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Western States Climbers List

Showing Ken Jones's first ascent dates for climbed peaks (115 out of 283, or 40.64%)

RankPeakSection Elev-Ft Range (Level 4) Prom-Ft Ascent Date
1.Mount Whitney03. Whitney Area14,495Sequoia Sierra Nevada10,0751974-07-25
2.Mount Williamson03. Whitney Area14,373Sequoia Sierra Nevada16431975-12-30
3.White Mountain Peak23. Inyo and White Mountains14,246West Great Basin Ranges71962004-09-16
4.North Palisade06. Palisades Area14,242Central Sierra Nevada28942006-08-02
5.Mount Shasta15. California Cascades14,162California Cascades97621987-07-04
6.Mount Sill06. Palisades Area14,153Central Sierra Nevada353 
7.Mount Russell03. Whitney Area14,088Sequoia Sierra Nevada1096 
8.Polemonium Peak06. Palisades Area14,080Central Sierra Nevada160 
9.Split Mountain05. Baxter Pass to Mather Pass14,058Central Sierra Nevada15251974-07-18 a
10.Mount Langley03. Whitney Area14,026Sequoia Sierra Nevada11651975-09-05 a
11.Mount Tyndall03. Whitney Area14,019Sequoia Sierra Nevada1092 
12.Middle Palisade06. Palisades Area14,012Central Sierra Nevada1085 
12.Mount Muir03. Whitney Area14,012Sequoia Sierra Nevada298 
14.Thunderbolt Peak06. Palisades Area14,003Central Sierra Nevada203 
15.Mount Barnard03. Whitney Area13,990Sequoia Sierra Nevada932 
16.Mount Humphreys08. Humphreys Basin13,986Central Sierra Nevada25631990-07-15
17.Mount Keith04. Kings Kern Divide13,976Sequoia Sierra Nevada1903 
18.Mount Stanford04. Kings Kern Divide13,973Sequoia Sierra Nevada981 
19.Trojan Peak03. Whitney Area13,947Sequoia Sierra Nevada364 
20.Mount LeConte03. Whitney Area13,930Sequoia Sierra Nevada1003 
21.Disappointment Peak06. Palisades Area13,917Central Sierra Nevada137 
22.Mount Agassiz06. Palisades Area13,893Central Sierra Nevada8131974-06-26
23.Junction Peak04. Kings Kern Divide13,888Sequoia Sierra Nevada7651976-08-28
24.Norman Clyde Peak06. Palisades Area13,855Central Sierra Nevada272 
25.Mount Mallory03. Whitney Area13,845Sequoia Sierra Nevada722 
26.Mount Darwin07. Evolution Area13,831Central Sierra Nevada18711975-09-16
27.Mount Kaweah02. Great Western Divide13,802Sequoia Sierra Nevada20271977-07-30
28.Mount McAdie03. Whitney Area13,799Sequoia Sierra Nevada479 
29.Mount Irvine03. Whitney Area13,780Sequoia Sierra Nevada1971977-07-23
30.Mount Winchell06. Palisades Area13,775Central Sierra Nevada655 
31.Mount Morgan09. Pine Creek to Ritter Range13,748Central Sierra Nevada26281975-06-30
32.Mount Gabb09. Pine Creek to Ritter Range13,741Central Sierra Nevada2581 
33.Bear Creek Spire09. Pine Creek to Ritter Range13,720Central Sierra Nevada1440 
33.Red Kaweah02. Great Western Divide13,720Sequoia Sierra Nevada662 
35.Mount Corcoran03. Whitney Area13,714Sequoia Sierra Nevada197 
36.Mount Mendel07. Evolution Area13,710Central Sierra Nevada550 
37.Mount Abbot09. Pine Creek to Ritter Range13,704Central Sierra Nevada864 
38.Black Kaweah02. Great Western Divide13,680Sequoia Sierra Nevada520 
39.Midway Mountain02. Great Western Divide13,665Sequoia Sierra Nevada1329 
40.Mount Tom08. Humphreys Basin13,652Central Sierra Nevada1972 
41.Milestone Mountain02. Great Western Divide13,638Sequoia Sierra Nevada7111976-08-26
42.Table Mountain02. Great Western Divide13,632Sequoia Sierra Nevada509 
43.Birch Mountain05. Baxter Pass to Mather Pass13,602Central Sierra Nevada938 
44.Mount Dade09. Pine Creek to Ritter Range13,600Central Sierra Nevada2001976-07-17
45.University Peak04. Kings Kern Divide13,589Sequoia Sierra Nevada11871975-07-13 a
46.Mount Ericsson04. Kings Kern Divide13,583Sequoia Sierra Nevada919 
47.Mount Brewer02. Great Western Divide13,570Sequoia Sierra Nevada1103 
48.Mount Goddard07. Evolution Area13,568Central Sierra Nevada15681988-07-22
49.Mount Dubois23. Inyo and White Mountains13,559West Great Basin Ranges23191977-07-04
50.Mount Carillon03. Whitney Area13,553Sequoia Sierra Nevada233 
51.Thunder Mountain02. Great Western Divide13,517Sequoia Sierra Nevada525 
52.Mount Gayley06. Palisades Area13,510Central Sierra Nevada430 
53.Mount Fiske07. Evolution Area13,503Central Sierra Nevada823 
