New Hampshire County High Points - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top 200 climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 10

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Goumas, Zachary880.002015-07-26Pack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints
tone, wolf550.002015-07-12Belknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
Rossman, Jason550.002015-07-03Pack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints
Brown, Cindy440.002015-06-04Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Feldman, Iona660.002015-05-25Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Saltsman, Greg440.002015-05-22Pack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints
Covill, Beckie10Complete!2015-05-21Copple Crown Mountain-Southwest Slope Complete ListPoints
St. Pierre, Mark880.002015-05-10Mount Lafayette Complete ListPoints
Ortiz, Gregory990.002015-04-19 bNottingham Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wilner, Joel440.002015-03-14Mount Lafayette Complete ListPoints
Townes, Will990.002015-01-10Grand Monadnock Complete ListPoints
Blanchette, Steve880.002015-01-02 bCopple Crown Mountain-Southwest Slope3Complete ListPoints
Blanchette, Paul770.002015-01-02 bCopple Crown Mountain-Southwest Slope Complete ListPoints
Schetrompf, Jeff550.002014-12-27Pack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints
Freeman, Andrea440.002014-12-27Mount Lafayette Complete ListPoints
Flanigan, Jen660.002014-12-20Belknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
Happeny, Eric440.002014-11-23Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Lennon, Alex660.002014-11-20Grand Monadnock Complete ListPoints
Lennon, Duncan660.002014-11-11Belknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
Larson, Matt770.002014-10-28Belknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
Jeffries, Fred440.002014-10-12Mount Kearsarge1Complete ListPoints
Higgins, Chris660.002014-09-17Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Vitz, John550.002014-09-11Belknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
Caverly, Arthur660.002014-08-31Copple Crown Mountain-Southwest Slope Complete ListPoints
Campbell, Jayde440.002014-08-30Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Lindsey, Gianina440.002014-08-30Mount Lafayette Complete ListPoints
Hirst, Kristin440.002014-08-27Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Stempek, Chris770.002014-08-23 bBelknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
Proulx, Jackie440.002014-08-23 BBelknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
Robinson, Jim550.002014-08-09Sandwich Mountain-Carroll County Highpoint Complete ListPoints
Massad, Serge550.002014-07-27Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Crowley, Michael550.002014-07-20Grand Monadnock Complete ListPoints
Girl, Local Hawaii550.002014-07-14Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Paille, Matthew440.002014-07-06Sandwich Mountain-Carroll County Highpoint Complete ListPoints
Goumas, Nick990.002014-06-29Pack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints
Winograd, Sam550.002014-06-29Mount Lafayette Complete ListPoints
Rainville , Joel 440.002014-06-23Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Bickford, Andrew880.002014-06-20 aMount Lafayette Complete ListPoints
Westner, Liz550.002014-05-24Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Barber, Sue440.002014-05-11Pack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints
Eagan, Jaime660.002014-05-05Mount Lafayette Complete ListPoints
Cheney, Megan550.002014-05-05Mount Lafayette Complete ListPoints
MacQuarrie, Scott550.002014-03-07Sandwich Mountain-Carroll County Highpoint Complete ListPoints
Gilsdorf, Chris770.002013-12-27Nottingham Mountain Complete ListPoints
DellAnno, Roberta660.002013-10-26Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Klasman, Kevin660.002013-10-14Belknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
Corcoran, Spencer880.002013-10-11Sandwich Mountain-Carroll County Highpoint Complete ListPoints
Ferris, Sharon660.002013-10-06Belknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
derycke, franck440.002013-08-24Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Punk, Chaos440.002013-08-24Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Garneau, Robert880.002013-08-04Nottingham Mountain Complete ListPoints
Sherlock, K550.002013-07-27Belknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
Berger, Michael770.002013-07-25Mount Lafayette7Complete ListPoints
James, Desiree660.002013-07-22Croydon Peak Complete ListPoints
Wijnen-Riems, Frederik660.002013-07-21Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Ken990.002013-07-20Nottingham Mountain Complete ListPoints
Harper, Thomas880.002013-07-17Grand Monadnock Complete ListPoints
Hern, Steve550.002013-07-16Mount Lafayette Complete ListPoints
Dean, Denis10Complete!2013-07-15Mount Lafayette Complete ListPoints
