Peak Lists for Jen van Buren

A list will appear on this page when Jen van Buren has climbed at least 2 of the peaks on the list, AND more than 5% of the total number on that list. Clicking on a list name below will take you to that list, showing the date each completed peak was first climbed.

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High Point Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  

      County/Second Level High Points

             Northeastern United States County High Point Lists
                           New Hampshire County High Points10660% Done
                           Massachusetts County High Points14321.4% Done

      Drainage Basin High Point and Triple Divide Lists

             North America Drainage Basin High Points
                    USA Lower 48 Drainage Basin High Points6546.2% Done
                    Northeast USA Drainage Basin High Points18422.2% Done

             North America Triple Divide Points
                    Northeast USA Triple Divide Points19210.5% Done

      Land High Point Lists
                    U.S. State Park High Points29310.3% Done

             U.S. Wilderness Area High Points
                           Northeastern Wilderness High Points4536.7% Done

Elevation Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  

      North America Elevation Lists

             Eastern United States Elevation Lists
                           Northeast USA 4000-foot Peaks1092825.7% Done
                           New England 4000-foot Peaks682841.2% Done
                           New England 3700-foot Peaks1252822.4% Done
                           New Hampshire 4000-foot Peaks482858.3% Done
                           New Hampshire 3500-foot Peaks1022827.5% Done

Isolation Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  

      North America Isolation Lists

             Eastern United States Isolation Lists
                                  New England Peaks with 25 Miles of Isolation2528% Done

Prominence Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  

      North America Prominence Lists

             Eastern United States Prominence Lists
                           Eastern USA Peaks with 2500 feet of Prominence30413.3% Done
                           Eastern USA Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence781114.1% Done
                           Northeast USA Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence541120.4% Done
                                  New England Top 50 by Prominence501326% Done

             Northeast USA County Prominence Peak Lists
                           New Hampshire County Prominence Peaks10770% Done
                           Massachusetts County Prominence Peaks14321.4% Done

Hiking/Climbing Club Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  

      Eastern U.S. Club Lists
             Northeast "115" 4000-footers1152925.2% Done

             Appalachian Mountain Club Lists
                    AMC New England 4000-footers672943.3% Done
                    AMC New England Hundred Highest1002929% Done
                    AMC New Hampshire 4000-footers482960.4% Done

             Other New England Lists
                    New Hampshire 52 with a View52611.5% Done
                    New Hampshire Fire Towers16743.8% Done
                    Belknap Range Summits1212Complete!
                    Trailwright New Hampshire 4000 footers723244.4% Done
                    YMCA Alpine Club List (NH)1003535% Done

Random Other Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  

      Grab Bag Lists
             Famous Peaks that are not High Points2727.4% Done

      Usage Lists
             Peaks with Most Individual Summiters502448% Done
             Most Ascended Peaks502346% Done

US County High Point Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  

      Regional County Groupings
                    New England CoHPs67913.4% Done

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