54.Mount Pinchot05. Baxter Pass to Mather Pass13,494Central Sierra Nevada20771974-07-19
54.Mount Thompson07. Evolution Area13,494Central Sierra Nevada1054 
54.Mount Hale03. Whitney Area13,494Sequoia Sierra Nevada633 
57.Mount Bolton Brown05. Baxter Pass to Mather Pass13,491Central Sierra Nevada598 
58.Mount Pickering03. Whitney Area13,474Sequoia Sierra Nevada547 
59.Mount Prater05. Baxter Pass to Mather Pass13,471Central Sierra Nevada851974-07-18 b
60.Mount Mills09. Pine Creek to Ritter Range13,451Central Sierra Nevada451 
61.Montgomery Peak23. Inyo and White Mountains13,441West Great Basin Ranges12661977-07-03 b
62.Mount Haeckel07. Evolution Area13,418Central Sierra Nevada498 
63.Mount Lamarck07. Evolution Area13,417Central Sierra Nevada971975-09-18
64.Cardinal Mountain05. Baxter Pass to Mather Pass13,396Central Sierra Nevada568 
65.Mount Wallace07. Evolution Area13,377Central Sierra Nevada3371987-09-01
66.Mount Powell07. Evolution Area13,364Central Sierra Nevada324 
67.Mount Hilgard09. Pine Creek to Ritter Range13,361Central Sierra Nevada841 
68.The Thumb06. Palisades Area13,356Central Sierra Nevada594 
69.Black Giant07. Evolution Area13,330Central Sierra Nevada10901974-07-15
70.North Guard02. Great Western Divide13,327Sequoia Sierra Nevada532 
71.Mount McDuffie07. Evolution Area13,282Central Sierra Nevada682 
72.Deerhorn Mountain04. Kings Kern Divide13,281Sequoia Sierra Nevada617 
73.Mount Goethe08. Humphreys Basin13,264Central Sierra Nevada904 
74.Basin Mountain-Southwest Peak08. Humphreys Basin13,240Central Sierra Nevada480 
75.Mount Emerson08. Humphreys Basin13,204Central Sierra Nevada7241977-08-14
76.Mount Julius Caesar09. Pine Creek to Ritter Range13,200Central Sierra Nevada440 
77.Mount Ritter10. Ritter Range to Tioga Pass13,143Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada39572004-09-13
78.Boundary Peak27. Central Ranges (NV)13,140West Great Basin Ranges2531977-07-03 a
79.Red Slate Mountain09. Pine Creek to Ritter Range13,123Central Sierra Nevada1683 
80.Mount Lyell10. Ritter Range to Tioga Pass13,114Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada18941993-08-08
81.Mount Gilbert07. Evolution Area13,106Central Sierra Nevada426 
82.Charybdis07. Evolution Area13,096Central Sierra Nevada1056 
83.Mount Huxley07. Evolution Area13,086Central Sierra Nevada366 
84.Mount Goode07. Evolution Area13,085Central Sierra Nevada845 
85.Seven Gables08. Humphreys Basin13,080Central Sierra Nevada1120 
86.Wheeler Peak27. Central Ranges (NV)13,063East Central Great Basin Ranges7563 
87.Mount Dana10. Ritter Range to Tioga Pass13,057Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada24171983-07-15
88.Kuna Peak10. Ritter Range to Tioga Pass13,002Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada1922 
89.Rodgers Peak10. Ritter Range to Tioga Pass12,978Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada738 
90.Temple Crag06. Palisades Area12,976Central Sierra Nevada246 
91.Koip Peak10. Ritter Range to Tioga Pass12,962Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada162 
92.Arrow Peak05. Baxter Pass to Mather Pass12,959Central Sierra Nevada1313 
93.Scylla07. Evolution Area12,956Central Sierra Nevada316 
94.Banner Peak10. Ritter Range to Tioga Pass12,936Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada863 
95.Mount Ruskin05. Baxter Pass to Mather Pass12,920Central Sierra Nevada553 
96.Mount Gardiner04. Kings Kern Divide12,907Central Sierra Nevada932 
97.Mount Maclure10. Ritter Range to Tioga Pass12,880Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada440 
98.Mount Johnson07. Evolution Area12,871Central Sierra Nevada511 
99.Mount Clarence King04. Kings Kern Divide12,861Central Sierra Nevada1149 
100.Red and White Mountain09. Pine Creek to Ritter Range12,816Central Sierra Nevada936 
101.Mount Gibbs10. Ritter Range to Tioga Pass12,773Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada1093 
102.Mount Cotter04. Kings Kern Divide12,713Central Sierra Nevada542 
103.Triple Divide Peak02. Great Western Divide12,634Sequoia Sierra Nevada674 
104.Mount Baldwin09. Pine Creek to Ritter Range12,598Central Sierra Nevada5181974-08-24
