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Multiple Ascent List for Ben Lostracco

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Mont Saint-Hilaire1339Canada-QC54541977-06-192018-04-07 a40 Years, 292 Days Later
Rocky1302Canada-QC52521982-09-06 b2018-06-16 b35 Years, 283 Days Later
Dieppe1299Canada-QC45451982-10-03 c2018-06-16 a35 Years, 256 Days Later
Colline Brûlée1010Canada-QC44451991-12-21 a2018-04-07 b26 Years, 107 Days Later
Colline Sunrise1280Canada-QC34351982-10-03 a2018-06-16 c35 Years, 256 Days Later
Cerro de La Cruz656Mexico-Col26261981-03-082010-03-1429 Years, 6 Days Later
Mont Saint-Bruno699Canada-QC14141982-09-052014-08-28 c31 Years, 357 Days Later
Cascade Mountain4098USA-NY13131982-09-262006-01-0323 Years, 99 Days Later
First Brother2986USA-NY881984-10-13 a2006-07-24 a21 Years, 284 Days Later
Second Brother3156USA-NY881984-10-13 b2006-07-24 b21 Years, 284 Days Later
Third Brother3720USA-NY881984-10-13 c2006-07-24 c21 Years, 284 Days Later
Big Slide Mountain4199USA-NY771984-10-13 d2006-07-24 d21 Years, 284 Days Later
Algonquin Peak5115USA-NY661983-11-062009-09-24 a25 Years, 322 Days Later
Mont Saint-Bruno - Sommet Central623Canada-QC662010-08-02 a2014-08-28 b4 Years, 26 Days Later
Mont Saint-Bruno-Sommet de l'Ouest663Canada-QC662010-08-02 b2014-08-28 a4 Years, 26 Days Later
Mount Marcy5344USA-NY561985-08-25 a2006-07-2620 Years, 335 Days Later
Gothics4734USA-NY551986-08-30 c2006-07-25 a19 Years, 329 Days Later
Stone Mountain1680USA-GA552004-08-142009-04-044 Years, 233 Days Later
Mont Saint-Grégoire827Canada-QC441975-04-082014-04-14 b39 Years, 6 Days Later
Mont Rougemont1299Canada-QC441977-07-172016-09-30 b39 Years, 75 Days Later
Mount Jo2877USA-NY441982-04-181997-07-0615 Years, 79 Days Later
Peninsula de Juluapan-Northwest Peak722Mexico-Col441983-03-202010-02-10 b26 Years, 327 Days Later
Mount Mansfield4393USA-VT441984-09-29 a2005-06-0720 Years, 251 Days Later
Yard Mountain4009USA-NY441984-10-13 e2005-08-07 e20 Years, 298 Days Later
Porter Mountain4068USA-NY441985-09-21 c2005-01-02 a19 Years, 103 Days Later
Armstrong Mountain4429USA-NY441986-08-30 d2006-07-25 b19 Years, 329 Days Later
Upper Wolfjaw Mountain4203USA-NY441986-08-30 e2006-07-25 c19 Years, 329 Days Later
Wright Peak4587USA-NY441986-09-28 a2005-06-20 b18 Years, 265 Days Later
Punto Campos459Mexico-Col441990-02-142010-02-0819 Years, 359 Days Later
Mirador El Vigia197Mexico-Col442009-01-14 a2010-01-13 a364 Days Later
Microondas de Las Joyas394Mexico-Col442009-02-02 b2010-03-05 c1 Year, 31 Days Later
Cerro de Tapeixtles656Mexico-Col442009-02-052010-03-05 a1 Year, 28 Days Later
Cerro Las Torres656Mexico-Col442010-01-152010-03-05 b49 Days Later
Whiteface Mountain4865USA-NY331960-09-041997-07-0836 Years, 307 Days Later
