Selected U.S. City High Points - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top 200 climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 30

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Pomeroy, Tom930.002013-08-03Baltimore High Point20Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob930.002010-06-17Baltimore High Point Complete ListPoints
French, Michael723.332013Baltimore High Point Complete ListPoints
Mitchler, John620.002007-02-03Baltimore High Point Complete ListPoints
Baxter, Dan516.672007-11-06Baltimore High Point Complete ListPoints
Clark, Chip516.672006-05-06Baltimore High Point Complete ListPoints
Olson, David413.332012-04-07Baltimore High Point Complete ListPoints
Bubniak, Gregory26.672010-07-24 5Baltimore High Point Complete ListPoints
& Joe Hollingshead, Nicole Cawlo26.672010-10-23Baltimore High Point Complete ListPoints
King, Coby723.332012-11-30Bellevue Hill Complete ListPoints
Wallen, Roy516.671999-05-20Bellevue Hill Complete ListPoints
Reed, Jason413.332012-11-04Bellevue Hill Complete ListPoints
Kubicek, Carl310.002011-06-03Bellevue Hill Complete ListPoints
Townes, Will310.002014-07-28Bellevue Hill Complete ListPoints
Covill, Beckie310.002013-07-12Bellevue Hill Complete ListPoints
Huber, Dave26.672015-09-06Bellevue Hill Complete ListPoints
ODonnell, Jon26.672014-04-08Bellevue Hill Complete ListPoints
Carl, Ben26.672008-04-19Bellevue Hill Complete ListPoints
Carey, Richard516.672014-06-05Chaparral Peak Complete ListPoints
Johnson, Frederick413.332009-08-22Chaparral Peak Complete ListPoints
Wanberg, Krystal310.002013-09-30Chaparral Peak Complete ListPoints
Burley, Scott26.672012-12-22 aChaparral Peak Complete ListPoints
Whitney, Will26.672014-09-14Chaparral Peak Complete ListPoints
Breen, Kerry26.672015-01-27 cChaparral Peak Complete ListPoints
Anderson, Frank1033.332012-07-01Chestnut Hill Complete ListPoints
Eklund, Jan Peter516.672011-12-28 cChestnut Hill Complete ListPoints
Melton, Doug516.672015-07-12Chestnut Hill Complete ListPoints
Laverdure, Jean Andr√© 516.672013-06-15 eChestnut Hill Complete ListPoints
Cockrell, Scott413.332009-12-09Chestnut Hill Complete ListPoints
Harper, Thomas310.002010-08-21Chestnut Hill Complete ListPoints
Account 2, Test26.672011-04-20Chestnut Hill Complete ListPoints
Musser, William 26.672013-03-13 bChestnut Hill Complete ListPoints
Lostracco, Ben1653.332015-08-24 cChicago High Point Complete ListPoints
Darby, David516.672014-08-13Chicago High Point Complete ListPoints
Horbal, Matt26.672010-04-10Chicago High Point Complete ListPoints
Sarna, April26.672013-03-26Chicago High Point Complete ListPoints
Verner, Cory26.672015-01-17Chicago High Point Complete ListPoints
Brennen, Neil310.002007Cleveland High Point Complete ListPoints
Traci, Scott26.672014-03-23Cleveland High Point Complete ListPoints
Kloster, Vince723.332011-11-21Cowles Mountain Complete ListPoints
Slayden, Greg723.332014-11-23Cowles Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wymore, Jobe723.332015-01-10 aCowles Mountain Complete ListPoints
Stemm, Brad620.002014-03-16 cCowles Mountain Complete ListPoints
Aschbrenner, Ryan620.002013-01-17 aCowles Mountain Complete ListPoints
Sarna, John E516.672014-07-17Cowles Mountain Complete ListPoints
Vitz, John413.332011-01-31Cowles Mountain Complete ListPoints
Garry, Paul413.332014-04-06Cowles Mountain Complete ListPoints
Henney, Victor310.002010-01-09Cowles Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wyman-Henney, Susan310.002010-01-09Cowles Mountain Complete ListPoints
Maki, Mary310.002015-10-03Cowles Mountain Complete ListPoints
Dodge, Daryn310.002015-03-23Cowles Mountain Complete ListPoints
Butler, Winnette310.002014-03-07Cowles Mountain Complete ListPoints
Khamis, Miriam26.672013-11-30Cowles Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kohn, Jerry26.672011-06-18Cowles Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hofer, Tyler26.672013-10-19Cowles Mountain Complete ListPoints
Christiansen, George26.672014-03-07Cowles Mountain Complete ListPoints
Arredondo, Patricia26.672014-03-07Cowles Mountain Complete ListPoints
Craig, Bruce26.672014-03-07Cowles Mountain Complete ListPoints
Barlow, Craig26.672012-12-24Cowles Mountain Complete ListPoints
Soskins, Christine26.670000Cowles Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wolfhagen, Eli26.672014-05-20 aCowles Mountain Complete ListPoints
Raether, Don26.672012-04-24 aCowles Mountain Complete ListPoints
Schwartz, Michael2170.002015-07-28Dallas High Point Complete ListPoints
DeFranco, Jack310.002015-03-27Dallas High Point Complete ListPoints
