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Alpine Lakes "Home Court" Top 100

Ranked Peaks have 500 feet of Clean Prominence

RankPeak Elev-Ft
Range (Level 6)Isol-Mi
2.Chimney Rock77272747Chikamin-Keechelus6.4
 Chimney Rock-North Peak7634374Chikamin-Keechelus.2
3.Lemah Mountain7500980Chikamin-Keechelus1.0
5.Summit Chief Mountain74641344Chikamin-Keechelus1.3
 Chimney Rock-South Peak746080Chikamin-Keechelus.1
6.Overcoat Peak7432652Chikamin-Keechelus.4
 Lemah Two7280180Chikamin-Keechelus.2
9.Little Big Chief Mountain7225525Chikamin-Keechelus.7
 Lemah Four722080Chikamin-Keechelus.2
 Middle Chief Peak7120300Chikamin-Keechelus.3
 Lemah Five7060160Chikamin-Keechelus.2
11.Chikamin Peak70201100Chikamin-Keechelus1.2
 Lemah One6960300Chikamin-Keechelus.3
13.Three Queens66871787Chikamin-Keechelus2.8
 Three Queens-Middle Peak6620200Chikamin-Keechelus.1
19.Hibox Mountain65471047Chikamin-Keechelus1.6
20.Burnt Boot Peak65401020Chikamin-Keechelus1.3
 Four Brothers6485205Chikamin-Keechelus.7
 Three Queens-West Peak6420120Chikamin-Keechelus.1
24.Huckleberry Mountain6340740Chikamin-Keechelus1.1
29.Alta Mountain6260560Chikamin-Keechelus1.2
 Box Ridge-Northwest Peak6242342Chikamin-Keechelus.5
 Escondido Point6177477Chikamin-Keechelus1.6
 East Alta6080340Chikamin-Keechelus.4
35.Lobox Mountain6032812Chikamin-Keechelus1.0
43.Rampart Ridge5870790Chikamin-Keechelus2.1
 Dungeon Peak5660420Chikamin-Keechelus.8
 Rampart Ridge-Southeast Peak5606466Chikamin-Keechelus.8
 Mount Margaret5580460Chikamin-Keechelus.9
55.Polallie Ridge55801260Chikamin-Keechelus4.0
 Mount Margaret-South Peak5500120Chikamin-Keechelus.2
 Mossy Slab5500200Chikamin-Keechelus.6
 Polallie Ridge-Lookout Site548222Chikamin-Keechelus1.3
 Cone Mountain5295315Chikamin-Keechelus1.5
 Mount Margaret-East Peak5220360Chikamin-Keechelus.8
89.Keechelus Ridge5151631Chikamin-Keechelus3.1
90.Ugly Duckling5140620Chikamin-Keechelus1.0
 Microwave Hill4980120Chikamin-Keechelus.5
 East Keechelus Ridge4869200Chikamin-Keechelus.8
36.Mount Index59913011Index-Tolt Area6.5
57.Red Mountain55761516Index-Tolt Area3.9
60.Crosby Mountain5540540Index-Tolt Area1.1
61.Mount Phelps55351115Index-Tolt Area3.0
66.Mount Index-Middle Peak5493553Index-Tolt Area.4
67.Mount Persis5464544Index-Tolt Area1.6
69.Red Mountain West5447727Index-Tolt Area1.5
 Mount Index-North Peak5380360Index-Tolt Area.2
 Persindex5380460Index-Tolt Area1.0
88.McClain Peak5162942Index-Tolt Area.9
 Salmon Red5139379Index-Tolt Area.7
94.Frozen Mountain5060900Index-Tolt Area1.9
95.Palmer Mountain5043643Index-Tolt Area1.1
 Infrared Peak5032452Index-Tolt Area1.0
39.Red Mountain59002600Kachess Ridge4.5
44.Thorp Mountain5854874Kachess Ridge3.5
45.Hard Knox5841621Kachess Ridge1.4
 Not Knox5835120Kachess Ridge.1
 Hard Cheese5766226Kachess Ridge.6
48.French Cabin Mountain5724904Kachess Ridge1.7
 Red Mountain-Lookout Site572222Kachess Ridge.4
 Red Mountain South Peak5703283Kachess Ridge.5
 French Cabin Mountain-South Peak5580240Kachess Ridge1.0
62.Kachess Ridge5525585Kachess Ridge1.1
 French Cabin Mountain-North Peak5498318Kachess Ridge1.0
 Red Mountain-West Peak5480400Kachess Ridge1.0
 French Tongue5380120Kachess Ridge.3
 French Chin5300280Kachess Ridge.2
82.Thomas Mountain5269669Kachess Ridge2.0
 Fools Day Peak5203423Kachess Ridge1.6
 Little Kachess Peak5194374Kachess Ridge1.4
 Mount Baldy5107407Kachess Ridge1.7
 Para Point4942202Kachess Ridge.9
 Domerie Peak4771151Kachess Ridge.5
1.Mount Daniel79803520Mount Daniel Area13.4
 Mount Daniel-Middle Summit795959Mount Daniel Area.1
 Mount Daniel-West Pyramid7900200Mount Daniel Area.2
 Mount Daniel-East Peak7899279Mount Daniel Area.4
