New Mexico County Prominence Peaks - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top 200 climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 33

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Jones, Ken1854.552014-03-16Big Hatchet Peak Complete ListPoints
Carey, Richard1854.552017-11-10Big Hatchet Peak Complete ListPoints
Surgent, Scott1545.452007-12-20Big Hatchet Peak Complete ListPoints
Nuernberger, Josef1236.362018-02-25Big Hatchet Peak Complete ListPoints
Berry, Michael26.062012-01-29Big Hatchet Peak Complete ListPoints
Helman, Adam1648.482013-08-20Capitan Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Rockinstraw, Rockinstraw824.242017-11-11Capitan Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Baker, Lee618.182008-08-16Capitan Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Hebert, Bill515.152003-05-05Capitan Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Nichols, Mark2987.882007-04-30Caprock Hills Knob 4695 Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob3296.972010-05-26Cerro de Corazon Complete ListPoints
Myers, Grant1442.422016-09-30Chicoma Mountain Complete ListPoints
Poulin, Dennis1236.362016-09-16Chicoma Mountain Complete ListPoints
Smith, Kadee39.092012-05-28Chicoma Mountain Complete ListPoints
Rat, Desert1854.550000Florida Peak North Complete ListPoints
Barlow, James39.092015-02-12Florida Peak North Complete ListPoints
Poslusny, Duane26.062015-02-12Florida Peak North Complete ListPoints
Hahn, Samuel26.062015-02-12Florida Peak North Complete ListPoints
Earl, Edward2884.852008-01-18Hat Mesa Complete ListPoints
Vitz, John2575.762017-12-13Hat Mesa Complete ListPoints
O, Sean824.240000Hermit Peak Complete ListPoints
Harris, Douglas1133.332017Manzano Peak Complete ListPoints
Dowling, Steve1030.301997-06-29Manzano Peak Complete ListPoints
Young, Cliff927.272009-10-17Manzano Peak Complete ListPoints
Gilsdorf, Chris721.212013-10-05Manzano Peak Complete ListPoints
Stewart, Robert618.182009-04-24Manzano Peak Complete ListPoints
Beals, Jerry412.122012-06-29Manzano Peak Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Rich412.122005-09-14Manzano Peak Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Bhe39.092005-09-14Manzano Peak Complete ListPoints
Florence, Pat39.092007-05-19Manzano Peak Complete ListPoints
Jones, Karen927.272015-11-01McKnight Mountain Complete ListPoints
Ellsworth, Dick721.212012-06-14McKnight Mountain Complete ListPoints
Brown, Fred2060.612018-05-10Mesa Redonda Complete ListPoints
Schwab, Bob515.152008-05-25Mount Taylor Complete ListPoints
Ashworth, Kevin412.122005-08-13Mount Taylor Complete ListPoints
Groesbeck, Mike412.121996-07-15Mount Taylor Complete ListPoints
McGrath, Joseph412.122017-08-19Mount Taylor Complete ListPoints
Lennon, Alex39.092018-01-23Mount Taylor Complete ListPoints
McCoy, Casey 39.092004-01-10Mount Taylor Complete ListPoints
Mason, Mason39.092017-05-13Mount Taylor Complete ListPoints
Peavy, Scott39.092017-06-25Mount Taylor Complete ListPoints
Wing, Kathy39.092013-04-29Mount Taylor Complete ListPoints
Luettringhaus, Uwe39.092014-10-06Mount Taylor Complete ListPoints
Carlson, Josh39.092018-05-17Mount Taylor Complete ListPoints
Personett, Sue26.062015-05-27Mount Taylor Complete ListPoints
Pinkerton, Trey26.062013-06-30Mount Taylor Complete ListPoints
Meredith, Clayton26.062008-08-03Mount Taylor Complete ListPoints
Pellegrini, Dave26.060000Mount Taylor Complete ListPoints
cieszkiewicz, kari26.062018-01-23Mount Taylor Complete ListPoints
McPheeters, Keith26.062017-03-18Mount Taylor Complete ListPoints
Gilliland, Duane1339.392016-05-20Organ Needle Complete ListPoints
Bolton, Bob1339.392016-05-20Organ Needle Complete ListPoints
Wenner, Don1133.332015-05-24Organ Needle Complete ListPoints
Lewis, Zack721.212018-04-08Organ Needle Complete ListPoints
Ladderud, Jeff39.092018-04-08Organ Needle Complete ListPoints
Brown, Steve26.062010-11-06Organ Needle Complete ListPoints
Foutz, Tracy26.062015-10-26Organ Needle Complete ListPoints
Winger, Charlie1442.422016-06-08Redondo Peak Complete ListPoints
Jones, Colin618.182005-06-26Salinas Peak Complete ListPoints
Wenner, Donald515.152007-07-21Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Boos, Andy515.152014-11-16Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Coleman, Josey515.152011-11-23Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Lennon, Duncan412.122017-02-15Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Greth, Eric412.122007-10-04Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
