Snapshot Year/Month Grid-Top Ascents in All Categories

Paul Michelson's Ascents by Year/Month

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1983   Δ Little Tahoma-X
Δ Rampart Ridge
Δ Sloan-XΔ BrothersΔ Rainier-X
Δ Anvil Rock
Δ Washington
Δ Adams
Δ Hood
Δ Little Tahoma
Δ RainierΔ Mildred Point  
1984   Δ Beckler
Δ Si
Δ Shasta-X
Δ Davis
Δ Pinnacle
Δ Erie
Δ Persis
Δ Observation Rock
Δ White Chuck
Δ UnicornΔ Guye Δ Ellinor 
1985Δ Crystal Mountain-Summit House Δ Castle RockΔ ConstanceΔ RainierΔ GlacierΔ Forbidden
Δ Sloan
Δ RainierΔ Maude
Δ Seven Fingered Jack-X
Δ ChutlaΔ Alpine Baldy 
1986Δ SiΔ WhitehorseΔ Brothers-N Pk
Δ Phelps
 Δ SnowfieldΔ WarriorΔ ThomsonΔ Summit Chief
Δ Big Snow
Δ Little Big Chief
Δ GilbertΔ Pugh Δ Granite
1987  Δ C-141
Δ Si
Δ RainierΔ Eldorado
Δ Saint Helens
Δ Klawatti
 Δ Boston
Δ Cutthroat
Δ Sahale
Δ Cristo
Δ Chair
Δ Liberty Bell
Δ Ingalls
Δ Ingalls Peak-E Pk
Δ Little Annapurna
Δ McClellan
Δ Devils 
1988  Δ Jupiter Δ Monument
Δ Lake
Δ StuartΔ Fortress
Δ Dumbell
Δ Fernow Δ Gunn Δ Merchant-X
1989Δ HumpbackΔ Inner Constance
Δ Desperation
 Δ Big Kangaroo
Δ Malachite
Δ GarfieldΔ DragontailΔ Argonaut  Δ Pratt Δ Luna
1990   Δ HardyΔ Silver Star
Δ Big Craggy
Δ RainierΔ ColchuckΔ BlackΔ Buckner
Δ Horseshoe
1991Δ Stone  Δ Robinson Δ CashmereΔ North Gardner Δ MesahchieΔ West Craggy
Δ Silver
 Δ Jolly
1992  Δ McMillan Spire Δ Clark Δ Cardinal
Δ Emerald
 Δ Cannon
Δ Vesper
Δ Enchantment
1993Δ McClellan Butte-X   Δ Martin
Δ Paul
Δ Abernathy Δ Seven Fingered Jack
Δ Spectacle Buttes
Δ Bigelow
Δ Martin
Δ Big SnagtoothΔ Snoqualmie 
1994    Δ ReynoldsΔ Golden Horn
Δ Hawkins
 Δ FormidableΔ SiΔ Windy  
1995    Δ ShuksanΔ Point 6951Δ Huffers Hill
Δ Chair
Δ Logan-X
Δ Oval
Δ Tupshin
Δ Devore
Δ Flora
1996     Δ EsmeraldaΔ BonanzaΔ Defiance
Δ Pilchuck
1997    Δ Merchant Δ Kimtah
Δ Washington
Δ Cosho
 Δ Courtney   
1998Δ Washington   Δ Baker-XΔ BakerΔ BuckΔ (Rachel Lake)Δ StarΔ Grass  
1999     Δ Twin Peaks-XΔ AzuriteΔ Cathedral
Δ Amphitheater
Δ Luahna   
2000 Δ Schweitzer Basin   Δ Primus Δ Carru
Δ Osceola
  Δ Ellinor 
2001       Δ AdamsΔ Remmel   
2002   Δ MailboxΔ Tahtlum
Δ Zion
Δ Rainier-X
Δ Granite
Δ GothicΔ Hinman
Δ Hibox
Δ Alta
Δ Rampart Ridge
Δ Bare  
2003 Δ Red Δ Goat-XΔ Thomas
Δ Mineral Butte
Δ DarkΔ LoganΔ StuartΔ McClellan ButteΔ Kaleetan  
2004 Δ Whitetooth
Δ Eagles Eye
Δ Panorama Ski Hill
Δ ChangeΔ ClevelandΔ Saint HelensΔ PtarmiganΔ Spickard
Δ Rahm
Δ KyesΔ Big CraggyΔ IndependenceΔ ChinookΔ Bandera Mountain-W Pk
2005Δ Cedar ButteΔ Dickerman
Δ Rattlesnake
Δ Jim HillΔ Huckleberry
Δ Seymour
Δ Sherman CoHP
Δ Raven Ridge-X
Δ Granite
Δ Raven RidgeΔ Lago
Δ Blackcap
Δ Dorado NeedleΔ JackΔ Quiemuth  
2006Δ Taum Sauk
Δ Camano Island HP
Δ Bachelor
Δ Spokane
Δ Gold
Δ PulpitΔ Cowboy
Δ Reno Reservoir
Δ Big Bear
Δ Townsend
Δ Walker
Δ DomeΔ Haleakala
Δ Mox Peaks
Δ Goode
Δ Storm King
Δ Silver Star
Δ Sturgeon Rock
2008   Δ Hoosier Hill
Δ Driskill
Δ Ebright Azimuth Δ Campbell HillΔ Clingmans Dome
Δ Spruce Knob
Δ Backbone
  Δ Cheaha
Δ Britton Hill
2009 Δ Muskegon CoHPΔ Grampian HillsΔ Timms Hill