Noonmark Mountain3491USA-NY331981-11-142004-10-1422 Years, 335 Days Later
Jay Peak3858USA-VT331983-10-16 d1993-10-03 a9 Years, 352 Days Later
Saddleback Mountain4528USA-NY331986-08-30 b2005-07-26 a18 Years, 330 Days Later
Giant Mountain4626USA-NY331986-11-01 a2005-07-0418 Years, 245 Days Later
Mount Washington6288USA-NH331993-08-21 a2014-08-22 f21 Years, 1 Day Later
Equinox Mountain3840USA-VT331993-12-01 b2015-10-04 a21 Years, 307 Days Later
High Point1803USA-NJ331994-05-262007-08-26 a13 Years, 92 Days Later
Cerro El Toro-Pico Sur2625Mexico-Col332004-03-042010-02-16 d5 Years, 349 Days Later
Slide Peak4806USA-NH332008-07-10 b2014-08-22 i6 Years, 43 Days Later
Glen Boulder2945USA-NH332008-07-10 c2014-08-22 j6 Years, 43 Days Later
Cerro de San Pedrito394Mexico-Col332009-01-282010-03-05 d1 Year, 36 Days Later
Microondas El Toro919Mexico-Col332009-02-16 a2010-02-15364 Days Later
Mont Rougemont-Point 3701214Canada-QC332010-09-13 e2016-09-30 a6 Years, 17 Days Later
Lookout Mountain1736Canada-ON332012-08-15 b2015-06-262 Years, 315 Days Later
South Twin4902USA-NH241993-08-16 c2014-09-25 c21 Years, 40 Days Later
Boundary Peak 414.393020USA-ME242014-05-21 a2014-05-24 i3 Days Later
Little Haystack4692USA-NY231985-08-25 e2005-07-12 c19 Years, 321 Days Later
Boundary Peak4829USA-NY231986-09-28 c2009-09-24 b22 Years, 361 Days Later
Middle Tripyramid4120USA-NH231993-08-13 b2011-07-28 c17 Years, 349 Days Later
Mount Field4320USA-NH231993-08-19 b2014-08-21 b21 Years, 2 Days Later
Mount Frissell-South Slope2372USA-CT/MA231994-08-23 a2011-10-06 f17 Years, 44 Days Later
Round Bald5800USA-NC/TN232001-06-12 c2007-06-16 f6 Years, 4 Days Later
Jane Bald5800USA-NC/TN232001-06-12 d2007-06-16 g6 Years, 4 Days Later
Potts Mountain-Stony Creek Tower Site4128USA-VA232007-07-10 c2016-05-24 g8 Years, 319 Days Later
Oak Ridge2125USA-NH232008-07-08 b2010-07-26 c2 Years, 18 Days Later
Cerro El Toro-Pico Central2625Mexico-Col232009-03-04 b2010-02-16 c349 Days Later
Russell Hill2540USA-VT232009-07-30 a2011-07-30 g1 Year, 365 Days Later
Shrewsbury Peak3720USA-VT232009-07-30 b2011-07-30 f1 Year, 365 Days Later
Gatineau Park Fire Tower1312Canada-QC232010-04-122013-09-30 c3 Years, 171 Days Later
Joseph Benchmark3160USA-ME232014-05-21 b2014-05-24 h3 Days Later
Vatican Hill256Vatican City221971-08-152001-09-3030 Years, 46 Days Later
Gilpin Mountain-South Peak2972USA-VT221983-10-22 d2015-05-09 c31 Years, 199 Days Later
Mount Mansfield-Adams Apple4120USA-VT221984-09-29 b2002-08-28 b17 Years, 333 Days Later
Telegraph Hill275USA-CA221984-12-17 c2013-01-11 a28 Years, 25 Days Later
Gray Peak4826USA-NY221985-08-25 b2005-08-08 b19 Years, 348 Days Later
Mount Skylight4925USA-NY221985-08-25 c2005-08-08 c19 Years, 348 Days Later