105.Mount Conness12. Tioga to Sonora Pass12,590Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada2630 
106.Mount Florence10. Ritter Range to Tioga Pass12,561Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada801 
107.Bloody Mountain09. Pine Creek to Ritter Range12,552Central Sierra Nevada1234 
108.Excelsior Mountain12. Tioga to Sonora Pass12,446Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada1246 
109.Electra Peak10. Ritter Range to Tioga Pass12,442Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada322 
110.Florence Peak02. Great Western Divide12,432Sequoia Sierra Nevada1033 
111.Devils Crags06. Palisades Area12,400Central Sierra Nevada800 
112.Dunderberg Peak12. Tioga to Sonora Pass12,374Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada1334 
113.East Vidette04. Kings Kern Divide12,356Sequoia Sierra Nevada250 
114.Mount Hooper08. Humphreys Basin12,349Central Sierra Nevada14691974-07-11 a
115.Sawtooth Peak02. Great Western Divide12,343Sequoia Sierra Nevada6631977-07-28
116.Shastina15. California Cascades12,330California Cascades450 
117.The Hermit07. Evolution Area12,328Central Sierra Nevada368 
118.Mount Warren12. Tioga to Sonora Pass12,327Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada20071977-06-15
119.Twin Peaks12. Tioga to Sonora Pass12,323Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada2123 
120.Matterhorn Peak12. Tioga to Sonora Pass12,279Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada15591976-07-03
121.Mount Morrison09. Pine Creek to Ritter Range12,270Central Sierra Nevada1641989-07-23
122.Clyde Minaret10. Ritter Range to Tioga Pass12,264Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada1152 
123.North Peak12. Tioga to Sonora Pass12,242Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada682 
124.Olancha Peak01. Far Southern Area12,123Southern Sierra Nevada30831990-06-10
125.Ibapah Peak31. Deep Creek Range (UT)12,087East Central Great Basin Ranges52472006-07-09
126.Mount Moriah28. Northeast (NV)12,067East Central Great Basin Ranges49072008-10-20
127.Whorl Mountain12. Tioga to Sonora Pass12,033Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada6731976-07-04
128.Virginia Peak12. Tioga to Sonora Pass12,001Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada481 
129.Mount Jefferson27. Central Ranges (NV)11,941West Central Nevada Ranges58611976-05-29
130.Charleston Peak26. Far South (NV)11,916South Great Basin Ranges82411976-06-13
131.North Schell Peak28. Northeast (NV)11,883East Central Great Basin Ranges54032009-06-25 a
132.Laurel Mountain09. Pine Creek to Ritter Range11,811Central Sierra Nevada1018 
133.Arc Dome27. Central Ranges (NV)11,773West Central Nevada Ranges52132009-06-27
134.Blacksmith Peak12. Tioga to Sonora Pass11,760Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada  
134.Cleaver Peak12. Tioga to Sonora Pass11,760Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada  
136.Tower Peak12. Tioga to Sonora Pass11,755Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada21832014-09-04
137.Camiaca Peak12. Tioga to Sonora Pass11,739Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada1259 
138.Merced Peak11. Clark Range Vicinity11,726Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada1206 
139.Red Peak11. Clark Range Vicinity11,699Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada539 
140.Mount Patterson24. Sweetwater Mtns.11,673West Great Basin Ranges41532006-07-02
141.Wheeler Peak24. Sweetwater Mtns.11,663West Great Basin Ranges343 
142.Triple Divide Peak11. Clark Range Vicinity11,611Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada651 
143.Gray Peak11. Clark Range Vicinity11,573Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada573 
144.Leavitt Peak12. Tioga to Sonora Pass11,569Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada20492005-09-12
144.Eocene Peak12. Tioga to Sonora Pass11,569Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada449 
146.San Joaquin Mountain10. Ritter Range to Tioga Pass11,549Central Sierra Nevada1674 
147.Mount Clark11. Clark Range Vicinity11,522Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada722 
