United Kingdom National Park High Points - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top 200 climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 15

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Dawber, Luis320.002017-03-25 ePen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Martin, Barry746.672017-03-18 bDunkery Beacon1Complete ListPoints
Colliander, Rickard960.002017-02-26 aHigh Willhays6Complete ListPoints
Finn, Jo426.672017-02-04The Cheviot Complete ListPoints
Smith, Steve1173.332016-12-20 cDunkery Beacon Complete ListPoints
Woolley, James320.002016-11-12Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
McCoy, Casey 213.332016-11-12Ben More Complete ListPoints
Thornley, Patrick533.332016-11-06Black Down Complete ListPoints
Chaston , Philip 426.672016-11-05Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Jesinghaus, Stephan320.002016-10-19Ben Macdui Complete ListPoints
Crawte , Adam 426.672016-10-16 oPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Rigby, Stephen853.332016-10-14Urra Moor-Round Hill Complete ListPoints
RI, A320.002016-10-05 bSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Colliander, Gustav746.672016-08-16Telegraph Hill Complete ListPoints
Humphries, Lee1066.672016-08-13Dunkery Beacon Complete ListPoints
Erritt, Louis640.002016-08-06 bPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Brace, Mark533.332016-07-25 aSnowdon3Complete ListPoints
Malmberg, Per213.332016-07-18Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Chick, John213.332016-06-30Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Jones, Ken533.332016-05-31 aScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Drew, Ben533.332016-04-08Ben More Complete ListPoints
Halstead, Rob1386.672016-03-28Urra Moor-Round Hill Complete ListPoints
Gallavan, Adam320.002016-03-19Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
McAllister, Mark960.002016-03-11High Willhays Complete ListPoints
Elson, James426.672016-02-17Black Down Complete ListPoints
Jenkins, Tony1066.672016-01-20 bDunkery Beacon Complete ListPoints
Bryson, Robert213.332015-10-18Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Rea, Matthew746.672015-10-11Telegraph Hill Complete ListPoints
Lostracco, Marcus533.332015-10-04 aScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Daussan, Mat320.002015-09-12Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Babiev, Lev746.672015-09-05Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Caulfield, Seán213.332015-08-30Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Christie, Steve213.332015-08-04Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Stone, James1066.672015-07-12The Cheviot Complete ListPoints
Brown, Charlotte213.332015-07-10Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Hyland, Mark426.672015-06-13Whernside3Complete ListPoints
Dawson, Kris320.002015-06-13Whernside Complete ListPoints
Valaitis, Deividas213.332015-05-16 A3Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Edgar, David640.002015-04-24Kinder Scout11Complete ListPoints
Marra, Anthony213.332015-04-12Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Newton, Lee1173.332015-04-10 gHigh Willhays Complete ListPoints
Nightingale, Mark213.332015-04-07Whernside Complete ListPoints
Palfrey, Simon640.002015-03-07Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Wren, Richard746.672015-02-15Whernside Complete ListPoints
Stone, Patrick746.672015-02-08Urra Moor-Round Hill Complete ListPoints
Hiemstra, Rob213.332014-09-03Ben More Complete ListPoints
Kanaris, Daniel746.672014-08-23Whernside Complete ListPoints
Jones, Colin320.002014-07-05Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Batt, Morgan320.002014-06-12Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Bloomer, Jim1386.672014-03-08Black Down Complete ListPoints
Jackson, Joe213.332014-02-16Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Levey, David1066.672013-11-01Black Down Complete ListPoints
Gallois, Keith213.332013-09-25Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Gower, Richard640.002013-08-26Black Down5Complete ListPoints
Harrington-Lynn, David320.002013-08-16Ben Macdui Complete ListPoints
Earl, Edward320.002013-07-02Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Gajan, Drew213.332013-07-02Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Howells, David320.002013-06-29Dunkery Beacon Complete ListPoints
Hildebrand, Dan213.332013-06-28Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Stone, Peter15Complete!2013-06-20 aBen More Complete ListPoints
Hughes, Chris213.332013-06-03Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Tibatong, Habakuk213.332013-05-18 aBen More Complete ListPoints
Eckardt, Annett213.332013-05-18Ben More Complete ListPoints
U, Alex213.332013-05-12Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Szczeblewska, Ewelina213.332013-04-28Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Stone, Twm1280.002013-04-01 BFoel Cwmcerwyn Complete ListPoints
Tibbetts, Richard1386.672013-02-25The Cheviot Complete ListPoints
Driscoll, Robert426.672012-10-10Telegraph Hill Complete ListPoints
Colliander , Karin213.332012-09-01Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Candlish, Pippa320.002012-08-19High Willhays Complete ListPoints
Smith, Mark533.332012-08Urra Moor-Round Hill Complete ListPoints
Down, Nick15Complete!2012-07-22Foel Cwmcerwyn Complete ListPoints
