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Quebec 1000-meter Peaks

Ranked Peaks have 100 meters of Clean Prominence

RankPeak Elev-Ft
Range (Level 4)Isol-MiAscent Date
 Mont D'Iberville54190Torngat Mountains.0 
 Minaret Ridge5150300Torngat Mountains.6 
1.Peak 4800 Map 14L1348501500Torngat Mountains2.1 
2.Peak 482448242474Torngat Mountains5.0 
3.Peak 4700 Map 24I16 No 147502000Torngat Mountains5.4 
4.Peak 453445341384Torngat Mountains2.6 
5.West Korok Mountain43501700Torngat Mountains3.6 
6.Mont Jacques-Cartier41603585Notre Dame Mountains252.1 
7.Peak 4100 Map 14L1241501800Torngat Mountains4.3 
8.Mont Jacques-Rousseau41372387Torngat Mountains9.8 
 Mont Dos de Baleine40854Notre Dame Mountains.8 
9.Mont de la Passe4084378Notre Dame Mountains1.0 
 Mont Comte4042252Notre Dame Mountains1.0 
10.Peak 399239921242Torngat Mountains2.0 
11.Mont Les Cônes3960686Notre Dame Mountains2.2 
12.Peak 3900 Map 24P939501600Torngat Mountains2.8 
12.Korok Mountain39501000Torngat Mountains2.8 
 Mont Rolland-Germain3944250Notre Dame Mountains.9 
14.West Monument 443 Peak38941584Longfellow Mountains6.4 
15.Mont Richardson3887688Notre Dame Mountains3.4 
15.Mont de la Table3887458Notre Dame Mountains1.8 
15.Mont Gosford3887425Longfellow Mountains1.4 
 Mont de la Table-Sommet Nord3887261Notre Dame Mountains2.0 
18.Mont Raoul-Blanchard38552591Laurentian Mountains128.2 
18.Border Monuments 445-446 Peak3855505Longfellow Mountains1.8 
20.Peak 3800 Map 24P838501100Torngat Mountains2.6 
20.East Qarqaaluk Mountain3850500Torngat Mountains2.1 
22.Mont Allioux38021029Laurentian Mountains11.2 
23.Mont Logan37892066Notre Dame Mountains19.8 
 Mont de la Table-Sommet Sud3789163Notre Dame Mountains.5 
24.Mont Belle Fontaine3780978Laurentian Mountains7.5 
25.Mont Albert37752450Notre Dame Mountains8.7 
 Petit Mont Sainte-Anne3763301Notre Dame Mountains1.3 
26.Mont Xalibu3756373Notre Dame Mountains1.0 
27.Peak 3700 Map 24P83750400Torngat Mountains1.1 
28.Mont du Lac Mornay3730649Laurentian Mountains3.8 
29.Mont des Lacs du Castor3727528Notre Dame Mountains2.0 
 Mont Yapeitso3725 Northern Quebec290.3 
30.Mont du Lac Lynch37231049Laurentian Mountains5.2 
30.Mont MacLeod3723425Laurentian Mountains1.9 
 South Les Cônes3711118Notre Dame Mountains1.1 
32.Mont Durue3698860Laurentian Mountains12.3 
33.Montagne du Malin3658876Laurentian Mountains3.3 
34.Peak 3600 Map 24P93650800Torngat Mountains2.3 
35.Mont de la Québécoise3648711Laurentian Mountains3.8 
36.Mont du Barbeau36251312Laurentian Mountains22.5 
36.Sommet UA 236251250Northern Quebec16.4 
36.Mont de l'Enfer3625721Laurentian Mountains6.9 
 Mont Auclair3625196Notre Dame Mountains1.6 
 Petit Mont Gosford3625162Longfellow Mountains.6 
 Mont Veyrier3622 Northern Quebec115.1 
39.Mont Mégantic36151892Longfellow Mountains17.5 
40.Montagne du Pavillon3592626Laurentian Mountains2.1 
40.Montagne Brûlé3592423Laurentian Mountains1.5 
40.Mont du lac Boily3592393Laurentian Mountains1.7 
 Mont du Paradis3592 Laurentian Mountains1.7 
43.Montagne du Lac à l'Ange35891233Laurentian Mountains10.7 
 Caribou Mountain-West Peak3582132Longfellow Mountains.7 
44.Mont Lucie35751175Northern Quebec9.7 
44.Mont du Lycopode35751000Northern Quebec10.5 
44.Mont de la Tour3575600Northern Quebec5.7 
44.Sommet UA 63575500Northern Quebec7.1 
 Peak 3550 B3575150Northern Quebec7.4 
 Mont Fernald3566252Notre Dame Mountains1.4 
 Mont Joseph-Fortin3563203Notre Dame Mountains.9 
 Mont du Lac Ben3556 Laurentian Mountains11.2 
 Mont Albert-Sommet Nord3554256Notre Dame Mountains2.8 
48.Mont François-de-Laval35501007Laurentian Mountains4.1 
