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Top 100 Climbers by Distinct Peaks Climbed

RankClimberAscentsPeaksTrip ReportsGain-FtGain-MList of ListsMost Recent Ascent
1.Packard, Bob5225Ascent List5005Peak List    List of Lists2015-04-25
2.Kalet, Brian4509Ascent List3601Peak List  63Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-04-06
3.Josephson, Arthur5486Ascent List3494Peak List  48Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-02
4.Woodall, Rob3254Ascent List3212Peak List  509Trip Reports  1,419,753  432,741List of Lists2015-03-08
5.Vitz, John3087Ascent List2900Peak List    List of Lists2015-04-29
6.Lostracco, Ben3538Ascent List2672Peak List  1568Trip Reports  2,129,300  649,011List of Lists2015-04-24
7.Schwab, Bob2750Ascent List2608Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-04-18
8.Bernier, Alan3081Ascent List2600Peak List  189Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-04
9.Bloomer, Jim2392Ascent List2357Peak List  7Trip Reports  6,163  1,878List of Lists2015-04-10
10.Jones, Ken2395Ascent List2215Peak List  368Trip Reports  2,765,886  843,042List of Lists2015-05-03
11.Myers, Grant2210Ascent List2181Peak List  51Trip Reports  347,075  105,788List of Lists2015-04-19
12.Carey, Richard2358Ascent List2134Peak List  422Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-02
13.Richardson, Martin2132Ascent List2109Peak List  133Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-04-23
14.Flood, Terry3574Ascent List2039Peak List  268Trip Reports  1,200  366List of Lists2015-05-03
15.Sumner, Bob2544Ascent List1948Peak List    List of Lists2015-02-21
16.Poulin, Dennis2112Ascent List1881Peak List  1207Trip Reports  2,793,612  851,493List of Lists2015-04-27
17.Wyman-Henney, Susan1883Ascent List1740Peak List    List of Lists2015-04-10
18.Martin, Andy1596Ascent List1594Peak List  6Trip Reports  417  127List of Lists2015-04-25
19.Henney, Victor1578Ascent List1551Peak List    List of Lists2015-04-24
20.Roach, Gerry1516Ascent List1476Peak List  5Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-02-22
21.Earl, Edward1586Ascent List1467Peak List  215Trip Reports  2,393,199  729,447List of Lists2015-05-03
22.Shortt, Rickey2878Ascent List1465Peak List  5Trip Reports  39,755  12,117List of Lists2013-11-24
23.MacLeod, Gordon1342Ascent List1337Peak List    List of Lists2010-01-20
24.Ellsworth, Dick1326Ascent List1305Peak List  13Trip Reports  1,400  427List of Lists2015-04-16
25.Retemeyer, Jim1598Ascent List1282Peak List  103Trip Reports  18,304  5,579List of Lists2015-05-04
26.Massad, Serge1791Ascent List1272Peak List  76Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
27.Stolk, John1401Ascent List1271Peak List  29Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-02-20
28.Martin, Bob1257Ascent List1257Peak List    List of Lists2004-10-28
29.Hebert, Bill1368Ascent List1252Peak List  300Trip Reports  216,708  66,053List of Lists2015-01-01
30.Burd, Bob1203Ascent List1200Peak List  4Trip Reports  List of Lists2013-08-26
31.Schwartz, Michael1269Ascent List1182Peak List  103Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-12-07
32.Dodge, Daryn1347Ascent List1178Peak List  113Trip Reports  298,013  90,834List of Lists2015-04-20
33.Laverdure, Jean André 1844Ascent List1170Peak List  556Trip Reports  456,275  139,073List of Lists2015-04-30
34.Bjørstad, Petter1238Ascent List1166Peak List  149Trip Reports  3,116,517  949,914List of Lists2015-05-02
35.Wymore, Jobe2161Ascent List1134Peak List  11Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
36.Newton, Lee1144Ascent List1133Peak List  282Trip Reports  425,072  129,562List of Lists2015-05-03
37.Bartell, Ron1271Ascent List1121Peak List    List of Lists2015-04-28
38.Garry, Paul1263Ascent List1093Peak List  9Trip Reports  24,404  7,438List of Lists2015-05-03
39.Johnson, Frederick1390Ascent List1065Peak List  491Trip Reports  589,587  179,706List of Lists2015-04-27
40.Helman, Adam1112Ascent List1063Peak List  176Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-12-30
41.Gerlach, Greg1495Ascent List1059Peak List  116Trip Reports  236,666  72,136List of Lists2015-05-03
42.Worth, Tim1083Ascent List1042Peak List  26Trip Reports  List of Lists2014
43.Kloster, Vince1037Ascent List1037Peak List    List of Lists2015-05-03
44.Newman, Laura1108Ascent List1009Peak List  14Trip Reports  2,790  850List of Lists2015-05-03
45.Lobdell, Fred1000Ascent List999Peak List    List of Lists2015-04-25
46.Dixon, Steve1075Ascent List980Peak List  1Trip Reports  6,562  2,000List of Lists2015-05-04
47.McCormick, Mark1116Ascent List975Peak List  34Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-04-05
48.Pig, ManBear1102Ascent List961Peak List    List of Lists2015-01-12
49.John, Thompson1065Ascent List946Peak List    60  18List of Lists2015-05-02