Earl, Edward770.002013-07-15Croydon Peak Complete ListPoints
Massoth, Tom10Complete!2013-07-11Copple Crown Mountain-Southwest Slope Complete ListPoints
Coleman, Josey660.002013-06-01Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Puck, Hockey880.002013-05-11Copple Crown Mountain-Southwest Slope10Complete ListPoints
Koed, Diane550.002013-04-13Belknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
White, Bill990.002013-03-30Copple Crown Mountain-Southwest Slope Complete ListPoints
O'Connell, Jason440.002013Pack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints
Yetter, Larry660.002012-12-15Mount Lafayette Complete ListPoints
Moore, Michael660.002012-11-23Grand Monadnock Complete ListPoints
Wijnen-Riems, Linda660.002012-10-27Belknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
Gorman, Doug550.002012-10-03Grand Monadnock Complete ListPoints
Beck, Alan660.002012-09-25Pack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints
Thompson, Rebecca660.002012-09-01Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Byrne, Thomas440.002012-08-19Grand Monadnock Complete ListPoints
Cormier, David550.002012-08-08Grand Monadnock Complete ListPoints
Solano, Ed550.002012-08-04Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Vitiello, Brian440.002012-07-21Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Peck, Lawrence440.002012-07-14Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Kokko, Katherine660.002012-07-07Grand Monadnock Complete ListPoints
Aschbrenner, Ryan990.002012-06-10 dSandwich Mountain-Carroll County Highpoint Complete ListPoints
White, Nick550.002012-06-10Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Helman, Adam10Complete!2012-05-25Sandwich Mountain-Carroll County Highpoint Complete ListPoints
Brown, Steve10Complete!2012-05-23Croydon Peak Complete ListPoints
Nakajima, Tomoko550.002012-05-20Grand Monadnock Complete ListPoints
Liakos, Beth550.002012-05-20Pack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints
Ward, Jeremy550.002012-04-05Belknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
thompson, shane550.002012-03-08Pack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints
Darby, David990.002012-01-22Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Laverdure, Jean André 990.002011-12-26Sandwich Mountain-Carroll County Highpoint Complete ListPoints
Priest, Margaret440.002011-12-10Grand Monadnock Complete ListPoints
Blair, Michael660.002011-10-09 cBelknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
Trust, Monica 660.002011-10-09 cBelknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
Thate, Karine440.002011-10-09 cBelknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
Gilgen, Rob770.002011-10-08Sandwich Mountain-Carroll County Highpoint Complete ListPoints
Lindemann, Corey440.002011-10-08Pack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints
Vadeboncoeur, Matt990.002011-09-03Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Chamberlin, Adam440.002011-08-01Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Audin, B550.002011-07-26Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Sohl, Daniel440.002011-07-24 aPack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints
Ajalat, Casey440.002011-07-17Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Dolan, Jay440.002011-07-14Mount Lafayette Complete ListPoints
NH, Hikes990.002011-06-15Nottingham Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lacroix, John660.002011-05-02Belknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lamarsh, Brian770.002011-04-30Pack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints
H, Mark550.002011-04-30Pack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hegg, Chris550.002011-04-10Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Hoyt, Will550.002011-04-03Pack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bigelow, Andrew770.002010-11-11 xBelknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hathaway, Justin660.002010-11-06Sandwich Mountain-Carroll County Highpoint Complete ListPoints
Buzzell, Joni550.002010-10-03Belknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
Jones, Ken10Complete!2010-09-12 cMount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Jones, Karen10Complete!2010-09-12 bMount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Kidder, Eric660.002010-08-28Mount Lafayette Complete ListPoints
Ravanis, Peter550.002010-08-21Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Hayes, Candace440.002010-07-21Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Lemieux, Karen 660.002010-06-26Mount Lafayette Complete ListPoints
Martin, Andy660.002010-06-20Belknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
Gopal, Gokul550.002010-06-13Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Anderson, Judi660.002010-06-10Pack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints
Tilton, Kevin660.002010-06-06Pack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints
