Snapshot Year/Month Grid-Most Isolated Peak

Andy Boos's Ascents by Year/Month

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1986      Δ PilchuckΔ ShrinerΔ Three FingersΔ Dickerman  
1987    Δ ZionΔ PilchuckΔ Three FingersΔ Brothers Δ DickermanΔ Pilchuck 
1988   Δ AmabilisΔ Saint HelensΔ PilchuckΔ AdamsΔ ForgottenΔ PilchuckΔ Three Fingers  
1989Δ PersisΔ Angeles Δ CowboyΔ BakerΔ WashingtonΔ ShuksanΔ KyesΔ DeceptionΔ AixΔ SilverΔ Granite
1990  Δ AmabilisΔ PersisΔ RoseΔ HoodΔ GlacierΔ BorahΔ SacajaweaΔ Three Fingers  
1991  Δ Eagle Rock Δ Silver StarΔ RainierΔ ShastaΔ GunnΔ Three FingersΔ Spark Plug Δ Lena
1992Δ LichtenbergΔ PilchuckΔ SaukΔ WhistlerΔ OvalΔ RainierΔ BakerΔ GlacierΔ Black TuskΔ Three FingersΔ ChikaminΔ Dickerman
1993 Δ AngelesΔ Outram Δ OlympusΔ RainierΔ AdamsΔ GlacierΔ PilchuckΔ DanielΔ VesperΔ Pilchuck
1994Δ Dickerman Δ DevilsΔ Aneroid Mountain NorthΔ RuthΔ ShuksanΔ BakerΔ RainierΔ ChiwawaΔ Constance  
1995Δ LookoutΔ ChairΔ UnicornΔ Little DevilΔ DomeΔ HoodΔ RainierΔ GraniteΔ GoodeΔ IndependenceΔ Yellow Aster Butte 
1996 Δ PilchuckΔ SaukΔ Big JimΔ BeanΔ SnowfieldΔ BakerΔ OlympusΔ North GardnerΔ Three Fingers Δ Dickerman
1997 Δ Jim HillΔ GraniteΔ PilchuckΔ South Early Winter SpireΔ CardinalΔ StuartΔ TiffanyΔ DomeΔ North TwentymileΔ PilchuckΔ Chutla
1998 Δ PilchuckΔ PersisΔ DamnationΔ RemmelΔ RuthΔ BakerΔ JackΔ ReynoldsΔ Sugarloaf Δ Arrowhead
1999Δ Round Δ HexΔ LimeΔ CannonΔ PilchuckΔ Three FingersΔ Red TopΔ StuartΔ TiffanyΔ HexΔ Pilchuck
2000Δ K9Δ LongΔ Anaconda Peak-Gordon RidgeΔ PrairieΔ PilchuckΔ PilchuckΔ GlacierΔ Sir DonaldΔ Three FingersΔ BareΔ FinneyΔ Bald
2001Δ SasseΔ MailboxΔ Saint HelensΔ PilchuckΔ PaintedΔ Tommy ThompsonΔ RainierΔ TowerΔ Whitney   
2002 Δ AmabilisΔ TyeΔ Snoqualmie Δ KaleetanΔ JollyΔ ShrinerΔ Three FingersΔ EvergreenΔ Captain PointΔ Norse
2003 Δ Jim Hill  Δ Icicle RidgeΔ Irving Peak-N PkΔ ElkΔ BuckΔ Three Fingers Δ RalstonΔ Pilchuck
2004Δ WashingtonΔ LichtenbergΔ GroatΔ PilchuckΔ CrystalΔ WashburnΔ ChurchΔ PilchuckΔ PilchuckΔ Three FingersΔ ElbowΔ Ararat
2005Δ Three FingersΔ MissionΔ PilchuckΔ DirtyfaceΔ SneffelsΔ ElbertΔ ThorpΔ WinchesterΔ White ChuckΔ HighchairΔ LoomisΔ Granite
2006  Δ WrightΔ RevolutionΔ Big SnowΔ WindyΔ RockΔ EvergreenΔ Three FingersΔ Cadillac  
2007Δ HanerΔ GuadalupeΔ SumasΔ BoistfortΔ Copper ButteΔ Oregon ButteΔ AdamsΔ TolmieΔ Lemei Rock Δ PilchuckΔ Muller
2008Δ Wow  Δ BlancaΔ HumphreysΔ Indian RockΔ Big ChiwaukumΔ PilchuckΔ CastleΔ SunriseΔ San Gorgonio 
2009Δ Stimson HillΔ PhiladelphiaΔ WahatisΔ GoldΔ LibertyΔ Indian HeadΔ GannettΔ ScotchmanΔ Three FingersΔ JeffersonΔ CharlestonΔ Bacon
2010Δ PilchuckΔ Guemes Island HPΔ Doty HillsΔ Lion RockΔ ConstitutionΔ Keller ButteΔ Camano Island HPΔ ThorpΔ Three FingersΔ MischΔ Mauna Kea 
2011Δ Amabilis  Δ Peak 3578 Δ CowboyΔ PikesΔ RuthΔ GlacierΔ PilchuckΔ Sauk 
2012Δ AspiringΔ Ruapehu Δ SnoqualmieΔ Saint HelensΔ American RidgeΔ DomeΔ SaukΔ VesperΔ Three Fingers Δ Hex
2013 Δ Guemes Island HPΔ SkyΔ Ragged RidgeΔ Bettys JugsΔ WheelerΔ SunriseΔ ThorΔ Three FingersΔ Junipero SerraΔ Three WayΔ Teanaway Butte
2014Δ GuyeΔ RoundΔ SnoqualmieΔ Jump Off JoeΔ DefianceΔ KingsΔ CacheΔ North GibsonΔ Three FingersΔ SteensΔ TaylorΔ Jackman
2015Δ PilchuckΔ RedΔ Hurricane HillΔ TiptopΔ Horse LakeΔ SnowshoeΔ CloudΔ Red TopΔ Three FingersΔ Fool HenΔ BearheadΔ Roof Butte
2016Δ LummiΔ MuttonΔ High HutΔ Icicle RidgeΔ MitchellΔ LabyrinthΔ BlancaΔ KintlaΔ Three FingersΔ PilchuckΔ FriscoΔ Buck
2017Δ CatherineΔ Tarzan ButteΔ GreenΔ PaulΔ PilchuckΔ AxisΔ PughΔ ClevelandΔ Three FingersΔ SawyerΔ UnionΔ Leecher
2018Δ ErieΔ MailboxΔ TeneriffeΔ Old DesolateΔ Whitehorse       