50.Christensen, Keith1020Ascent List933Peak List  4Trip Reports  16  5List of Lists2015-04-10
51.Fieberling, Karl921Ascent List919Peak List  24Trip Reports  3,800  1,158List of Lists2015-03-13
52.Barr, Peter1234Ascent List911Peak List    List of Lists2012-09-17
53.Covill, Dave1268Ascent List905Peak List  4Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-04-10
54.Strauch, John897Ascent List891Peak List  31Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-04-27
55.Stone, Peter1019Ascent List890Peak List  407Trip Reports  238,377  72,657List of Lists2015-05-04
56.Boos, Andy1312Ascent List887Peak List  2Trip Reports  896,098  273,131List of Lists2015-04-27
57.Ziak, Rodney1244Ascent List881Peak List  100Trip Reports  1,016,641  309,872List of Lists2015-04-05
58.Oeser, Ken878Ascent List878Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-08
59.Butler, Winnette2029Ascent List872Peak List  406Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-04-29
60.Beavon, Fred973Ascent List867Peak List  96Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-09-12
61.Molen, Dean911Ascent List844Peak List  296Trip Reports  184,644  56,279List of Lists2015-04-28
62.Peters, William882Ascent List832Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-04-18
63.Oestreicher, Richard1162Ascent List831Peak List  982Trip Reports  734,831  223,976List of Lists2015-05-04
64.Halstead, Rob828Ascent List828Peak List    List of Lists2015-04-18
65.Stone, James1277Ascent List828Peak List  91Trip Reports  66,142  20,160List of Lists2015-05-04
66.Down, Nick849Ascent List821Peak List  73Trip Reports  3  1List of Lists2015-04-25
67.Dunham, Dave1280Ascent List808Peak List  1280Trip Reports  1,057,048  322,188List of Lists2015-05-02
68.Michelson, Paul875Ascent List805Peak List  86Trip Reports  1,610,008  490,730List of Lists2015-05-02
69.Willis, Craig852Ascent List797Peak List  76Trip Reports  1,293,062  394,125List of Lists2015-05-03
70.Barlow, Craig813Ascent List796Peak List  10Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-04-18
71.Waxman, Asher1792Ascent List795Peak List  1081Trip Reports  27,337  8,332List of Lists2015-05-03
72.Slayden, Greg1263Ascent List793Peak List  265Trip Reports  2,030,975  619,041List of Lists2015-04-19
73.Dean, Denis810Ascent List785Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-28
74.Rodenak, Mike940Ascent List775Peak List    List of Lists2015-05-02
75.Sandorff, Al799Ascent List774Peak List  110Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
76.Bolton, Bob868Ascent List771Peak List  127Trip Reports  364,730  111,170List of Lists2015-05-03
77.Barlow, James907Ascent List770Peak List  627Trip Reports  1,372,563  418,357List of Lists2015-04-30
78.Kerr, Bob900Ascent List769Peak List  20Trip Reports  List of Lists2012-12-30
79.Winger, Charlie779Ascent List766Peak List  14Trip Reports  22,640  6,901List of Lists2015-05-02
80.Gosnell, Michael1007Ascent List749Peak List  15Trip Reports  231,835  70,663List of Lists2015-04-14
81.Hagan, Tim1329Ascent List748Peak List  31Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-04-27
82.Dunn, Mick1453Ascent List743Peak List    List of Lists2015-04-26
83.Khamis, Miriam874Ascent List742Peak List  101Trip Reports  800  244List of Lists2015-05-03
84.Surgent, Scott791Ascent List741Peak List  194Trip Reports  172,584  52,604List of Lists2015-04-27
85.Gabany, Randy783Ascent List728Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-04-28
86.Melton, Doug739Ascent List727Peak List    List of Lists2015-04-30
87.Carlson, Josh766Ascent List711Peak List  22Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-02
88.Christiansen, George1281Ascent List710Peak List  11Trip Reports  4,928  1,502List of Lists2015-05-01
89.Morrow, John990Ascent List703Peak List  381Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-01
90.Zerphey, Charles714Ascent List703Peak List    List of Lists2014-10-22
91.Walker, Adam853Ascent List691Peak List  473Trip Reports  1,752,178  534,064List of Lists2015-05-02
92.Arredondo, Patricia1685Ascent List688Peak List    List of Lists2015-04-29
93.Sullivan, Michael782Ascent List677Peak List  143Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
94.Massoth, Tom710Ascent List675Peak List    List of Lists2015-05-01
95.Raether, Don778Ascent List668Peak List  488Trip Reports  1,087,138  331,360List of Lists2015-04-03
96.Mitchler, John674Ascent List661Peak List    List of Lists2013-05-26
97.Sheriff, Steve662Ascent List658Peak List  53Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
98.Everett, Roxanne655Ascent List655Peak List    List of Lists2012-09-09
99.Noel, Eric796Ascent List651Peak List  364Trip Reports  953,573  290,649List of Lists2015-05-03
100.Pramuk, Gabriel713Ascent List651Peak List  20Trip Reports  523,732  159,634List of Lists2015-01-14

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