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RankPeakSection Elev-M Range (Level 5) Prom-M 
1.San Gorgonio Mountain24. San Gorgonio Area3505San Bernardino Mountains2528
2.Jepson Peak24. San Gorgonio Area3415San Bernardino Mountains38
3.Bighorn Mountain24. San Gorgonio Area3352San Bernardino Mountains109
4.Dragons Head24. San Gorgonio Area3312San Bernardino Mountains57
5.Anderson Peak24. San Gorgonio Area3304San Bernardino Mountains256
6.San Jacinto Peak27. San Jacinto Area3304San Jacinto Mountains2536
7.Charlton Peak24. San Gorgonio Area3294San Bernardino Mountains75
8.San Bernardino East Peak24. San Gorgonio Area3259San Bernardino Mountains52
9.Shields Peak24. San Gorgonio Area3255San Bernardino Mountains24
10.Jean Peak27. San Jacinto Area3252San Jacinto Mountains58
11.San Bernardino Peak24. San Gorgonio Area3246San Bernardino Mountains64
12.Folly Peak27. San Jacinto Area3194San Jacinto Mountains0
13.Dobbs Peak24. San Gorgonio Area3188San Bernardino Mountains18
14.Marion Mountain27. San Jacinto Area3158San Jacinto Mountains62
15.Grinnell Mountain24. San Gorgonio Area3135San Bernardino Mountains146
16.Lake Peak24. San Gorgonio Area3097San Bernardino Mountains98
17.Newton Drury Peak27. San Jacinto Area3097San Jacinto Mountains24
18.Ten Thousand Foot Ridge24. San Gorgonio Area3077San Bernardino Mountains29
19.Mount San Antonio16. Mount San Antonio Area3068San Gabriel Mountains1897
20.Sugarloaf Mountain22. South of Big Bear Lake3033San Bernardino Mountains595
21.Cornell Peak27. San Jacinto Area2972San Jacinto Mountains70
22.Pine Mountain16. Mount San Antonio Area2941San Gabriel Mountains258
23.Dawson Peak16. Mount San Antonio Area2918San Gabriel Mountains129
24.Mount Harwood16. Mount San Antonio Area2911San Gabriel Mountains46
25.Mount Baden-Powell14. South of Angeles Crest Hwy 22865San Gabriel Mountains853
26.Galena Peak25. Yucaipa Ridge Area2842San Bernardino Mountains13
27.Throop Peak14. South of Angeles Crest Hwy 22785San Gabriel Mountains188
28.Little San Gorgonio Peak25. Yucaipa Ridge Area2784San Bernardino Mountains187
29.Onyx Peak23. East of Big Bear Lake2778San Bernardino Mountains205
30.Mount Burnham14. South of Angeles Crest Hwy 22742San Gabriel Mountains60
31.Wysup Peak23. East of Big Bear Lake2740San Bernardino Mountains70
32.Telegraph Peak16. Mount San Antonio Area2739San Gabriel Mountains361
33.Cucamonga Peak17. Cucamonga Peak Area2700San Gabriel Mountains396
34.Mount Hawkins14. South of Angeles Crest Hwy 22697San Gabriel Mountains40
35.Tahquitz Peak28. Desert Divide2696San Jacinto Mountains233
36.Wilshire Mountain25. Yucaipa Ridge Area2692San Bernardino Mountains22
37.Mount Pinos04. Southern Kern County West of Hwy. 52692San Emigdio Mountains1463
38.Sawmill Mountain04. Southern Kern County West of Hwy. 52688San Emigdio Mountains127
39.Red Tahquitz28. Desert Divide2658San Jacinto Mountains49
40.Ontario Peak17. Cucamonga Peak Area2650San Gabriel Mountains317
41.Wilshire Peak25. Yucaipa Ridge Area2646San Bernardino Mountains12
42.Etiwanda Peak17. Cucamonga Peak Area2640San Gabriel Mountains92
43.Castle Rocks27. San Jacinto Area2621San Jacinto Mountains85
44.Thunder Mountain16. Mount San Antonio Area2617San Gabriel Mountains118
45.Grouse Mountain04. Southern Kern County West of Hwy. 52616San Emigdio Mountains80
46.Butler Peak21. North of Big Bear Lake2601San Bernardino Mountains529
47.Wright Mountain16. Mount San Antonio Area2592San Gabriel Mountains93
47.Middle Hawkins14. South of Angeles Crest Hwy 22592San Gabriel Mountains56
49.Owens Peak01. Southern Sierra North of Hwy. 1782576South Sierra Crest662