148.Currant Mountain27. Central Ranges (NV)11,513East Central Great Basin Ranges45752008-10-21
149.Vogelsang Peak10. Ritter Range to Tioga Pass11,493Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada853 
150.Kern Peak01. Far Southern Area11,480Southern Sierra Nevada25602002-06-23
151.Bunker Hill27. Central Ranges (NV)11,473West Central Nevada Ranges2793 
152.Sonora Peak13. Sonora to Carson Pass11,459Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada18162004-09-11
153.White Mountain13. Sonora to Carson Pass11,398Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada1118 
154.Ruby Dome28. Northeast (NV)11,387East Central Great Basin Ranges4793 
155.South Sister24. Sweetwater Mtns.11,360West Great Basin Ranges760 
156.Thomas Peak28. Northeast (NV)11,320East Central Great Basin Ranges1080 
157.Hole in the Mountain Peak28. Northeast (NV)11,306East Central Great Basin Ranges48492013-09-10
158.Troy Peak27. Central Ranges (NV)11,298East Central Great Basin Ranges47902008-10-22
159.Mount Grant27. Central Ranges (NV)11,280West Great Basin Ranges39202011-09-11
160.Stanislaus Peak13. Sonora to Carson Pass11,233Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada833 
161.Forsyth Peak12. Tioga to Sonora Pass11,177Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada1057 
162.Duckwater Peak27. Central Ranges (NV)11,175East Central Great Basin Ranges455 
163.Iron Mountain10. Ritter Range to Tioga Pass11,148Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada748 
164.Waucoba Mountain23. Inyo and White Mountains11,123West Great Basin Ranges39232006-05-28
165.Lost Cannon Peak13. Sonora to Carson Pass11,099Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada1099 
166.Verdi Peak28. Northeast (NV)11,074East Central Great Basin Ranges1218 
167.Telescope Peak22. Mojave/Death Valley11,048West Great Basin Ranges61681976-06-06 a
168.Mount Grafton27. Central Ranges (NV)10,990East Central Great Basin Ranges3257 
169.Mount Inyo23. Inyo and White Mountains10,975West Great Basin Ranges9751976-05-23 b
170.Highland Peak13. Sonora to Carson Pass10,936Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada2456 
171.Cathedral Peak10. Ritter Range to Tioga Pass10,911Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada919 
172.Freel Peak14. Carson Pass to Far North10,881Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada31462005-09-11
173.Middle Sister24. Sweetwater Mtns.10,854West Great Basin Ranges854 
174.Mount Hoffmann12. Tioga to Sonora Pass10,850Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada22902006-07-30
175.Pearl Peak28. Northeast (NV)10,848East Central Great Basin Ranges36082013-08-28 b
176.Matterhorn28. Northeast (NV)10,838North Great Basin Ranges46782010-09-26
177.Wells Peak13. Sonora to Carson Pass10,833Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada633 
178.Unicorn Peak10. Ritter Range to Tioga Pass10,823Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada103 
179.Silver Peak - Northeast Summit13. Sonora to Carson Pass10,800Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada760 
179.Whitecliff Peak13. Sonora to Carson Pass10,800Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada479 
181.Pettit Peak12. Tioga to Sonora Pass10,788Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada828 
182.Mount Rose14. Carson Pass to Far North10,776Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada36301998-08-10
183.Mount Hamilton27. Central Ranges (NV)10,745East Central Great Basin Ranges29852012-06-15
184.Green Mountain28. Northeast (NV)10,688East Central Great Basin Ranges408 
185.New York Butte23. Inyo and White Mountains10,668West Great Basin Ranges11481976-06-05
186.Diamond Peak27. Central Ranges (NV)10,614West Central Nevada Ranges35942003-06-23
187.Timber Mountain27. Central Ranges (NV)10,603East Central Great Basin Ranges603 
188.Fish Valley Peak13. Sonora to Carson Pass10,571Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada331 
189.Piute Mountain12. Tioga to Sonora Pass10,541Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada1461 