Mount Haystack4961USA-NY221985-08-25 d2005-07-12 b19 Years, 321 Days Later
Phelps Mountain4160USA-NY221985-09-22 b2001-08-1115 Years, 323 Days Later
Lower Wolfjaw Mountain4173USA-NY221986-08-29 c2005-07-26 e18 Years, 331 Days Later
Basin Mountain4826USA-NY221986-08-30 a2005-07-13 a18 Years, 317 Days Later
Owls Head2133USA-NY221986-09-27 b1998-10-0412 Years, 7 Days Later
Iroquois Peak4843USA-NY221986-09-28 d2009-09-24 c22 Years, 361 Days Later
Morro do Corcovado2329Brazil221987-01-111998-02-0711 Years, 27 Days Later
Nye Mountain3839USA-NY221987-09-06 a2005-06-19 c17 Years, 286 Days Later
Nye Mountain-South Peak3806USA-NY221987-09-06 b2005-06-19 b17 Years, 286 Days Later
Street Mountain4134USA-NY221987-09-06 c2005-06-19 a17 Years, 286 Days Later
Macomb Mountain4370USA-NY221987-09-191987-10-31 a42 Days Later
Pokamoonshine Mountain2165USA-NY221988-11-261998-08-269 Years, 273 Days Later
Kinder Scout2087UK-England221989-09-02 a1991-05-07 b1 Year, 247 Days Later
Kinder Low2077UK-England221989-09-02 b1991-05-07 a1 Year, 247 Days Later
Killington Peak4235USA-VT221990-09-06 b2009-07-29 a18 Years, 326 Days Later
Blackhead3940USA-NY221991-02-081993-11-06 c2 Years, 271 Days Later
Slide Mountain4180USA-NY221991-02-09 a1993-11-13 a2 Years, 277 Days Later
Panther Mountain3720USA-NY221991-02-09 c1993-11-082 Years, 272 Days Later
Balsam Mountain3600USA-NY221991-02-101993-11-13 b2 Years, 276 Days Later
Lions Head840Canada-ON221991-09-232012-08-20 b20 Years, 332 Days Later
Hardwood Lookout1552Canada-ON221991-09-272012-08-16 a20 Years, 324 Days Later
Graham Mountain3868USA-NY221992-03-23 b1992-03-252 Days Later
Signal Hill459Canada-NL221992-09-041999-07-046 Years, 303 Days Later
Short Job2822USA-NY221992-10-112004-06-1311 Years, 246 Days Later
Greenleaf Knob4245USA-NH221993-08-08 a1993-08-15 a7 Days Later
Mount Lafayette5240USA-NH221993-08-08 b1993-08-15 b7 Days Later
Mount Hancock4400USA-NH221993-08-11 a2011-10-23 a18 Years, 73 Days Later
Mount Hancock-Middle Peak4280USA-NH221993-08-11 b2011-10-23 b18 Years, 73 Days Later
South Hancock4319USA-NH221993-08-11 c2011-10-23 c18 Years, 73 Days Later
North Tripyramid4160USA-NH221993-08-13 a2011-07-28 b17 Years, 349 Days Later
Mount Guyot-South Peak4560USA-NH221993-08-16 f1993-08-18 a2 Days Later
Mount Tom4051USA-NH221993-08-18 g2014-08-21 d21 Years, 3 Days Later
Mount Avalon3440USA-NH221993-08-19 a2014-08-21 a21 Years, 2 Days Later
Mount Isolation4003USA-NH221993-08-282010-06-11 d16 Years, 287 Days Later
Mont Orford2789Canada-QC221993-09-12 b2015-10-31 b22 Years, 49 Days Later
Mont Chapman2159Canada-QC221993-10-01 a2015-06-20 b21 Years, 262 Days Later
Ebright Azimuth442USA-DE221994-04-012005-11-0211 Years, 215 Days Later
Jerimoth Hill812USA-RI221994-08-23 b1999-05-234 Years, 273 Days Later