50.Bighorn Peak17. Cucamonga Peak Area2573San Gabriel Mountains110
51.Delamar Mountain21. North of Big Bear Lake2560San Bernardino Mountains377
52.Mount Lewis13. North of Angeles Crest Hwy. 22559San Gabriel Mountains150
53.Crafts Peak21. North of Big Bear Lake2549San Bernardino Mountains123
54.Arctic Point21. North of Big Bear Lake2541San Bernardino Mountains297
55.Heart Bar Peak22. South of Big Bear Lake2540San Bernardino Mountains65
56.Piute Lookout02. Southern Sierra South of Hwy. 1782538Piute Mountains148
57.Cedar Mountain25. Yucaipa Ridge Area2537San Bernardino Mountains74
58.Toro Peak-West Peak30. Santa Rosa Mountains2535San Jacinto Mountains48
59.Timber Mountain17. Cucamonga Peak Area2531San Gabriel Mountains178
60.Sunday Peak01. Southern Sierra North of Hwy. 1782528Greenhorn Mountains564
61.Cerro Noroeste04. Southern Kern County West of Hwy. 52524San Emigdio Mountains207
62.Mount Islip14. South of Angeles Crest Hwy 22515San Gabriel Mountains202
63.Gold Mountain21. North of Big Bear Lake2510San Bernardino Mountains206
64.Mount Williamson13. North of Angeles Crest Hwy. 22504San Gabriel Mountains 
65.Bertha Peak21. North of Big Bear Lake2500San Bernardino Mountains208
66.Three Sisters23. East of Big Bear Lake2469San Bernardino Mountains55
67.Santa Rosa Mountain30. Santa Rosa Mountains2460San Jacinto Mountains107
68.Waterman Mountain14. South of Angeles Crest Hwy 22450San Gabriel Mountains438
69.Iron Mountain15. San Gabriel River Basin2441San Gabriel Mountains209
70.Frazier Mountain07. Ventura County2438San Emigdio Mountains744
70.Lily Rock28. Desert Divide2438San Jacinto Mountains49
72.Pleasant View Ridge13. North of Angeles Crest Hwy. 22433San Gabriel Mountains312
73.Tehachapi Mountain03. Tehachapi Range2426Tehachapi Mountains244
74.Mount Jenkins01. Southern Sierra North of Hwy. 1782414South Sierra Crest281
75.Grays Peak21. North of Big Bear Lake2414San Bernardino Mountains61
76.Keller Peak22. South of Big Bear Lake2402San Bernardino Mountains318
77.Will Thrall Peak13. North of Angeles Crest Hwy. 22391San Gabriel Mountains62
78.Slide Peak22. South of Big Bear Lake2390San Bernardino Mountains98
79.South Peak28. Desert Divide2390San Jacinto Mountains85
80.Birch Mountain25. Yucaipa Ridge Area2385San Bernardino Mountains93
81.South Mount Hawkins14. South of Angeles Crest Hwy 22372San Gabriel Mountains105
82.Black Mountain27. San Jacinto Area2369San Jacinto Mountains131
83.Twin Peaks14. South of Angeles Crest Hwy 22366San Gabriel Mountains378
84.Pallett Mountain13. North of Angeles Crest Hwy. 22365San Gabriel Mountains146
85.White Mountain20. Big Pine Flat Area2355San Bernardino Mountains75
86.Sorrell Peak02. Southern Sierra South of Hwy. 1782348Piute Mountains300
87.Antsell Rock28. Desert Divide2341San Jacinto Mountains158
88.Tip Top Mountain23. East of Big Bear Lake2323San Bernardino Mountains251
89.Little Bear Peak21. North of Big Bear Lake2323San Bernardino Mountains80
90.Apache Peak28. Desert Divide2306San Jacinto Mountains209
91.Goodykoontz Peak13. North of Angeles Crest Hwy. 22304San Gabriel Mountains24
92.Suicide Rock27. San Jacinto Area2295San Jacinto Mountains76
93.Granite Peaks23. East of Big Bear Lake2294San Bernardino Mountains197
94.Kratka Ridge14. South of Angeles Crest Hwy 22291San Gabriel Mountains242
95.Reyes Peak07. Ventura County2290Ventura Ranges632
96.Winston Peak13. North of Angeles Crest Hwy. 22287San Gabriel Mountains153
97.Copter Ridge14. South of Angeles Crest Hwy 22286San Gabriel Mountains42
98.San Emigdio Mountain04. Southern Kern County West of Hwy. 52284San Emigdio Mountains430
99.Spitler Peak28. Desert Divide2268San Jacinto Mountains134