Taggart, Mark213.332012-07-14Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Rankine, Graeme213.332012-07-02Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Rankine, Andrew213.332012-07-02Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Trošcák, Ondrej320.002012-06-22Ben Macdui Complete ListPoints
Sprinks, James746.672012-06-03Ben Macdui Complete ListPoints
Jennings, Carmel213.332012-06-02Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Bazley, Bob213.332012-05-19Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Rayner, Adrian1066.672012-04-15Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Woodall, Rob15Complete!2012-04-07Telegraph Hill Complete ListPoints
X, Simon213.332012-04-05Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Buch, Damo640.002012Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
bebbington, mark533.332011-11-13Whernside Complete ListPoints
Oates, Leon320.002011-10-15Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Mitchell, Stephen426.672011-08-21Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Bowles, Chris640.002011-07-31Dunkery Beacon Complete ListPoints
Farmer, Ritchie213.332011-07-30Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Santibanez, Miguel213.332011-07-10Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Teicher, Gregory213.332011-06-05Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Edwards, Louise213.332011-04-16Ben More Complete ListPoints
Kinley, Laura213.332011-03-23Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Kerr, Bob533.332010-12-16Black Down Complete ListPoints
Warren, James960.002010-10-16Foel Cwmcerwyn Complete ListPoints
Hill, William "Billy"853.332010-09-17Black Down Complete ListPoints
Luxton, Adam533.332010-09Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Caine, Alan533.332010-08-19Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Belhadj, Malek213.332010-07-28Ben Macdui Complete ListPoints
Anderson, Chris213.332010-07-21Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Carter, Stu746.672009-09-09Ben Macdui Complete ListPoints
Claghorn, Joseph213.332009-07-30Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Alpine Club, El213.332009-05-31Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Hill, Martin640.002008-12-31Ben More Complete ListPoints
McFarlane, Daniel320.002008-12-29Ben More Complete ListPoints
Westcott, Julian320.002008-08-31Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Sugden, Jim320.002008-08-15Snowdon Complete ListPoints
van der Elst, Jan213.332008-07-18Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Carey, Richard640.002008-07-06Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Drew, Philippa213.332008-05-30Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Gordon, Sean213.332008-02-18Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Dixon, Steve1386.672007-12-31Black Down Complete ListPoints
Roach, Gerry426.672007-10-15Ben More Complete ListPoints
Place, Paul213.332007-06-22 cScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Hambrick, Richard213.332007-06-01Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Earnshaw, Michael1386.672006-12-15Ben More Complete ListPoints
Honey, Gary1280.002005-12-31The Cheviot Complete ListPoints
Cooper, Ross213.332005-11-03Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Watkins, John533.332005-09-25Ben Macdui Complete ListPoints
Rae, Chris320.002005-09-17Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Douvier, Yan-Eric213.332005-09-06 cBen Macdui Complete ListPoints
Lauftreff Sustenhorn, Lauftreff Lenzspitze and320.002004Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Davies, Steve320.002004Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Charters, Ian640.002003-08-23The Cheviot Complete ListPoints
Hopkins, Lewis213.332002-07-06Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Whyte, Ken426.672002-03-21Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Fox, Alison 960.002002Ben More Complete ListPoints
Jones, Karen426.671998-06-25Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob746.671997-06 b4Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Bjørstad, Petter213.331996-07Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Kuraguchi, Mari533.331995-11-04Whernside Complete ListPoints
Mclellan, Denise213.331993-06-05Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Mays, Mike213.331993Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Lostracco, Ben533.331991-06-01Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Martin15Complete!1991Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Aitken, Mark533.331988-04-19Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Hagan, Tim320.001977-10-01 aBen More Complete ListPoints
Morgan, Ed426.671976Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
glasper, steve1066.670000Urra Moor-Round Hill Complete ListPoints
Lee, Richard640.000000Bath Hills Complete ListPoints
Gillie, Martin640.000000Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Burrows, Paul426.670000Whernside Complete ListPoints
Haisell, Jay426.670000Dunkery Beacon Complete ListPoints
Hepple, Darren320.000000The Cheviot Complete ListPoints
Deurgar, The320.000000Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Bailey, Joe213.330000Ben More Complete ListPoints
A, Tom213.330000Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Garner, Lee213.330000Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints

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