South Crocker Mountain4040USA-ME221995-09-091995-09-10 b1 Day Later
Avery Peak4088USA-ME221995-09-20 a2003-07-30 b7 Years, 313 Days Later
Bigelow Mountain4145USA-ME221995-09-20 b2003-07-30 c7 Years, 313 Days Later
The Horns3805USA-ME221995-09-20 c2003-07-30 d7 Years, 313 Days Later
The Horns-North Peak3792USA-ME221995-09-20 d2003-07-30 e7 Years, 313 Days Later
Horns Pond Peak3380USA-ME221995-09-20 e2003-07-317 Years, 314 Days Later
Clingmans Dome6643USA-TN/NC221996-08-01 a2007-06-02 e10 Years, 305 Days Later
Woodall Mountain806USA-MS221996-09-082009-08-19 a12 Years, 345 Days Later
Black Mesa4973USA-OK221999-01-17 b2002-09-213 Years, 247 Days Later
Cheaha Mountain2405USA-AL221999-02-182013-02-25 c14 Years, 7 Days Later
Mount Greylock3487USA-MA221999-05-222007-09-10 d8 Years, 111 Days Later
Britton Hill345USA-FL222000-03-022011-02-03 c10 Years, 338 Days Later
Point Reno415USA-DC222000-03-152014-05-14 c14 Years, 60 Days Later
Roan High Knob6285USA-NC/TN222001-06-12 b2007-06-16 e6 Years, 4 Days Later
Grassy Ridge Bald6160USA-NC222001-06-12 e2007-06-16 h6 Years, 4 Days Later
Volcán La Malinche14501Mexico-Pue/Tlax222004-01-262004-01-282 Days Later
Cerro de la Ermita9514Mexico-No State222004-01-312004-02-033 Days Later
Hawksbill4050USA-VA222007-07-27 a2009-08-052 Years, 9 Days Later
East Big Flat Ridge2060USA-PA222007-08-11 a2009-08-03 d1 Year, 357 Days Later
Mount Algo1160USA-CT222007-09-02 e2011-06-19 b3 Years, 290 Days Later
Cathedral Ledge1159USA-NH222008-07-092012-10-17 a4 Years, 100 Days Later
Boott Spur5492USA-NH222008-07-10 a2014-08-22 h6 Years, 43 Days Later
Mount Helena5468USA-MT222008-08-052008-08-061 Day Later
Peninsula de Juluapan-Southeast Peak853Mexico-Col222009-01-18 b2010-02-10 a1 Year, 23 Days Later
Cerro de La Cruz787Mexico-Col222009-02-102010-01-28352 Days Later
Cerro El Toro-Pico Norte2690Mexico-Col222009-03-04 a2010-02-16 b349 Days Later
Mont Rigaud748Canada-QC222009-04-252017-06-04 a8 Years, 40 Days Later
Vankleek Hill404Canada-ON222009-06-19 a2010-04-11 a296 Days Later
Sand Hills300USA-NJ222009-08-02 c2013-11-03 a4 Years, 93 Days Later
Mount Craig6647USA-NC222009-08-10 a2009-08-11 a1 Day Later
Big Tom6560USA-NC222009-08-10 b2009-08-11 b1 Day Later
Balsam Cone6600USA-NC222009-08-10 c2009-08-11 c1 Day Later
Cattail Peak6600USA-NC222009-08-10 d2009-08-11 d1 Day Later
Potato Hill6475USA-NC222009-08-10 e2009-08-11 e1 Day Later
Main Houston High Point127USA-TX222009-08-272015-01-245 Years, 150 Days Later
Belknap Mountain2382USA-NH222009-10-08 a2010-05-15 d219 Days Later
Mont Saint-Joseph3514Canada-QC222009-11-18 a2015-06-19 c5 Years, 213 Days Later
Mont Mégantic3615Canada-QC222009-11-18 c2015-06-19 b5 Years, 213 Days Later
Niagara Escarpment High Point1785Canada-ON222010-04-22 a2012-08-19 b2 Years, 119 Days Later
