Lists Created by Edward Earl

This table shows queries/lists that Edward Earl has created and saved using the Query Tool page, available to registered site users.

List/Query NameLocation FRL #PeaksClimbedPctMost Recent PeakDatePrio
CONUS 200 FinestN.A.-USAFRL200     
CONUS 50 mile isolationN.A.-USAFRL166     
Snohomish WA P1KN.A.-USA-WAFRL62     
King WA 1000' prominenceN.A.-USA-WAFRL54     
San Diego CA 50 FinestN.A.-USA-CAFRL53     
OR 50 FinestN.A.-USA-ORFRL50     
MT 50 FinestN.A.-USA-MTFRL50     
WA 50 FinestN.A.-USA-WAFRL50     
ID 50 FinestN.A.-USA-IDFRL50     
UT 50 FinestN.A.-USA-UTFRL50     
CA 50 FinestN.A.-USA-CAFRL50     
Edward Earl's Wish ListWorldFRL44     
NV 3600' prominenceN.A.-USA-NVFRL38     
San Diego CA P1KN.A.-USA-CAFRL29     
P2K BulgersN.A.-USA-WAFRL28     
San Juan Islands P500N.A.-USA-WAFRL23     
Uinta P1KN.A.-USA-UTFRL19     
Yukon UltrasN.A.-Canada-YTFRL17     
Nunavut UltrasN.A.-Canada-NUFRL16     
Edward Earl's Life ListWorldFRL15     
Eastern Canada, Non-Torngat P2KN.A.-CanadaFRL13     
Finland PeaksEurope-FinlandFRL13     
Alberta UltrasN.A.-Canada-ABFRL10     
South Korea P600mAsia-South KoreaFRL10     
Gulf Islands P500N.A.-Canada-BCFRL9     
Northwest Territories P1000mN.A.-Canada-NWTFRL4     

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