48.Peak 3500 Map 24P93550700Torngat Mountains1.5 
 Monument 450 Peak3550259Longfellow Mountains.9 
50.Brown Benchmark North3541571Longfellow Mountains1.9 
51.Mont du lac Gélinas3537830Laurentian Mountains2.8 
51.Mont de la Galette3537535Laurentian Mountains2.8 
 Mont Dodge3537141Notre Dame Mountains1.0 
53.Mont des Loupes3530659Notre Dame Mountains2.8 
54.Mont du lac Minos3527502Laurentian Mountains7.4 
55.Peak 3500 A3525900Northern Quebec5.6 
55.Sommet UA 93525600Northern Quebec1.5 
55.Mont Provencher3525500Northern Quebec3.9 
55.Peak 3500 E3525500Northern Quebec6.4 
55.Peak 3500 F3525500Northern Quebec2.0 
 Peak 3500 D3525200Northern Quebec2.1 
 Mont Provencher Nord352550Northern Quebec3.8 
60.Mont Matawees3520649Notre Dame Mountains1.8 
61.Mont Camille-Pouliot - Sommet Ouest3514709Laurentian Mountains3.0 
61.Mont Saint-Joseph3514577Longfellow Mountains1.6 
63.Mont Qarqaaluk3507957Torngat Mountains3.8 
 Mont Sainte-Anne350475Notre Dame Mountains1.3 
 Mont Camille-Pouliot - Sommet 10673501105Laurentian Mountains.2 
64.Mont Jauffret3500375Northern Quebec1.6 
65.Mont Goéland3498473Northern Quebec2.3 
66.Mont Blanc34942398Notre Dame Mountains11.8 
66.Mont Jean-Hubert3494502Laurentian Mountains2.6 
66.Mont du lac à l'Alouette3494393Laurentian Mountains1.1 
66.Mont Jauffret-Sommet Nord3494369Northern Quebec.5 
 Mont Pembroke3494262Notre Dame Mountains1.1 
70.Mont du Lac Myel34911063Laurentian Mountains14.5 
 Mont Victoria3491161Longfellow Mountains1.0 
71.Mont Marjolaine3486461Northern Quebec3.2 
72.Peak 3450 A34751850Northern Quebec18.5 
72.Peak 3450 B3475550Northern Quebec19.7 
72.Peak 3450 C3475400Northern Quebec1.4 
75.Mont du lac Renaud3461590Laurentian Mountains2.6 
75.Mont du lac de la Haute-Ville3461327Laurentian Mountains1.0 
 Petit mont de la Galette346165Laurentian Mountains.2 
 Mont Jérémie3461 Laurentian Mountains16.4 
77.Mont Bleu3451645Laurentian Mountains1.8 
78.Peak 3400 Map 24P934501200Torngat Mountains1.4 
 Mont Louis-Marie-Lalonde3448193Notre Dame Mountains1.1 
79.Montagne des Érables34381354Laurentian Mountains3.4 
80.Mont du lac Cinto3428983Laurentian Mountains5.0 
80.Montagne du Pont3428360Laurentian Mountains.8 
 Mont Griscom3428196Notre Dame Mountains.5 
 Montagne des Érables-Pic Central3428196Laurentian Mountains.6 
 Mont du Lac du Verrou3428 Laurentian Mountains2.2 
 Mont du Lac Ovide3428 Laurentian Mountains3.0 
82.Peak 3400 A3425700Northern Quebec3.9 
82.Peak 3400 B3425650Northern Quebec8.9 
82.Peak 3400 C3425550Northern Quebec3.6 
82.Peak 3400 D3425550Northern Quebec5.7 
82.Peak 3400 E3425500Northern Quebec3.1 
82.Peak 3400 H3425450Northern Quebec5.6 
82.Mont du Lac des Lagopèdes3425450Northern Quebec1.6 
82.Peak 3400 G3425350Northern Quebec5.4 
 Peak 3400 F3425300Northern Quebec3.6 
 Peak 3400 I3425200Northern Quebec6.1 
 Mont du Lac des Lagopèdes Nord-Est3425200Northern Quebec1.9 
 Mont McWhirter3425193Notre Dame Mountains1.6 
90.Mont Jacques Ferron3422846Notre Dame Mountains2.0 
90.Mont de la Rivière Noire3422649Laurentian Mountains1.7 
92.Salmon Mountain3412902Longfellow Mountains4.5 
93.Mont Stefansson3409984Northern Quebec13.2 
93.Mont du lac des Marais3409833Laurentian Mountains3.6 
 Mont de la Péribonka (OT4)3409 Northern Quebec18.8 
95.Mont Elie3406961Laurentian Mountains1.4 
 Mont Collins3399167Notre Dame Mountains.7 
96.Mont du lac Amesse3395589Laurentian Mountains1.0 
96.Mont du lac Magneron (OT5)3395425Northern Quebec5.9 
 Montagne des Érables-Pic Sud3395163Laurentian Mountains.2 
 Mont des Conscrits3395 Laurentian Mountains8.1 
