
Hawkins Mountain2360USA-VT 21997-08-091997-08-09 dSame Day
Colton Hill2390USA-VT 21997-08-091997-08-09 eSame Day
Molly Stark Mountain2967USA-VT 21997-08-231997-08-23 dSame Day
Baby Stark Mountain2863USA-VT 21997-08-231997-08-23 eSame Day
Madonna Peak3640USA-VT 21997-08-241997-08-24 eSame Day
Morse Mountain3380USA-VT 21997-08-241997-08-24 dSame Day
Domeys Dome2913USA-VT 21998-10-031998-10-03 fSame Day
Buchanan Mountain2940USA-VT 21998-10-031998-10-03 eSame Day
Sunapee Mountain2726USA-NH 21999-05-02 b1999-05-02 dSame Day
Davis Hill846USA-MA 21999-11-281999-11-28 cSame Day
Mount Mayo3143USA-VT 22000-08-262000-08-26 cSame Day
Shelburne Falls Road Hill984USA-MA 22001-12-082001-12-08 cSame Day
Holt Hill423USA-MA 22012-01-282012-01-28Same Day

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