 Mount Daniel-Northwest Summit7686106Mount Daniel Area.3
4.Mount Hinman74921272Mount Daniel Area1.2
7.Lynch Peak7300660Mount Daniel Area.5
8.Dip Top Peak72911011Mount Daniel Area1.0
10.Bears Breast Mountain71971137Mount Daniel Area1.6
 The Citadel7140440Mount Daniel Area1.2
12.Cathedral Rock67241084Mount Daniel Area1.7
15.Goat Mountain66202120Mount Daniel Area3.2
16.Ares Peak6596596Mount Daniel Area1.0
17.La Bohn Peak6585725Mount Daniel Area1.7
 Mount Jerry Garcia6537417Mount Daniel Area1.5
 Davis Peak Northwest6490185Mount Daniel Area1.7
 Davis Peak642646Mount Daniel Area.5
21.Terrace Mountain6361721Mount Daniel Area2.8
22.Otter Point6359519Mount Daniel Area1.4
23.Iron Cap Mountain6347807Mount Daniel Area1.7
30.Silver Eagle Peak62591019Mount Daniel Area2.8
32.Shroud Mountain6243763Mount Daniel Area1.3
33.Bald Eagle Peak6241921Mount Daniel Area1.1
 Jumar Mountain5980420Mount Daniel Area.5
51.Tonga Ridge5596796Mount Daniel Area2.0
59.Saint Agnes Ridge5547627Mount Daniel Area1.3
64.Mount Sawyer5501621Mount Daniel Area1.3
 Mount Finn5300420Mount Daniel Area.8
 Peak 52435243423Mount Daniel Area.7
 Point 51025102422Mount Daniel Area2.2
 Blue Ridge5093353Mount Daniel Area1.6
14.Big Snow Mountain66801380North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie3.7
25.Wild Goat Peak6305565North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.9
26.Camp Robber Peak62861206North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.3
28.Malachite Peak62611281North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie3.7
 Tourmaline Peak6245365North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie.8
 Malachite Peak-North Peak6208348North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie.4
 Peak 60106010470North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.6
37.Turquoise Peak5945505North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie.8
40.Lennox Mountain58942074North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie6.7
 Benkopp Peak5890310North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie.6
46.Treen Peak57631603North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie5.0
49.Canoe Peak5706646North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.2
52.Cascade Mountain55911031North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie3.6
53.Mount Price55871487North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie2.9
 Peak 55605580420North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.0
55.Goat Mountain55801060North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie4.1
58.Cascade Mountain-North Peak5553873North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.4
63.Mount Garfield5519839North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.3
65.Mount Garfield East5500560North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie.4
70.Morpheus5432552North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.6
72.Dog Mountain5408768North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.9
74.Atrium Peak5359519North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie.7
 Bare Mountain5353493North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.3
 Easter Peak5346466North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.8
75.The Ark5339739North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.8
76.Twin Peaks53251165North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie2.6
 Little Flat-Top530080North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie.0
78.Cleveland Mountain5300660North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.2
78.Mile High53001140North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.4