McEntee, Connor39.092017-06-05Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Trumpler, Wes39.092016-04-30Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Erickson, Dustin39.092016-04-26Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Miller, Jim39.092012-11-24Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Szott, Matthew39.092016-12-10Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Ken39.092002-07-11Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
MacLeod, Gordon39.092006-08-18Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Bakken, Jamie26.062009-08-31Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Knight, Michael26.062012-08-24Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Retemeyer, Jim26.062009-09-26Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Lilly, Patrick26.062013-05-23Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Kloster, Vince26.062012-07-01Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Frink, Stu26.062017-02-26 bSandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Vaughan, Shane26.062013-09-28Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Trudolyubov, Sergey26.062010-08-01Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Henney, Victor26.062002-04Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Wyman-Henney, Susan26.062002-04Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Dean, Denis26.062006-03-24Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Richmond-Decker, Justin26.062013-10-26Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
McClellan, Paul26.062013-10-06Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Michelson, Paul26.062017-02-26Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Hensley, Richard26.062017-10-08Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Garner, Jonathan26.062011-06-08Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Smith, Michael26.062007-08-22Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Sporrer, Julie 26.062015-09-14Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Langdon, Jim26.062017-09-09Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Kohn, Megan26.062015-09-14Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Jackson, David26.062015-08-30Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Kohn, Jerry26.062015-09-14Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Allen, Jeanne26.062000-09-09Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Wymore, Pat26.062000-09-09Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints
Bell, George26.062002-10-13Ship Rock Complete ListPoints
Knezek, Darren26.062008-05-05Ship Rock Complete ListPoints
Sheriff, Steve26.061979Ship Rock Complete ListPoints
Roach, Gerry1751.521973-05-15Sierra Blanca Peak Complete ListPoints
Covill, Beckie1030.302016-07-02Sierra Blanca Peak Complete ListPoints
Oestreicher, Richard824.242013-06-30Sierra Blanca Peak Complete ListPoints
Mitchler, John721.212000-04Sierra Blanca Peak Complete ListPoints
Cope, Tom721.212017-09-20 aSierra Blanca Peak Complete ListPoints
Anthony, Rob618.182015-05-31Sierra Blanca Peak Complete ListPoints
Miller, SueAnn515.152017-09-14Sierra Blanca Peak Complete ListPoints
Gerlach, Greg39.092017-10-10Sierra Blanca Peak Complete ListPoints
Newman, Laura39.092017-10-10Sierra Blanca Peak Complete ListPoints
Denham, Thomas39.092016-10-14Sierra Blanca Peak Complete ListPoints
Wittmier, Dustin26.062017-10-22 cSierra Blanca Peak Complete ListPoints
Jordan, Andrea26.062017-10-22 aSierra Blanca Peak Complete ListPoints
Aitchison, Rob26.062013-11-08Sierra Blanca Peak Complete ListPoints
Jantz, Adam26.062011-10-12Sierra Blanca Peak Complete ListPoints
Thomas, Shawn26.062014-07-04Sierra Blanca Peak Complete ListPoints
Paul, Susan26.062010-11-26Sierra Blanca Peak Complete ListPoints
Christensen, Keith26.062017-10-10Sierra Blanca Peak Complete ListPoints
Bjørstad, Petter26.062008-07-19Sierra Blanca Peak Complete ListPoints
Kalet, Brian1854.552017-12-28Sierra Grande Complete ListPoints
Martin, Bob1236.360000Sierra Grande Complete ListPoints
Olson, David618.181999-05-13Sierra Grande Complete ListPoints
Courtney, Ryan618.182009-08-31 aSierra Grande Complete ListPoints
Lobdell, Fred412.122000-06-28Sierra Grande Complete ListPoints
Graham, James39.092013-04-14Sierra Grande Complete ListPoints
Wallen, Roy26.060000Sierra Grande Complete ListPoints
Worth, Tim927.272017South Baldy Complete ListPoints
Robinson, Phil927.272018-03-24 aSouth Baldy Complete ListPoints
Gergen, Teresa824.242016-11-16South Baldy Complete ListPoints
Kinton, Dave721.212010-11-06South Baldy Complete ListPoints
Dolan, Jay618.182014-05-25South Baldy Complete ListPoints
Newman, Tim515.152015-08-01South Baldy Complete ListPoints
