Lists Created by Arthur Harris

This table shows queries/lists that Arthur Harris has created and saved using the Query Tool page, available to registered site users.

List/Query NameLocation FRL #PeaksClimbedPctMost Recent PeakDatePrio
Arizona P3kN.A.-USA-AZFRL24     
California p4kN.A.-USA-CAFRL16     
Candian UltrasN.A.-CanadaFRL131     
china ultraWorld-ChinaFRL170     
colorado 1kN.A.-USA-COFRL200     
Colorado 3k N.A.-USA-COFRL20     
colorado p1kN.A.-USA-COFRL200     
Colorado p2kN.A.-USA-COFRL80     
Connecticut ranked peaksN.A.-USA-CTFRL17     
Georgia peaksN.A.-USA-GAFRL63     
Mexico UltraN.A.-MexicoFRL23     
MT p4kN.A.-USA-MTFRL15     
New Mexico 13erWorldFRLNull     
New Mexico 13ersWorldFRLNull     
New Mexico p2kN.A.-USA-NMFRL46     
NM 13ersWorldFRLNull     
NM p2kN.A.-USA-NMFRL46     
p4k+, USN.A.-USAFRL200     
Pennsylvania p1kN.A.-USA-PAFRL6     
SD 1k peaksN.A.-USA-SDFRL4     
South Dakota 7kN.A.-USA-SDFRL8     
South Dakota 7k with promN.A.-USA-SDFRL6     
sub 7k peaks with 4k promN.A.-USAFRL66     
Texas P2kN.A.-USA-TXFRL12     
Utah 3k prominenceN.A.-USA-UTFRL38     
Utah 4&5k promN.A.-USA-UTFRL16     

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