99.Pine Mountain Ridge16. Mount San Antonio Area2268San Gabriel Mountains49
101.Black Mountain01. Southern Sierra North of Hwy. 1782267Greenhorn Mountains438
102.Haddock Mountain07. Ventura County2265Ventura Ranges168
103.Ross Mountain14. South of Angeles Crest Hwy 22256San Gabriel Mountains49
104.Alamo Mountain07. Ventura County2245Ventura Ranges758
105.Sam Fink Peak28. Desert Divide2237San Jacinto Mountains91
106.Scodie Mountain02. Southern Sierra South of Hwy. 1782223Scodie Mountains624
107.Mount Akawie13. North of Angeles Crest Hwy. 22220San Gabriel Mountains111
108.Wild View Peak16. Mount San Antonio Area2212San Gabriel Mountains18
109.Mineral Mountain23. East of Big Bear Lake2206San Bernardino Mountains48
110.Morris Peak01. Southern Sierra North of Hwy. 1782199South Sierra Crest212
111.Tecuya Mountain04. Southern Kern County West of Hwy. 52182San Emigdio Mountains378
111.Palm View Peak28. Desert Divide2182San Jacinto Mountains354
113.Pacifico Mountain10. Pacifico Mountain Area2171San Gabriel Mountains476
114.Skinner Peak02. Southern Sierra South of Hwy. 1782170Scodie Mountains256
115.Pine Mountain28. Desert Divide2150San Jacinto Mountains90
116.Brush Mountain04. Southern Kern County West of Hwy. 52148San Emigdio Mountains112
117.Pyramid Peak28. Desert Divide2144San Jacinto Mountains84
118.Winston Ridge13. North of Angeles Crest Hwy. 22135San Gabriel Mountains111
119.Gobblers Knob16. Mount San Antonio Area2120San Gabriel Mountains108
120.Sugarloaf Peak17. Cucamonga Peak Area2110San Gabriel Mountains74
121.Thorn Point07. Ventura County2109Ventura Ranges171
122.Heald Peak02. Southern Sierra South of Hwy. 1782103Piute Mountains214
123.Circle Mountain16. Mount San Antonio Area2097San Gabriel Mountains256
124.McDonald Peak07. Ventura County2094Ventura Ranges82
125.Lion Peak28. Desert Divide2093San Jacinto Mountains69
126.Antimony Peak04. Southern Kern County West of Hwy. 52087San Emigdio Mountains271
127.Sewart Mountain07. Ventura County2085Ventura Ranges122
128.Split Mountain01. Southern Sierra North of Hwy. 1782083Greenhorn Mountains328
129.Thomas Mountain29. South of Hwy. 742080San Jacinto Mountains593
130.Lookout Mountain15. San Gabriel River Basin2076San Gabriel Mountains40
131.Pinyon Peak02. Southern Sierra South of Hwy. 1782074Scodie Mountains148
132.Big Pine Mountain06. Santa Barbara County2073San Rafael Mountains658
132.Cone Peak28. Desert Divide2073San Jacinto Mountains61
134.Bohna Peak01. Southern Sierra North of Hwy. 1782069Greenhorn Mountains82
135.Silver Peak21. North of Big Bear Lake2059San Bernardino Mountains279
136.Hawes Peak20. Big Pine Flat Area2058San Bernardino Mountains83
137.Cobblestone Mountain07. Ventura County2052Ventura Ranges418
138.Hines Peak07. Ventura County2047Ventura Ranges974
139.Shay Mountain20. Big Pine Flat Area2046San Bernardino Mountains254
140.Russell Peak01. Southern Sierra North of Hwy. 1782041South Sierra Crest212
141.Mill Peak22. South of Big Bear Lake2033San Bernardino Mountains82
142.Backus Peak01. Southern Sierra North of Hwy. 1782027South Sierra Crest77
143.Constance Peak24. San Gorgonio Area2025San Bernardino Mountains270
144.Rabbit Peak30. Santa Rosa Mountains2024San Jacinto Mountains366
144.San Rafael Peak07. Ventura County2024Ventura Ranges232
146.Little Shay Mountain20. Big Pine Flat Area2022San Bernardino Mountains108
147.San Guillermo Mountain07. Ventura County2014Ventura Ranges331
148.Granite Mountain10. Pacifico Mountain Area2012San Gabriel Mountains122
149.San Rafael Mountain06. Santa Barbara County2010San Rafael Mountains388
150.Martinez Mountain30. Santa Rosa Mountains2000San Jacinto Mountains525