Keranen, Bob515.151976-04-03South Baldy Complete ListPoints
Thornley, Patrick412.122008-09-13South Baldy Complete ListPoints
Bernier, Alan412.122013-07-01South Baldy Complete ListPoints
Williamson, Kevin39.092003-02-13South Baldy Complete ListPoints
Aumer, Rob39.092010-08-14South Baldy Complete ListPoints
Brill, Mary39.092010-08-14South Baldy Complete ListPoints
Jaremko-Wright, Will26.062009-10-17South Baldy Complete ListPoints
McCarty, Brian26.062015-05-27South Baldy Complete ListPoints
Martin, Andy2266.672013-10-18The Mesa Complete ListPoints
Wymore, Jobe1236.362001-07-14Truchas Peak Complete ListPoints
Hyams, Mark824.242007-07-10Truchas Peak Complete ListPoints
Harris, Arthur721.212014-08-24Truchas Peak Complete ListPoints
Stolk, John721.212009-06-05Truchas Peak Complete ListPoints
Wylam, Sean515.152009-09-26Truchas Peak Complete ListPoints
Parker, Alex412.120000Truchas Peak Complete ListPoints
Zaharia, Jackson412.122015-10-10Truchas Peak Complete ListPoints
Grant, Sam39.092016-10-22Truchas Peak Complete ListPoints
lockridge, chris39.092016-08-28Truchas Peak Complete ListPoints
Lynch, Donovan39.092016-10-22Truchas Peak Complete ListPoints
Wente, Will39.092017-09-25Truchas Peak Complete ListPoints
Tautvydas, Milda26.060000Truchas Peak Complete ListPoints
Petschek, Mark26.061977Truchas Peak Complete ListPoints
DeRoo, Tom26.062001-06-02Truchas Peak Complete ListPoints
Garner, John721.212001Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Ten Broeck, Hunter618.182009-08-08Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Jones, Evan412.122004-09-05Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Zhou, Victor412.122017-10-25Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Marriott, Angela412.122017-08-22 bWheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Lipsitz, David39.092016-09-05Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Six2, David39.092012-06-07Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Blaser, Peter 39.092009-11-07Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Bieri, Dave39.092004-06-14Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Robinson, Garret39.092006-09-03 aWheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Bowcutt, Dominic39.092010-07-17Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
pelton, michael39.091993-06-24Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Amato, Chad39.092010-01Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Rhude, David J.26.062010-10-18Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Wexler, Lanny26.062002-09-30Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Elwell, Abram26.062013-06-15Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Carter, Tom26.062005-09-02Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Bridges, Mac26.062015-07-18Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
J, S26.062010-06-13Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Giurgiulescu, Mihai26.062012-08-12Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Melton, Doug26.062009-07-24Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Rodenak, Mike26.062016-07-05Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Henry The, Mountain Man26.062005-09-06Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Lowe, Richard 26.062003-07-21Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Donkin, Andy26.062007-09-01Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Dyleski, Bruce26.061997 10Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Hansen, MB26.062017-10-14 aWheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Daniel, Nicholas26.062017-05-26 bWheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Repass, Brad26.062017-06-30Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Garrison, Mike26.062017-05-02Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Raventon, Miles26.062017-07-21Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Hutchins, Brian26.062013-08-06Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Covill, Dave1236.362008-09-07Whitewater Baldy Complete ListPoints
Mallory, Kirk1133.332006-01-02Whitewater Baldy Complete ListPoints
Shiver, Jack1030.302015-06-30Whitewater Baldy Complete ListPoints
Robbins, Trapper721.212003-09-30Whitewater Baldy Complete ListPoints
Everett, Roxanne721.212003-09-30Whitewater Baldy Complete ListPoints
Kassan, Eric721.212015-08-01 bWhitewater Baldy Complete ListPoints
914, BMS618.182015-08-01 bWhitewater Baldy Complete ListPoints
Jacobs, Bill515.152005-07-21Whitewater Baldy Complete ListPoints
Ide, John412.122018-04-28 aWhitewater Baldy Complete ListPoints

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