80.Galleon Mountain52831123North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie2.4
81.Sorcery Mountain5273833North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.1
 Leaning Spire5260160North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie.1
84.Boomerang5185585North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.2
85.Floating Rock5174654North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.0
87.Bessemer Mountain51661466North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie2.6
92.Little Bulger5111631North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.7
 Mount Garfield-North Peak5101321North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie.4
 South Bessemer5028248North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie.8
96.Paperboy5013593North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie.9
 Toto Peak4980480North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.2
97.Moolock Mountain4965945North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.3
 Outrigger Spire4960260North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie.3
 Mount Garfield-West Peak4896356North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie.7
 Green Mountain4824484North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie2.5
99.Mount Teneriffe4788648North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.2
100.Hancock's Comb4700780North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie2.1
101.Quartz Mountain4641901North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.6
18.Mount Thomson65541534Snoqualmie Pass North2.3
27.Snoqualmie Mountain62781018Snoqualmie Pass North2.8
30.Kaleetan Peak62591879Snoqualmie Pass North2.9
34.Chair Peak6238898Snoqualmie Pass North.6
 Lundin Peak6057237Snoqualmie Pass North.8
 Lundin East Peak594080Snoqualmie Pass North.1
38.Preacher Mountain5924864Snoqualmie Pass North3.2
41.Red Mountain5890550Snoqualmie Pass North.6
42.Caroline Peak5885625Snoqualmie Pass North1.4
 Ridge Lake Southwest5851471Snoqualmie Pass North.8
 Mount Roosevelt5835295Snoqualmie Pass North.5
 Bryant Peak5801341Snoqualmie Pass North.6
 Kendall Peak5784364Snoqualmie Pass North.9
47.Alaska Mountain5745525Snoqualmie Pass North.9
50.Granite Mountain56291169Snoqualmie Pass North2.5
 The Tooth5604264Snoqualmie Pass North.5
54.Mount Defiance55841444Snoqualmie Pass North4.1
 Hemlock Peak5580240Snoqualmie Pass North.2
 Tusk O'Granite5566426Snoqualmie Pass North.6
 Denny Mountain5540280Snoqualmie Pass North.7
 Denny Mountain-South Peak5540120Snoqualmie Pass North.9
 Denny Mountain-North Peak5519139Snoqualmie Pass North.3
68.Revolution Peak54541194Snoqualmie Pass North2.7
 Point 54415441221Snoqualmie Pass North.9
 Wright Mountain5430490Snoqualmie Pass North.8
71.Low Mountain5420800Snoqualmie Pass North1.0
73.Avalanche Mountain5380520Snoqualmie Pass North1.0
 Web Mountain5335475Snoqualmie Pass North1.3
77.Wild Dare Peak5311671Snoqualmie Pass North1.3
 Cave Ridge5270170Snoqualmie Pass North.6
83.Bandera Mountain5241981Snoqualmie Pass North1.8
86.Guye Peak5168548Snoqualmie Pass North.7
 Bandera Mountain-West Peak5157177Snoqualmie Pass North.5
 Thompson Point5124186Snoqualmie Pass North.6
91.Russian Butte5123543Snoqualmie Pass North1.6
 Wright Mountain-Southeast Peak5100160Snoqualmie Pass North.4
93.Pratt Mountain5099759Snoqualmie Pass North1.0
98.Dirtybox Peak4926786Snoqualmie Pass North1.9
 Mailbox Peak4841141Snoqualmie Pass North.4
 Dirty Harrys Peak4740240Snoqualmie Pass North.7

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       Cascade Alpine Guide, Vol. 1 (Beckey)

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