151.Madulce Peak06. Santa Barbara County1992San Rafael Mountains273
152.Pinyon Ridge13. North of Angeles Crest Hwy. 21992San Gabriel Mountains41
153.Hot Springs Mountain31. San Diego County North of Hwy. 781991San Diego Area Ranges796
154.Snowy Peak07. Ventura County1991Ventura Ranges199
155.Mount Gleason09. West of Mill Creek1987San Gabriel Mountains500
156.Cuyamaca Peak32. San Diego County South of Hwy. 781985San Diego Area Ranges870
157.Big Pine Mountain-West Peak06. Santa Barbara County1978San Rafael Mountains40
158.Buck Point17. Cucamonga Peak Area1961San Gabriel Mountains205
159.Lightner Peak02. Southern Sierra South of Hwy. 1781960Piute Mountains180
160.Ken Point28. Desert Divide1958San Jacinto Mountains153
161.Bare Mountain10. Pacifico Mountain Area1947San Gabriel Mountains179
162.Topatopa Bluff07. Ventura County1941Ventura Ranges14
163.Ingham Peak20. Big Pine Flat Area1937San Bernardino Mountains35
164.Weldon Peak02. Southern Sierra South of Hwy. 1781926Piute Mountains73
165.Round Top10. Pacifico Mountain Area1925San Gabriel Mountains72
166.Meeks Mountain23. East of Big Bear Lake1913San Bernardino Mountains219
167.Monument Peak32. San Diego County South of Hwy. 781911San Diego Area Ranges107
168.Lockwood Peak07. Ventura County1908Ventura Ranges189
169.White Mountain07. Ventura County1905Ventura Ranges259
170.Butterfly Peak28. Desert Divide1902San Jacinto Mountains73
171.Samon Peak06. Santa Barbara County1898San Rafael Mountains94
172.Black Mountain07. Ventura County1890Ventura Ranges171
173.McKinley Mountain06. Santa Barbara County1890San Rafael Mountains134
173.Mount Hillyer10. Pacifico Mountain Area1890San Gabriel Mountains98
175.Combs Peak31. San Diego County North of Hwy. 781888San Diego Area Ranges400
176.Bald Eagle Peak02. Southern Sierra South of Hwy. 1781884Piute Mountains80
177.Strawberry Peak11. Western Angeles Crest1879San Gabriel Mountains489
178.San Gabriel Peak12. Mount Wilson Area1878San Gabriel Mountains476
179.Beartrap Bluff07. Ventura County1878Ventura Ranges34
180.Black Mountain23. East of Big Bear Lake1874San Bernardino Mountains119
181.San Ysidro Mountain31. San Diego County North of Hwy. 781874San Diego Area Ranges289
182.Palomar Mountain31. San Diego County North of Hwy. 781871San Diego Area Ranges871
183.Rattlesnake Mountain20. Big Pine Flat Area1869San Bernardino Mountains113
184.Mayan Peak02. Southern Sierra South of Hwy. 1781862Scodie Mountains265
185.Nicolls Peak02. Southern Sierra South of Hwy. 1781850Piute Mountains290
186.Monte Arido06. Santa Barbara County1832Ventura Ranges357
187.Eagle Rest Peak04. Southern Kern County West of Hwy. 51830San Emigdio Mountains295
188.Butterbredt Peak02. Southern Sierra South of Hwy. 1781828Scodie Mountains194
189.Luna Mountain20. Big Pine Flat Area1819San Bernardino Mountains173
190.Mount Disappointment12. Mount Wilson Area1817San Gabriel Mountains61
191.Mount Lawlor11. Western Angeles Crest1816San Gabriel Mountains231
192.Vetter Mountain11. Western Angeles Crest1801San Gabriel Mountains216
193.Sheephead Mountain32. San Diego County South of Hwy. 781797San Diego Area Ranges176
194.Bighorn Mountain23. East of Big Bear Lake1796San Bernardino Mountains65
195.Middle Peak32. San Diego County South of Hwy. 781793San Diego Area Ranges245
196.Cuyama Peak06. Santa Barbara County1792Ventura Ranges378
196.Garnet Peak32. San Diego County South of Hwy. 781792San Diego Area Ranges134
198.Peak Mountain06. Santa Barbara County1781Sierra Madre391
199.Mount Mooney11. Western Angeles Crest1780San Gabriel Mountains61
200.Rattlesnake Peak15. San Gabriel River Basin1776San Gabriel Mountains288