Δ Pearson Hill
Δ Black ElkΔ Shiawassee CoHPΔ Arvon Δ Black Mesa
Δ Hoosier Hill
Δ ElbertΔ Pacific CoHPΔ Kosciuszko
2010Δ Rattlesnake Hills LookoutΔ Badger
Δ Beezley Hills
Δ Taylor
Δ Twin PeaksΔ Mitchell
Δ Teneriffe
Δ Goat
Δ Larch
Δ Red
Δ Indian Rock
Δ Mauna Kea
Δ Olympus
Δ Adams-West Slope
Δ Big Horn
Δ Huckleberry
Δ Pyramid
Δ AixΔ Bukhan-sanΔ Squak
Δ Squak Mountain-W Pk
2011Δ Catherine
Δ Tiger
Δ KentΔ Weihenstephan Hill
Δ Maury Island HP
Δ Fools Day
Δ Melted
Δ Frigid
Δ Greylock
Δ Stone-X
Δ Walker
Δ Andrew
Δ High Rock
Δ Stone
 Δ Purcell
Δ Elbert
Δ Goat
Δ Round
Δ Fairfax CoHP
Δ Goat Mountain-M Pk
Δ Yeongchuk-san - South
Δ Geumjeong-san
Δ Igidae Park
Δ Squak Mountain-SE Pk
Δ Grand Ridge
2012Δ Anderson
Δ Wahatis
Δ Crystal Mountain-Grubstake
Δ Sumas
Δ Hogback
Δ Hawksbill
Δ Haner
Δ Mission
Δ Ten-Four
Δ Tiffany
Δ Aeneas
Δ Lennox
Δ Muller
Δ Davis
Δ Prophet
Δ Moses
Δ Big Chiwaukum
Δ Jaynes Hill
Δ Wow
Δ Big Gee
Δ Tomyhoi
Δ Lookout
Δ Mudbog HillΔ Hyak
Δ Cumbersome Hill
Δ Ankara Hill
Δ Heybrook Ridge
2013Δ Boistfort
Δ Bigfoot Hill
Δ Lyman HillΔ Hogback
Δ Takao-zan
Δ Monumental
Δ Lime Creek
Δ Keller Butte
Δ Whitestone Ridge
Δ Buck
Δ Ned Hill
Δ Omak
Δ Shriner
Δ DeceptionΔ Fremont
Δ Huckleberry
Δ Calispell
Δ South Twin
Δ Hafelekarspitze
Δ Montmartre
Δ Chemin des Révoires
Δ McGregor
Δ Sugarloaf
Δ Table Rock
Δ Hog Ranch Buttes
Δ Watch Mountain-W Pk
Δ Silo
Δ Little Haystack
Δ Tolmie Peak Lookout
Δ Virginia
2014Δ Mitchell Hill
Δ Newcastle Hills
Δ Maple Hills
Δ Monument Hill
Δ Elk
Δ Stone
Δ Altoona Hill
Δ King Benchmark
Δ Holder Knob
Δ Sourdough
Δ Lookout
Δ Columbia
Δ Whitmore
Δ Leecher
Δ Jumpoff Lookout
Δ Slate
Δ Helen Buttes
Δ South Baldy
Δ Mebee Pass Lookout
Δ Desolation
Δ Satus
Δ Haleakala
Δ Forgotten
Δ Hidden Lake Peaks
Δ Hoodoo
Δ Moscow
Δ Prominencians
Δ Winchester
Δ Constitution
Δ Puyallup Ridge Lookout
Δ Green
Δ Lookout
Δ Bearhead
Δ Copper Mountain Lookout
Δ Dillard Point Lookout Site
Δ Kamilche Hill
2015Δ Jefferson Ridge-Lookout Site
Δ Higley
Δ Elk Creek Lookout Site
Δ Coldwater
Δ Soda Peaks
Δ Sawmill Ridge
Δ Dow
Δ North Twentymile
Δ Doty Hills
Δ Monument 83
Δ Lion Rock
Δ Dodger Point
Δ Plummer
Δ Miners Ridge Lookout
Δ Christoff LookoutΔ Chikamin Δ Tatoosh  
2016 Δ ScottΔ Red Benchmark
Δ Magazine
Δ Hare
Δ Briar Hill
Δ Mason CoHP
Δ Indian Springs Lookout
Δ Pinnacle Point
Δ Reddish Knob
Δ Massanutten
Δ Monumental
Δ Colonel Bob Lookout
Δ Ruby
Δ Indian Head
Δ Fifes Ridge
Δ Juniper Dunes Wilderness HP
Δ Little Kachess
Δ Stegosaurus Butte
Δ Kachess Beacon
Δ Cole Butte Benchmark
Δ Joyce Ridge
Δ Striped
Δ Gray CoHP
Δ South
2017Δ PleasantΔ Sandia CrestΔ Rattlesnake Middle Ledge
Δ Saint Clair CoHP
Δ Arrowhead
Δ Stimson Hill
Δ Quartz
Δ WhitneyΔ Michelson
Δ Kikiktat
Δ Raven Roost
Δ Cleman
Δ Rampart Ridge
Δ Blum
Δ French Benchmark
Δ Guadalupe
Δ David
Δ Bayne Existence  
2018Δ Novelty Hill
Δ Clyde Hill
Δ MonahanΔ Skinner Hill
Δ Galena Guard Station Lookout Site
Δ Pleasant Valley Lookout Site
Δ Burch Mountain-N Pk
Δ Peak 3200
Δ High Hut
Δ Fawn
Δ Ruby Hill
Δ North Sanilac CoHP