190.Wildcat Peak27. Central Ranges (NV)10,508West Central Nevada Ranges24682013-08-30
191.Volunteer Peak12. Tioga to Sonora Pass10,481Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada361 
192.Summit Mountain27. Central Ranges (NV)10,461West Central Nevada Ranges27012012-06-17
193.Lassen Peak15. California Cascades10,457California Cascades52291976-07-07
194.Round Top13. Sonora to Carson Pass10,381Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada25411977-06-14
195.South Sister30. Southern Cascades (OR)10,358Oregon Cascades55881980-09-28
196.Black Hawk Mountain12. Tioga to Sonora Pass10,348Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada988 
197.Sherman Mountain28. Northeast (NV)10,320East Central Great Basin Ranges1720 
198.North Shoshone Peak27. Central Ranges (NV)10,313West Central Nevada Ranges28332014-07-10
199.Morey Peak27. Central Ranges (NV)10,246West Central Nevada Ranges2566 
200.Antelope Peak13. Sonora to Carson Pass10,241Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada921 
201.North Maggie Mountain01. Far Southern Area10,234Sequoia Sierra Nevada634 
202.Antelope Peak27. Central Ranges (NV)10,220West Central Nevada Ranges860 
203.Mount Callaghan29. Northwest (NV)10,187West Central Nevada Ranges30272011-10-24
204.North Sister30. Southern Cascades (OR)10,085Oregon Cascades27251983-07-31
205.South Shoshone Peak27. Central Ranges (NV)10,052West Central Nevada Ranges1612 
206.Middle Sister30. Southern Cascades (OR)10,047Oregon Cascades11271976-10-24
206.Disaster Peak13. Sonora to Carson Pass10,047Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada664 
208.Hawkins Peak13. Sonora to Carson Pass10,024Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada21442009-06-28 c
209.Raymond Peak13. Sonora to Carson Pass10,014Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada1282 
210.Pyramid Peak14. Carson Pass to Far North9983Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada25832014-09-09
211.Mount Price14. Carson Pass to Far North9975Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada535 
212.Dicks Peak14. Carson Pass to Far North9974Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada1534 
213.Mount Augusta29. Northwest (NV)9966West Central Nevada Ranges43662011-07-10
214.Clouds Rest11. Clark Range Vicinity9926Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada8061974-05-30
215.Copper Mountain28. Northeast (NV)9912North Great Basin Ranges1470 
216.Eagle Peak25. Warner Mtns.9892Northwest Great Basin Ranges43522005-09-10
217.Jacks Peak14. Carson Pass to Far North9856Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada376 
218.Star Peak29. Northwest (NV)9836West Central Nevada Ranges54002003-06-22
219.Mount Tallac14. Carson Pass to Far North9735Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada6951989-07-22
220.Granite Peak29. Northwest (NV)9732North Great Basin Ranges43971998-08-07 b
221.Warren Peak25. Warner Mtns.9710Northwest Great Basin Ranges1110 
222.Santa Rosa Peak29. Northwest (NV)9701North Great Basin Ranges2141 
223.Reynolds Peak13. Sonora to Carson Pass9680Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada760 
224.Mount McLoughlin30. Southern Cascades (OR)9495Oregon Cascades44551979-08-01
225.Mount Siegel27. Central Ranges (NV)9451West Great Basin Ranges34772014-06-15 c
226.Duffer Peak29. Northwest (NV)9428Northwest Great Basin Ranges41392008-10-18 b
227.Markleeville Peak13. Sonora to Carson Pass9415Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada1135 
228.Mokelumne Peak13. Sonora to Carson Pass9334Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada1494 
229.Brokeoff Mountain15. California Cascades9235California Cascades9152000-09-16
230.Mount Thielsen30. Southern Cascades (OR)9182Oregon Cascades33421981-06-27
231.Secret Peak28. Northeast (NV)9167East Central Great Basin Ranges767 
232.Mount Lola14. Carson Pass to Far North9148Northern Sierra Nevada20681999-07-05 a
233.Castle Peak14. Carson Pass to Far North9103Northern Sierra Nevada13431976-09-18
234.Mount Starr King11. Clark Range Vicinity9092Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada1012 