201.Quail Mountain26. Little San Bernardino Mountains1772Joshua Tree Ranges699
202.Sunset Peak15. San Gabriel River Basin1767San Gabriel Mountains388
202.Mount Deception12. Mount Wilson Area1767San Gabriel Mountains72
204.Allen Peak25. Yucaipa Ridge Area1766San Bernardino Mountains194
205.Indian Mountain27. San Jacinto Area1765San Jacinto Mountains241
206.Burnt Peak08. Liebre Range1764Sierra Pelona-Portal Ridge746
207.Liebre Mountain08. Liebre Range1756Sierra Pelona-Portal Ridge329
208.Villager Peak30. Santa Rosa Mountains1754San Jacinto Mountains182
209.Iron Spring Mountain31. San Diego County North of Hwy. 781754San Diego Area Ranges328
210.McPherson Peak06. Santa Barbara County1752Sierra Madre143
211.Mount Markham12. Mount Wilson Area1750San Gabriel Mountains129
212.The Pinnacles19. Lake Arrowhead1749San Bernardino Mountains273
213.Occidental Peak12. Mount Wilson Area1747San Gabriel Mountains187
214.Stonewall Peak32. San Diego County South of Hwy. 781747San Diego Area Ranges262
215.Mount Wilson12. Mount Wilson Area1740San Gabriel Mountains46
216.Bailey Peak19. Lake Arrowhead1737San Bernardino Mountains298
217.Santiago Peak18. Orange County1733Santa Ana Mountains1337
218.Queen Mountain26. Little San Bernardino Mountains1731Joshua Tree Ranges378
218.Garnet Mountain32. San Diego County South of Hwy. 781731San Diego Area Ranges61
220.Iron Mountain09. West of Mill Creek1718San Gabriel Mountains176
221.Cahuilla Mountain29. South of Hwy. 741718San Diego Area Ranges474
222.Granite Mountain32. San Diego County South of Hwy. 781717San Diego Area Ranges595
223.Cole Point10. Pacifico Mountain Area1708San Gabriel Mountains111
224.Mount Lowe12. Mount Wilson Area1708San Gabriel Mountains74
225.Barley Flats11. Western Angeles Crest1707San Gabriel Mountains37
226.Lookout Mountain29. South of Hwy. 741704San Jacinto Mountains192
227.Santa Cruz Peak06. Santa Barbara County1698San Rafael Mountains162
228.Chief Peak07. Ventura County1695Ventura Ranges244
228.Mount Inspiration26. Little San Bernardino Mountains1695Joshua Tree Ranges244
230.Josephine Peak11. Western Angeles Crest1694San Gabriel Mountains219
231.Beauty Peak31. San Diego County North of Hwy. 781691San Diego Area Ranges118
232.Chaparrosa Peak23. East of Big Bear Lake1689San Bernardino Mountains92
233.Old Man Mountain06. Santa Barbara County1688Ventura Ranges176
234.Deer Mountain20. Big Pine Flat Area1687San Bernardino Mountains54
235.Eureka Peak26. Little San Bernardino Mountains1682Joshua Tree Ranges24
236.Mount Marie Louise19. Lake Arrowhead1679San Bernardino Mountains167
237.Modjeska Peak18. Orange County1675Santa Ana Mountains163
238.Sugarpine Mountain19. Lake Arrowhead1670San Bernardino Mountains60
239.Ryan Mountain26. Little San Bernardino Mountains1663Joshua Tree Ranges286
240.Little Berdoo Peak26. Little San Bernardino Mountains1658Joshua Tree Ranges317
240.Condor Peak09. West of Mill Creek1658San Gabriel Mountains183
242.Boucher Hill31. San Diego County North of Hwy. 781658San Diego Area Ranges85
243.Bernard Peak26. Little San Bernardino Mountains1655Joshua Tree Ranges58
244.Monrovia Peak15. San Gabriel River Basin1649San Gabriel Mountains466
245.Mount Sally11. Western Angeles Crest1648San Gabriel Mountains149
246.Mount Minerva Hoyt26. Little San Bernardino Mountains1647Joshua Tree Ranges62
247.Cajon Mountain19. Lake Arrowhead1634San Bernardino Mountains132
248.Whale Peak32. San Diego County South of Hwy. 781630San Diego Area Ranges823
249.Cleghorn Mountain19. Lake Arrowhead1625San Bernardino Mountains248
250.Lizard Head06. Santa Barbara County1622Ventura Ranges12
251.Lost Horse Mountain26. Little San Bernardino Mountains1619Joshua Tree Ranges132