Legend for Color Coding

20,000 feet or more
14,000 to 19,999 feet
10,000 to 13,999 feet
5,000 to 9,999 feet
2,000 to 4,999 feet
Below 2,000 ft

About the Snapshot Year-Month Grid

General Considerations:

  • "-X" after a peak name means an unsuccessful ascent, for example "Rainier-X".
  • A parenthetical name is a non-summit goal hike, for example, "(Snow Lake Hike)" or "(Rainier)".
  • The Δ triangle symbol is a hyperlink to the detailed Ascent Page for that ascent. The peak name is a link to the Peak Page for that peak.
  • The color of the cell shows how high, prominent, isolated, or high-quality the peak/ascent is, and the color ranges are shown in the legend to the left.
  • If the color is based on altitude, prominence, or vertical gain, you can switch between meters-based ranges or feet-based ranges. These are set up to be generally equivalent.

This grid comes in seven "flavors", each one showing a different "top" peak for a month. The flavors or categories are:

  1. Highest Point Reached. Can be an unsucessful attempt or non-summit goal hike.
  2. Highest Peak Climbed. Sometimes not the same as highest point, if that point was an unsuccessful ascent or a non-summit goal hike.
  3. Most Prominent Peak climbed. Note that many peaks in the database do not yet have a prominence value.
  4. Most Isolated Peak climbed. Isolation values may not be 100% accurate, since most are cacluated to nearest higher peak in the database.
  5. Peak with most vertical gain hiked. Note that many climbers do not enter vertical gain information on their ascents. Also, if several summits are grouped in a "trip", then the total gain for all ascents in that trip is assigned to the trip high point.
  6. Peak with the highest "Quality" value--this is a subjective number from 1-10 given by the climber. Note that many climbers have not given any of their ascents quality numbers.
  7. Finally, "Top Ascents in All Categories", which shows, for each month, the unique peaks from all the 6 other categories. In many cases, one or two peaks will be the leader in the 6 categories, since often the highest peak climbed for a month is also the highest point reached, the most prominent peak, and the one with the most gain. But in some cases several peaks may appear for a month.

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