Mont Bleu817Canada-QC222010-09-11 a2010-10-02 a21 Days Later
Trois-Rivières High Point262Canada-QC222010-11-03 a2012-09-09 a1 Year, 311 Days Later
Peak 4201378Canada-QC222010-11-142013-10-152 Years, 335 Days Later
Mont Yamaska-North Peak1302Canada-QC222011-04-15 d2014-04-14 a2 Years, 364 Days Later
Harbor Hill360USA-NY222011-05-14 d2011-10-03 a142 Days Later
Prospect Mountain2020USA-NY222011-11-22 a2014-07-20 a2 Years, 240 Days Later
Ghost Range Peak1601Canada-ON222012-07-22 c2017-07-315 Years, 9 Days Later
Mont Saint-Hilaire - Sommet Est1283Canada-QC222013-06-21 b2013-07-08 b17 Days Later
Arboretum Morgan High Point203Canada-QC222014-03-082014-04-17 a40 Days Later
Mont Molson1102Canada-QC222014-06-07 a2016-11-15 e2 Years, 161 Days Later
Pic des Érables1509Canada-QC222015-07-12 a2016-05-13 b306 Days Later
Mont Baldy1378Canada-QC222015-12-12 c2016-11-14 a338 Days Later
Mont Baldy Ouest1293Canada-QC222015-12-12 d2016-11-14 b338 Days Later
Mont Alouette1181Canada-QC222015-12-12 e2016-11-14 c338 Days Later
Mont Rigaud-Sommet de la Croix715Canada-QC222017-06-04 b2017-06-30 b26 Days Later
Mount Colvin4035USA-NY 21985-10-20 b1985-10-20 dSame Day
Carleton Mountain2651USA-VT 21986-05-25 a1986-05-25 cSame Day
South Dix4068USA-NY 21987-10-31 b1987-10-31 dSame Day
Seward Mountain4331USA-NY 21988-08-30 a1988-08-30 eSame Day
Donaldson Mountain4108USA-NY 21988-08-30 b1988-08-30 dSame Day
Giant Ledge3200USA-NY 21991-02-09 b1991-02-09 dSame Day
Mount Osceola4320USA-NH 21993-08-10 b1993-08-10 fSame Day
Mount Osceola-Middle Peak4200USA-NH 21993-08-10 c1993-08-10 eSame Day
East Sleeper3840USA-NH 21993-08-14 a1993-08-14 cSame Day
Mount Bond4698USA-NH 21993-08-17 a1993-08-17 cSame Day
Mount Cabot-Southeast Knob4080USA-NH 21993-08-26 a1993-08-26 gSame Day
Mount Cabot4160USA-NH 21993-08-26 b1993-08-26 fSame Day
The Bulge3940USA-NH 21993-08-26 c1993-08-26 eSame Day
Signal Ridge4400USA-NH 21993-08-29 a1993-08-29 cSame Day
Mount Abraham4040USA-ME 21995-09-12 a1995-09-12 eSame Day
Mount Abraham-Middle Summit3740USA-ME 21995-09-12 b1995-09-12 dSame Day
Blue Mountain2205USA-VA 22007-08-04 a2007-08-04 cSame Day
Iztaccíhuatl-Las Rodillas16732Mexico-Pue/Mex 22008-03-26 a2008-03-26 cSame Day
The Edge2769Canada-QC 22009-06-01 a2009-06-01 eSame Day
Pic Pangman2949Canada-QC 22009-06-01 b2009-06-01 dSame Day
MacRae Peak5845USA-NC 22009-08-08 a2009-08-08 eSame Day
Attic Window Peak5880USA-NC 22009-08-08 b2009-08-08 dSame Day
Big Bald5280USA-NC 22009-08-14 a2009-08-14 cSame Day
Waterrock Knob6292USA-NC 22009-08-15 a2009-08-15 eSame Day
Browning Knob6240USA-NC 22009-08-15 b2009-08-15 dSame Day
Mount Cardigan3123USA-NH 22009-10-09 b2009-10-09 dSame Day
Piper Mountain2044USA-NH 22010-05-15 a2010-05-15 cSame Day
Gunstock Mountain2240USA-NH 22010-05-15 e2010-05-15 gSame Day
