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Multiple Ascent List for Rick Taylor

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Plateau Mountain3840USA-NY661988-11-052014-08-1125 Years, 279 Days Later
Eagle Mountain3600USA-NY661990-07-292014-09-0524 Years, 38 Days Later
Panther Mountain3720USA-NY551987-082014-06-2826 Years, 331 Days Later
Sugarloaf Mountain3800USA-NY551988-10-102014-08-1125 Years, 305 Days Later
Balsam Mountain3600USA-NY551990-07-292014-09-0524 Years, 38 Days Later
Slide Mountain4180USA-NY551992-07-262014-05-1321 Years, 291 Days Later
Indian Head3573USA-NY441988-07-042014-06-2425 Years, 355 Days Later
Friday Mountain3694USA-NY441991-04-202014-08-2723 Years, 129 Days Later
Balsam Cap3623USA-NY441991-04-202014-08-2723 Years, 129 Days Later
North Dome3610USA-NY441991-06-232014-08-2323 Years, 61 Days Later
Mount Sherrill3540USA-NY441991-06-232014-08-2323 Years, 61 Days Later
High Peak3655USA-NY441992-09-222014-08-3121 Years, 343 Days Later
Haynes Mountain3420USA-NY442014-05-282014-09-05100 Days Later
Twin Mountain3640USA-NY331988-07-042014-05-1825 Years, 318 Days Later
Twin Mountain-South Peak3580USA-NY331988-07-042014-05-1825 Years, 318 Days Later
Thomas Cole Mountain3940USA-NY331988-10-162014-09-0825 Years, 327 Days Later
Black Dome3980USA-NY331988-10-162014-09-0825 Years, 327 Days Later
Blackhead3940USA-NY331988-10-162014-09-0825 Years, 327 Days Later
Hunter Mountain4040USA-NY331988-11-122014-04-1925 Years, 158 Days Later
West Kill Mountain3880USA-NY331989-10-142014-06-2824 Years, 257 Days Later
Windham High Peak3524USA-NY331990-07-142014-09-0824 Years, 56 Days Later
Big Indian Mountain3700USA-NY331991-05-042014-08-2523 Years, 113 Days Later
Fir Mountain3620USA-NY331991-05-042014-08-2523 Years, 113 Days Later
Halcott Mountain3520USA-NY331991-11-092014-08-1522 Years, 279 Days Later
Bearpen Mountain3600USA-NY331992-09-212014-08-1121 Years, 324 Days Later
Vly Mountain3529USA-NY331992-09-212014-08-1121 Years, 324 Days Later
Table Mountain3847USA-NY221988-08-202014-05-0325 Years, 256 Days Later
Peekamoose Mountain3843USA-NY221988-08-202014-05-0325 Years, 256 Days Later
Rusk Mountain3680USA-NY221991-04-062014-09-0523 Years, 152 Days Later
Wittenberg Mountain3780USA-NY221992-07-262014-05-1321 Years, 291 Days Later
Cornell Mountain3860USA-NY221992-07-262014-05-1321 Years, 291 Days Later
Mount Rose10776USA-NV2219982014-07-2216 Years, 202 Days Later
Mount Mansfield4393USA-VT221998-09-062014-09-1216 Years, 6 Days Later
Schunnemunk Mountain1664USA-NY221998-11-142014-09-0715 Years, 297 Days Later
Ampersand Mountain3314USA-NY221999-05-302013-12-2114 Years, 205 Days Later
Overlook Mountain3140USA-NY222003-08-312014-03-0410 Years, 185 Days Later
Red Hill2980USA-NY222004-05-222014-02-109 Years, 264 Days Later
Tremper Mountain2720USA-NY222004-05-292014-03-119 Years, 286 Days Later
Scofield Ridge1540USA-NY222006-02-052014-06-078 Years, 122 Days Later
Rainbow Point9115USA-UT222006-11-082013-09-036 Years, 299 Days Later
Haystack Mountain2874USA-NY222007-02-072014-03-147 Years, 35 Days Later
Saint Regis Mountain2881USA-NY222007-10-132013-12-216 Years, 69 Days Later
McKenzie Mountain3832USA-NY222008-10-182014-03-145 Years, 147 Days Later
Scarface Mountain3058USA-NY222010-09-262013-12-213 Years, 86 Days Later
Baker Mountain2457USA-NY222010-09-272014-03-153 Years, 169 Days Later
Anthonys Nose900USA-NY222014-01-302014-02-2728 Days Later
Popolopen Torne941USA-NY222014-02-202014-06-04104 Days Later
Storm King Mountain1340USA-NY222014-02-272014-03-2526 Days Later
South Beacon Mountain1600USA-NY222014-03-212014-06-0778 Days Later
East Mountain1060USA-NY222014-06-142014-06-239 Days Later

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