Miller, Sue516.672010-07-19Denver High Point Complete ListPoints
Medema, Talon516.672006-08-15Denver High Point Complete ListPoints
Carter, Kord413.332009-10-10Denver High Point Complete ListPoints
Hatzos, Andy310.002015-03-20Denver High Point Complete ListPoints
Kalet, Brian26.672009-08-07Denver High Point Complete ListPoints
Sartin, Jim26.672004-04-12Denver High Point Complete ListPoints
Thornley, Patrick26.671999-11-16Denver High Point Complete ListPoints
Ellsworth, Dick826.672015-02-01 aDuval County High Point Complete ListPoints
Jacobs, Bill310.002007-04-13Duval County High Point Complete ListPoints
Molen, Dean26.672011-10-01Grandview Peak Complete ListPoints
Robrecht, Dan26.672014-04-30Grandview Peak Complete ListPoints
Dean, Denis723.332014-06-27High Point Complete ListPoints
Michelson, Paul516.672012-04-27High Point Complete ListPoints
Dolan, Jay516.672014-12-28High Point Complete ListPoints
Giurgiulescu, Mihai413.332015-08-22High Point Complete ListPoints
Partridge, Richard310.002015-08-24High Point Complete ListPoints
Blume, Walter310.002011-07-23High Point Complete ListPoints
Irvine, Ryder26.672011-06-18High Point Complete ListPoints
Stolk, John26.672011-02-20High Point Complete ListPoints
Frink, Stu26.672013-01-15High Point Complete ListPoints
Barlow, James620.002013-12-05 aKonahuanui Complete ListPoints
Burd, Bob413.332014-06-10Konahuanui Complete ListPoints
Nelsen, Don26.672013-01-08Konahuanui Complete ListPoints
Potkay, Jason826.672015-04-07 aMarion County High Point Complete ListPoints
Retemeyer, Jim1033.332013-07-29Miami High Point Complete ListPoints
Retemeyer, Oleta413.332013-07-29Miami High Point Complete ListPoints
Willis, Craig413.332014-02-13Miami High Point Complete ListPoints
Heselbarth, RuthAnne310.002014-10-14Miami High Point Complete ListPoints
Newman, Laura1136.672015-07-22Minneapolis High Point Complete ListPoints
Dunn, Mick620.002015-07-19Minneapolis High Point Complete ListPoints
Cope, Tom413.332015-09-12 bMinneapolis High Point Complete ListPoints
Wexler, Lanny723.332014-03-30Mount Davidson Complete ListPoints
Courtney, Ryan620.002013-04-19 aMount Davidson73Complete ListPoints
Carlson, Josh516.672015-06-12Mount Davidson Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Alexandra310.002008-07-13Mount Davidson Complete ListPoints
Martin, Bob310.000000Mount Davidson Complete ListPoints
Gergen, Teresa310.002011-09-24Mount Davidson Complete ListPoints
Flood, Terry310.002012-03-09Mount Davidson Complete ListPoints
Grant, Sam310.002015-06-08 cMount Davidson Complete ListPoints
Kinton, Dave310.002012-06-04Mount Davidson Complete ListPoints
Butler, Aidan26.672015-01-24Mount Davidson Complete ListPoints
Battaglia, Evan26.672006Mount Davidson Complete ListPoints
Britton, Shelly26.672015-09-19Mount Davidson Complete ListPoints
Sanger, David26.672014-07-28Mount Davidson Complete ListPoints
Winger, Charlie26.672007-12-08Mount Davidson Complete ListPoints
Noel, Eric26.672013-05-11Mount Davidson98Complete ListPoints
Stone, Peter26.672013-08-14Mount Davidson Complete ListPoints
Kassan, Eric26.672009-12-19Mount Davidson Complete ListPoints
Barrett, Dennis26.672008-06-23 aMount Davidson Complete ListPoints
Wanberg, Michael26.672011-05-27 aMount Davidson Complete ListPoints
Morton, Charles26.672014-04-03Mount Davidson Complete ListPoints
Kaufman, James26.672013-11-23Mount Davidson Complete ListPoints
Fieberling, Karl413.332011Mount Lukens Complete ListPoints
Strauch, John26.671999-12-30Mount Lukens Complete ListPoints
Geissinger, Eric26.672007-12-23Mount Lukens Complete ListPoints
Gosnell, Michael26.671997-12-23Mount Lukens Complete ListPoints
Francis, David26.672015-04-05Mount Lukens Complete ListPoints
MacLeod, Gordon26.671967-01-21Mount Lukens Complete ListPoints
Boyle, Robb26.672009-03-28Mount Lukens Complete ListPoints
Rosnick, Tim26.672013-04-14Mount Lukens Complete ListPoints
Faraday, Amin26.672011-09-17Mount Lukens Complete ListPoints
Jones, Ken723.332010-03-12Pittsburgh High Point Complete ListPoints
Kraai, Bryan413.332015-09-13 cPittsburgh High Point Complete ListPoints
Jones, Karen310.002010-03-12Pittsburgh High Point Complete ListPoints
Schwab, Bob1446.672014-07-05Portland High Point Complete ListPoints
Jackson, Jim413.332015-09-22Portland High Point Complete ListPoints
Sprenger, David413.332015-06-12Portland High Point5Complete ListPoints
Porter, David310.002015-06-21Portland High Point Complete ListPoints
Russell, Ken310.002013-09-29Portland High Point Complete ListPoints
Themer, Karl310.002015-04-05Portland High Point Complete ListPoints
Bolton, Bob26.672013-11-02Portland High Point Complete ListPoints