Mount Major1786USA-NH 22010-05-16 a2010-05-16 kSame Day
Straightback Mountain1910USA-NH 22010-05-16 c2010-05-16 jSame Day
Mount Mexico2000USA-NH 22010-06-25 a2010-06-25 dSame Day
Salmon Mountain3400USA/Canada 22010-07-22 a2010-07-22 cSame Day
Mount Tremont3371USA-NH 22010-07-27 a2010-07-27 cSame Day
High Point1383USA-NY 22011-05-12 a2011-05-12 cSame Day
Scar Ridge Southeast Peak3600USA-NH 22011-07-27 a2011-07-27 cSame Day
West Rattlesnake1240USA-NH 22011-07-29 a2011-07-29 cSame Day
Center Ridge3254USA-ME 22011-08-08 a2011-08-08 cSame Day
Roque de los Brezos3635Spain 22011-08-20 c2011-08-20 eSame Day
Mount Norwottock1105USA-MA 22011-09-28 a2011-09-28 cSame Day
Scofield Ridge1540USA-NY 22011-10-05 b2011-10-05 dSame Day
Elk Hill2680USA-PA 22012-05-18 a2012-05-18 cSame Day
Mount Tammany1540USA-NJ 22012-06-19 a2012-06-19 cSame Day
Montagne du Midi3005Canada-QC 22012-07-05 a2012-07-05 cSame Day
Spruce Hill2500USA-ME 22012-09-13 a2012-09-13 dSame Day
Saddle Hill3175Canada/USA 22012-10-10 a2012-10-10 cSame Day
Boundary Monument 465.8 Peak2900USA-ME 22012-10-23 a2012-10-23 cSame Day
Hernandez Peak2344USA-AL 22013-02-26 a2013-02-26 dSame Day
Mount Pisgah-Middle Peak3340USA-ME 22014-05-22 a2014-05-22 cSame Day
Boundary Peak 414.133360USA-ME 22014-05-24 c2014-05-24 gSame Day
Brown Benchmark3540USA-ME 22014-05-24 d2014-05-24 fSame Day
Boundary Peak 25502550Canada-QC 22014-06-15 a2014-06-15 cSame Day
Caribou Mountain - South Peak3460USA-ME 22014-06-16 a2014-06-16 eSame Day
Merrill Mountain West2980USA-ME 22014-06-17 a2014-06-17 cSame Day
Boundary Peak 23002300USA-ME 22014-07-24 a2014-07-24 cSame Day
Wait Benchmark-West Peak2480USA-ME 22014-07-25 a2014-07-25 cSame Day
Mont Oak-Sommet Sud1404Canada-QC 22014-07-26 b2014-07-26 dSame Day
Colline des Pins1066Canada-QC 22015-08-04 b2015-08-04 dSame Day
Oak Knob5440USA-NC 22016-01-07 a2016-01-07 eSame Day
Huckleberry Knob5560USA-NC 22016-01-07 b2016-01-07 dSame Day
Big Junction5360USA-NC/TN 22016-01-07 h2016-01-07 kSame Day
Bear Mountain2303USA-GA 22016-01-10 b2016-01-10 dSame Day
Bee Benchmark1904USA-TX 22016-01-28 b2016-01-28 fSame Day
Lone Oak Mountain1867USA-TX 22016-01-28 c2016-01-28 eSame Day
Mont Blanc1772Canada-QC 22016-06-12 b2016-06-12 dSame Day
Mont des Cascades-Est919Canada-QC 22016-07-02 b2016-07-02 dSame Day
Colline des Sorbiers1837Canada-QC 22016-08-23 b2016-08-23 dSame Day
Fort Davis National Historic Site High Point5320USA-TX 22017-02-05 c2017-02-05 eSame Day
Snake Mountain5560USA-NC 22017-11-11 a2017-11-11 cSame Day
Hancock Hill-Middle Peak4880USA-TX 22018-02-08 a2018-02-08 cSame Day
Peak 54405440USA-TX 22018-02-10 a2018-02-10 cSame Day
Meade1500USA-NY 22018-05-21 d2018-05-21 gSame Day

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