Legend for Color Coding

Isolation of 600 mi or more
Isolation of 300 to 600 mi
Isolation of 60 to 300 mi
Isolation of 25 to 60 mi
Isolation of 5 to 25 mi
Isolation of less than 5 mi

About the Snapshot Year-Month Grid

General Considerations:

  • "-X" after a peak name means an unsuccessful ascent, for example "Rainier-X".
  • A parenthetical name is a non-summit goal hike, for example, "(Snow Lake Hike)" or "(Rainier)".
  • The Δ triangle symbol is a hyperlink to the detailed Ascent Page for that ascent. The peak name is a link to the Peak Page for that peak.
  • The color of the cell shows how high, prominent, isolated, or high-quality the peak/ascent is, and the color ranges are shown in the legend to the left.
  • If the color is based on altitude, prominence, or vertical gain, you can switch between meters-based ranges or feet-based ranges. These are set up to be generally equivalent.

This grid comes in seven "flavors", each one showing a different "top" peak for a month. The flavors or categories are:

  1. Highest Point Reached. Can be an unsucessful attempt or non-summit goal hike.
  2. Highest Peak Climbed. Sometimes not the same as highest point, if that point was an unsuccessful ascent or a non-summit goal hike.
  3. Most Prominent Peak climbed. Note that many peaks in the database do not yet have a prominence value.
  4. Most Isolated Peak climbed. Isolation values may not be 100% accurate, since most are cacluated to nearest higher peak in the database.
  5. Peak with most vertical gain hiked. Note that many climbers do not enter vertical gain information on their ascents. Also, if several summits are grouped in a "trip", then the total gain for all ascents in that trip is assigned to the trip high point.
  6. Peak with the highest "Quality" value--this is a subjective number from 1-10 given by the climber. Note that many climbers have not given any of their ascents quality numbers.
  7. Finally, "Top Ascents in All Categories", which shows, for each month, the unique peaks from all the 6 other categories. In many cases, one or two peaks will be the leader in the 6 categories, since often the highest peak climbed for a month is also the highest point reached, the most prominent peak, and the one with the most gain. But in some cases several peaks may appear for a month.

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