252.Rabbit Peak10. Pacifico Mountain Area1618San Gabriel Mountains69
253.Monument Peak19. Lake Arrowhead1612San Bernardino Mountains15
254.Rock Point28. Desert Divide1609San Jacinto Mountains61
255.Mount Emma10. Pacifico Mountain Area1607San Gabriel Mountains242
256.Round Mountain20. Big Pine Flat Area1607San Bernardino Mountains95
257.Asbestos Mountain30. Santa Rosa Mountains1605San Jacinto Mountains386
258.Red Mountain02. Southern Sierra South of Hwy. 1781604Northwest Mojave Ranges628
259.Black Mountain02. Southern Sierra South of Hwy. 1781598Northwest Mojave Ranges593
259.Onyx Peak02. Southern Sierra South of Hwy. 1781598Scodie Mountains148
261.San Sevaine17. Cucamonga Peak Area1597San Gabriel Mountains37
262.Cross Mountain02. Southern Sierra South of Hwy. 1781586Piute Mountains294
263.Sawtooth Mountain08. Liebre Range1585Sierra Pelona-Portal Ridge171
264.Mount McDill08. Liebre Range1581Sierra Pelona-Portal Ridge228
265.Five Fingers01. Southern Sierra North of Hwy. 1781577South Sierra Crest224
266.Rouse Hill29. South of Hwy. 741575San Jacinto Mountains185
267.Fox Mountain06. Santa Barbara County1575Sierra Madre246
268.Sheep Mountain30. Santa Rosa Mountains1567San Jacinto Mountains92
269.Smith Mountain15. San Gabriel River Basin1558San Gabriel Mountains253
270.Caliente Mountain05. San Luis Obispo County1556San Luis Obispo Ranges672
271.Warren Point26. Little San Bernardino Mountains1555Joshua Tree Ranges105
272.Eagle Crag31. San Diego County North of Hwy. 781547San Diego Area Ranges23
273.Mount Lukens09. West of Mill Creek1547San Gabriel Mountains547
274.Hildreth Peak06. Santa Barbara County1544Ventura Ranges251
275.Old Mount Emma10. Pacifico Mountain Area1543San Gabriel Mountains68
276.Oakzanita Peak32. San Diego County South of Hwy. 781540San Diego Area Ranges65
277.Little Cahuilla Mountain29. South of Hwy. 741537San Diego Area Ranges147
278.Iron Mountain10. Pacifico Mountain Area1536San Gabriel Mountains98
279.Fox Mountain09. West of Mill Creek1534San Gabriel Mountains144
280.Chuckwalla Mountain02. Southern Sierra South of Hwy. 1781533Piute Mountains253
281.Rosa Point30. Santa Rosa Mountains1524San Jacinto Mountains85

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List Description

The Hundred Peaks are significant summits in Southern California that are south of the Sierra Nevada, west of the Mojave Desert, and over 5000 feet high. There is a great deal of fine mountainous terrain in this region, including 10,000 foot peaks of the San Bernardino, San Jacinto, and San Gabriel Mounains, plus scores of lower summits stretching from San Diego to north of Santa Barbara. When this list was first created in 1940, there were 112 peaks on it, but over the years peaks have been added so that now its title is terribly misleading.

Note that the Hundred Peaks Section committee will often "suspend" a peak from this list due to fire closures, access issues, or other reasons. These suspended peaks are still listed here as fully ranked peaks -- note that the policy for other Sierra Club lists is to keep them unranked. There are currently over 20 of these suspended peaks on the HPS list--many will likely be un-suspended in the future, but at present they are not required for list completion. These peaks have a note in the description of the individual peak pages.

If a peak is de-listed by the HPS committee, it will be removed entirely from the list here. This is a more severe action than suspension and is reserved for peaks where any future legal access is very unlikely.


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