Greenawalt, Melissa550.002010-06-04Sandwich Mountain-Carroll County Highpoint Complete ListPoints
Connolly, Chris550.002010-05-31Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Hall, Len770.002010-05-20Nottingham Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Jayne550.002010-04-24Grand Monadnock Complete ListPoints
Bedard, Richard770.002010-04-18Copple Crown Mountain-Southwest Slope Complete ListPoints
Lostracco, Ben10Complete!2010-04-16Croydon Peak Complete ListPoints
Dirth, George440.002010-04-03Pack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lardiere, M (whichway)770.002009-08-07Grand Monadnock Complete ListPoints
Fagan, Brett550.002009-07-19Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Carl, Ben880.002009-07-05Belknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
Zhou, Victor440.002009-05-31Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Shamberger, Jason10Complete!2009-05-24Mount Lafayette Complete ListPoints
Beals, Jerry440.002009-05-24Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Sherback, John550.002009-05-16Sandwich Mountain-Carroll County Highpoint Complete ListPoints
Hess, Katie550.002009-02-17Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Marshall, Sarah440.002009Belknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
Dunham, Dave10Complete!2008-12-03Sandwich Mountain-Carroll County Highpoint Complete ListPoints
Bellows, Nick660.002008-11-01Pack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wexler, Lanny10Complete!2008-08-02Copple Crown Mountain-Southwest Slope Complete ListPoints
Miller, Sue770.002008-06-28Nottingham Mountain Complete ListPoints
Cockrell, Scott10Complete!2008-05-18Copple Crown Mountain-Southwest Slope Complete ListPoints
van Buren, Jen660.002008-05-18Belknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
John, Thompson10Complete!2008-05-11Croydon Peak Complete ListPoints
Pig, ManBear10Complete!2008-05-11Croydon Peak Complete ListPoints
Bernier, Alan10Complete!2008-05-11Croydon Peak Complete ListPoints
Lacer, Ron (rocksnrolls)660.002008-03-22Sandwich Mountain-Carroll County Highpoint Complete ListPoints
Barlow, Andrea440.002008Mount Lafayette Complete ListPoints
Mancino, Diane660.002007-12-02Pack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints
Slayden, Greg660.002007-10-17Sandwich Mountain-Carroll County Highpoint Complete ListPoints
Snyder, Steve770.002007-08-25Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
F, Andy770.002007-08-19Belknap Mountain Complete ListPoints
Cusolito, Bob440.002007-08-01Mount Lafayette Complete ListPoints
Sullivan, Sean440.002007-06-12Mount Lafayette Complete ListPoints
Connelly, Brennan990.002006-11Copple Crown Mountain-Southwest Slope Complete ListPoints
Clark, Chip10Complete!2006-10-23Sandwich Mountain-Carroll County Highpoint Complete ListPoints
King, Greg 550.002006-06-03Mount Lafayette Complete ListPoints
Geschwindner, James 440.002006Pack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints
Zerphey, Charles10Complete!2005-09-05Mount Lafayette Complete ListPoints
Intorcio, John440.002005-09-04Mount Lafayette Complete ListPoints
Covill, Dave10Complete!2005-09-02Croydon Peak Complete ListPoints
Wallen, Roy10Complete!2005-09-02Croydon Peak Complete ListPoints
Dunn, Mick10Complete!2005-09-02Croydon Peak Complete ListPoints
Schwab, Bob10Complete!2005-09-02Croydon Peak Complete ListPoints
Kimball, Ben880.002005-02-07Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Ellsworth, Dick10Complete!2005Sandwich Mountain-Carroll County Highpoint Complete ListPoints
Everett, Roxanne10Complete!2004-10-19Grand Monadnock Complete ListPoints
Sheehy, Samantha550.002004-07-21 bMount Washington Complete ListPoints
Young, Cliff10Complete!2003-06-25Croydon Peak Complete ListPoints
Ziak, Rodney770.002001-12-31Pack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints
Schwartz, Michael10Complete!2001-07-11Nottingham Mountain Complete ListPoints
Robbins, Trapper10Complete!2001-07-10Croydon Peak Complete ListPoints
Barrett, William440.002001-05-20Pack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints
Frisbee, John550.002000-08Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Durant, Scott 440.002000-06-23Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Lobdell, Fred10Complete!1999-07-06Croydon Peak Complete ListPoints
Josephson, Arthur990.001999-04-18Nottingham Mountain Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob10Complete!1998-07 b1Croydon Peak Complete ListPoints
Kirmse, Andrew440.001993-09Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Hebert, Bill10Complete!1975-09-01Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Thoreau, Henry David440.001858-07-13Mount Lafayette Complete ListPoints
Garner, John660.000000Croydon Peak Complete ListPoints
frey, jim 440.000000Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Solar, Matt440.000000Pack Monadnock Mountain Complete ListPoints

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