McCormick, Mark26.672012-11-17Portland High Point Complete ListPoints
Wymore, Pat26.672015-04-26Portland High Point Complete ListPoints
Alifanz, Marc26.672015-01-11Portland High Point Complete ListPoints
Hebert, Bill826.672004-05-27Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Painter, ChadL723.332015-03-13Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Dunham, Dave620.002013-05-10Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Bernier, Alan620.002013-02-18Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Annette516.672012-11-10Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Gilsdorf, Chris516.672015-09-30Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Covill, Dave516.672014-04-21Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Mann, Jon413.330000Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Kamholz, Collin413.332015-09-19 dReno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Connelly, Brennan310.002007-05Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Graham, James310.002012-03-03Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Roach, Gerry310.002006-05Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Schneider, Micah310.002010-10-29Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Mueller, Steve310.002013-05-04Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Layton, Tom310.002012-04-30Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Brewster, Joel310.002015-07-24Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Capece, Angie310.002011-12-29Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Mallory, Kirk310.002011-05-01Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Mongue-Wymore, Libby26.672015-09-27Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
St. Pierre, Mark26.672013-10-06Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
DeRoo, Tom26.672000-04-12Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Miller, Michael26.672012-04-30Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Wiley, John26.672015-04-11Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Jantz, Adam26.672012-09-06Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Poulin, Dennis26.672012-05-23 dReno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Cusick, Michael26.672014-10-28Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
McBride, Ben26.672006-07-09Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
McGillian, Joe26.672012-07-27Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Lobdell, Fred826.672014-05-28Sublette Park Hill Complete ListPoints
Zerphey, Charles723.332008-11-16Sublette Park Hill Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Ken413.332012-03-31Sublette Park Hill Complete ListPoints
Hasch, John413.332010-10-03 aSublette Park Hill Complete ListPoints
Jones, Colin310.001999-09-12Sublette Park Hill Complete ListPoints
Jones, Evan310.001999-09-12Sublette Park Hill Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Braxton310.002012-03-31Sublette Park Hill Complete ListPoints
Fincher, Bill310.002014-02-18Sublette Park Hill Complete ListPoints
Bracy, Layne310.002010-05-29Sublette Park Hill Complete ListPoints
Montgomery, Darryl310.002013-12-28Sublette Park Hill Complete ListPoints
Maurer, Peter26.672013-10Sublette Park Hill Complete ListPoints
Shopland, Ian26.672012-12-31Sublette Park Hill Complete ListPoints
Chinigo, Peter26.672012-12-15Sublette Park Hill Complete ListPoints
Snyder, Wayne826.672015-08-22 eTodt Hill Complete ListPoints
Robbins, Trapper723.332005-03-26Todt Hill Complete ListPoints
Everett, Roxanne620.002005-03-26Todt Hill Complete ListPoints
Helman, Adam620.002012-05-19Todt Hill Complete ListPoints
Earl, Edward516.672011-08-30 07Todt Hill Complete ListPoints
Wandall, Ed516.672011-01-15Todt Hill Complete ListPoints
Bauman, Marion516.672015-05-11Todt Hill Complete ListPoints
Feldman, Iona413.332015-04-03Todt Hill Complete ListPoints
John, Thompson310.002011-03-28Todt Hill Complete ListPoints
Garner, John310.000000Todt Hill Complete ListPoints
Schwarting, Dan310.002011-04-09 dTodt Hill Complete ListPoints
Walsh, Steve26.672011-09-11 aTodt Hill Complete ListPoints
Schak, Benjamin26.672013-03-30Todt Hill Complete ListPoints
Dayton, John26.672005-03-26Todt Hill Complete ListPoints
Brigham, Brian26.672011-01-22Todt Hill Complete ListPoints
ferris, tom26.670000Todt Hill Complete ListPoints
Surgent, Scott826.672014-02-23Whiskey Spring Head Complete ListPoints
Martin, Andy723.332014-02-23Whiskey Spring Head Complete ListPoints

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