98.Montagne de Cristal33761030Notre Dame Mountains1.7 
99.Peak 3350 A3375600Northern Quebec1.5 
99.Peak 3350 D3375450Northern Quebec1.5 
99.Peak 3350 E3375450Northern Quebec6.3 
99.Peak 3350 F3375400Northern Quebec1.9 
99.Peak 3350 G3375400Northern Quebec1.4 
99.Peak 3350 H3375400Northern Quebec2.2 
99.Peak 3350 I3375400Northern Quebec2.3 
99.Peak 3350 J3375400Northern Quebec1.7 
99.Peak 3350 K3375400Northern Quebec3.0 
 Peak 3350 B3375150Northern Quebec1.8 
 Mont Alain-Grenon - Sommet Nord3375150Northern Quebec1.1 
 Peak 3350 C3375100Northern Quebec1.4 
 Minganie High Point3375 Central and South Labrador131.1 
108.Mont du lac Shikapio (OT6)3373798Northern Quebec8.6 
 Pic du Vieillard3366167Notre Dame Mountains1.8 
109.Mont du Lac à Papa33621442Laurentian Mountains8.3 
109.Mont Fortin3362392Notre Dame Mountains.7 
109.Petit Mont Auclair3362360Notre Dame Mountains.8 
109.Mont du lac Pratte3362360Laurentian Mountains3.0 
113.Mont du Lac Sérénité3356462Laurentian Mountains2.7 
114.Mont de la Tour du Nord3353909Laurentian Mountains12.3 
114.Mont du Lac des Roches3353383Laurentian Mountains1.1 
116.Peak 3300 Map 24P93350800Torngat Mountains.9 
 Border Monument 441 Peak335060Longfellow Mountains1.2 
117.Mont du Lac de la Hache3343406Laurentian Mountains4.9 
118.Mont du Lac de la Huppe33401027Laurentian Mountains2.1 
118.Montagne de la Décharge3340534Laurentian Mountains5.5 
 Mont des Conscrits-Sommet Sud333335Laurentian Mountains.4 
 Mont des Cris Perdus3332 Northern Quebec10.7 
120.Mont du Lac Ruban3330709Laurentian Mountains1.8 
120.Mont Paul3330590Notre Dame Mountains5.6 
120.Mont du lac des Neiges3330492Laurentian Mountains1.1 
 Mont du lac Génois3330 Laurentian Mountains1.2 
 Mont du lac Morency3330 Laurentian Mountains1.7 
123.Mont Coulée de l’Orignal3325650Northern Quebec2.6 
123.Mont du Chicouté3325650Northern Quebec5.1 
123.Peak 3300 A3325500Northern Quebec4.9 
123.Peak 3300 B3325450Northern Quebec1.7 
127.Mont du Lac Chapais3323682Laurentian Mountains3.7 
 Boundary 4103319229Longfellow Mountains.7 
128.Mont René-Richard - Sommet Nord3301660Laurentian Mountains1.6 
129.Mont du Petit Lac à l'Épaule3297557Laurentian Mountains2.9 
129.Mont du ruisseau Tessier3297524Laurentian Mountains3.0 
131.Mont Jean-Charles-Bonenfant3287400Laurentian Mountains1.8 

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List Description

List Info

Few people realize this, but Quebec is the largest state or province in North America--bigger than Alaska. Only the Canadian territory of Nunavut is larger among all first-order country divisions on the continent.

This list is now in reasonably good shape, but it is still possible that some peaks have been left off. Also, prominence information is incomplete for a handful of remote peaks in the far north. But it does highlight the variety of the peaks in Quebec, including the rugged and remote Torngats in the north, the vast Laurentian area in the heart of the province, and the Appalachians south of the Saint Lawrence.

Note that even though Mont D'Iberville has almost no prominence, it is still ranked on this list, since it is the high point of the province.


Thanks must be offered to Gabriel Couët and Ben Lostracco, who contributed lots of data about Quebec mountains to this site.

Primary sources for this list were the CanVec web mapping service data, the NTS 1:50,000 maps from, and old SoftMap CD-ROM set for the southeastern areas of the province, and the generous help of the individuals noted above.


     Sommets du Quebec


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