235.Mount Diller15. California Cascades9085California Cascades605 
236.Jeff Davis Peak13. Sonora to Carson Pass9065Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada585 
237.Mount Eddy19. Scott Mountains9025Klamath Mountains51052006-08-26
238.Granite Chief14. Carson Pass to Far North9006Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada18462006-07-03
239.Mount Como27. Central Ranges (NV)9005West Great Basin Ranges1405 
240.Thompson Peak18. Trinity Alps8994Klamath Mountains39142006-08-12
241.Emerson Peak25. Warner Mtns.8989Northwest Great Basin Ranges589 
242.Granite Peak29. Northwest (NV)8980Northwest Great Basin Ranges34602014-06-12
243.Needle Peak14. Carson Pass to Far North8971Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada331 
244.Mineral Mountain13. Sonora to Carson Pass8964Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada1204 
245.Tin Mountain22. Mojave/Death Valley8953West Great Basin Ranges39931976-05-09
246.Tinker Knob14. Carson Pass to Far North8949Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada1029 
247.Mount Hilton18. Trinity Alps8934Klamath Mountains700 
248.Mount Scott30. Southern Cascades (OR)8929Oregon Cascades30092001-10-19
249.King Lear Peak29. Northwest (NV)8923Northwest Great Basin Ranges28832013-05-22
250.Sawtooth Mountain18. Trinity Alps8891Klamath Mountains1444 
250.Lyon Peak14. Carson Pass to Far North8891Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada251 
252.Twin Peaks14. Carson Pass to Far North8878Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada1318 
253.Half Dome11. Clark Range Vicinity8840Yosemite-Ritter Sierra Nevada13601976-06-25
254.Job Peak29. Northwest (NV)8785West Central Nevada Ranges39052008-05-11 a
255.Dry Mountain22. Mojave/Death Valley8674West Great Basin Ranges35941976-05-08
256.Squaw Peak25. Warner Mtns.8646Northwest Great Basin Ranges486 
257.Sierra Buttes Lookout14. Carson Pass to Far North8590Northern Sierra Nevada18701976-07-06 a
258.Caribou Mountain18. Trinity Alps8560Klamath Mountains1480 
259.Donnelly Peak29. Northwest (NV)8533Northwest Great Basin Ranges27732014-06-13 a
260.Mount Mildred14. Carson Pass to Far North8398Lake Tahoe-Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada318 
261.English Mountain14. Carson Pass to Far North8373Northern Sierra Nevada12531977-06-13
262.Boulder Peak20. Marble Mountains8299Klamath Mountains28992013-09-04
263.Adams Peak14. Carson Pass to Far North8197Northern Sierra Nevada21971977-09-17
264.Tohakum Peak29. Northwest (NV)8182Northwest Great Basin Ranges35092009-05-14
265.Haskell Peak14. Carson Pass to Far North8107Northern Sierra Nevada1427 
266.South Yolla Bolly Mountain17. Yolla Bolly8094Northern California Coast Range48142005-10-21
267.Clark Mountain22. Mojave/Death Valley7907Mojave Desert Ranges42322001-03-31
268.North Yolla Bolly Mountain17. Yolla Bolly7864Northern California Coast Range21552014-09-10
269.Mount Elwell14. Carson Pass to Far North7818Northern Sierra Nevada8061976-07-06 b
270.Mount Washington30. Southern Cascades (OR)7794Oregon Cascades25541982-09-18
271.Black Rock Mountain17. Yolla Bolly7792Northern California Coast Range673 
272.Monument Peak18. Trinity Alps7762Klamath Mountains1693 
273.Tehipite Dome05. Baxter Pass to Mather Pass7708Central Sierra Nevada148 
274.Black Marble Mountain20. Marble Mountains7442Klamath Mountains1202 
275.Kings Castle20. Marble Mountains7405Klamath Mountains565 
276.Kingston Peak22. Mojave/Death Valley7336Mojave Desert Ranges37272004-11-20
277.Preston Peak21. Siskiyou Mountains7309Klamath Mountains2509 
278.Snow Mountain16. Lower Area7056Northern California Coast Range24962003-06-17
279.Pyramid Peak22. Mojave/Death Valley6703West Great Basin Ranges37031977-03-23
280.Avawatz Peak22. Mojave/Death Valley6155Mojave Desert Ranges32952004-11-19
281.Smith Mountain22. Mojave/Death Valley5913West Great Basin Ranges1593 
282.Corkscrew Peak22. Mojave/Death Valley5804West Great Basin Ranges6441977-03-21
283.Eagle Mountain22. Mojave/Death Valley3806South Great Basin Ranges16661977-03-22

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