Personal Lists Created by Bob Bolton

Showing Bob Bolton's Ascents

This table shows queries/lists that Bob Bolton has created and saved using the Query Tool or the "Pick and Choose" list building capability.

TypeList/Query NameLocationQuery EditList Edit FRL #PeaksClimbedPctMost Recent PeakDatePrio
Query  Oregon P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL43817640.18Spencer Butte2017-04-01 c 
Query  Washington Top 200 Prom < P2KN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL2004723.5Manastash Ridge2016-07-17 b 
Query  Lower 48 200 Finest PeaksN.A.-USAQuery EditList EditFRL20017889Virginia Peak2016-09-17 
Query  Oregon 200 FinestN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL20012562.5Green Peak2017-04-01 a 
Query  P2Ks less than 250 miles from homeN.A.-USAQuery EditList EditFRL18414277.17Lyman Hill2016-03-26 
Query  Lower 48 150 Finest PeaksN.A.-USAQuery EditList EditFRL15014898.67Mazatzal Peak2015-10-30 
Query  WA County P1Ks, OkanoganN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL1131614.16Goat Mountain2015-07-26 a 
Query  P3Ks less then 400 miles from homeN.A.-USAQuery EditList EditFRL1058379.05Lyman Hill2016-03-26 
Query  Oregon 100 Highest P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL1006262Park Butte2016-07-24 
Query  WA County P1Ks, ChelanN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL972323.71Fourth of July Mountain2015-07-26 b 
Query  WA County P1Ks, WhatcomN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL851214.12Mount Prophet2013-08-18 
Query  WA County P300s - SkamaniaN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL731216.44Quartz Creek Ridge-Peak 52452014-06-01 
Query  WA County P1Ks, SnohomishN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL681014.71Sloan Peak2014-07-27 
Query  WA County P1Ks, SkagitN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL681420.59Lyman Hill2016-03-26 
Query  Nevada P3KsN.A.-USA-NVQuery EditList EditFRL642945.31Virginia Peak2016-09-17 
Query  WA County P1Ks, KingN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL541222.22Cougar Mountain2015-07-06 b 
Query  Washington P3KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL524076.92Lyman Hill2016-03-26 
Query  Montana P3KsN.A.-USA-MTQuery EditList EditFRL512854.9Sunset Peak2016-09-03 
Query  P1Ks in the Oregon 100 Highest listN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL504182Hillman Peak2014-10-13 
Query  Arizona 50 highest Clean P1KsN.A.-USA-AZQuery EditList EditFRL501326Black Mesa High Point2015-10-29 
Query  Idaho 50 Highest Clean P1KsN.A.-USA-IDQuery EditList EditFRL50918Bell Mountain2013-08-11 
Query  Montana 50 Highest Clean P1KsN.A.-USA-MTQuery EditList EditFRL50714Sunset Peak2016-09-03 
Query  Colorado 50 Highest Clean P1KsN.A.-USA-COQuery EditList EditFRL502142Mount Wilson2015-09-11 
Query  Oregon 50 highest Clean P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL504080Gobblers Knob2016-04-17 b 
Query  OR County P1Ks, KlamathN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL481939.58Hillman Peak2014-10-13 
Query  California P3KsN.A.-USA-CAQuery EditList EditFRL462452.17Copernicus Peak2015-02-20 
Query  WA County P1Ks, FerryN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL4536.67Whitestone Ridge2010-07-03 
Query  WA County P1Ks, StevensN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL44920.45Blacktail Butte2007-09-02 
Query  WA County P1Ks, JeffersonN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL4037.5Mount Deception2009-07-04 
Query  WA County P1Ks, LewisN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL392666.67Lone Tree Mountain2015-06-14 
Query  Utah P3KsN.A.-USA-UTQuery EditList EditFRL382360.53Fool Creek Peak2015-10-27 
Query  Colorado 14er P1KsN.A.-USA-COQuery EditList EditFRL372156.76Mount Wilson2015-09-11 
Query  OR County P1Ks, LaneN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL361952.78Spencer Butte2017-04-01 c 
Query  OR County P1Ks, DouglasN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL36719.44Red Butte2013-06-16 
Query  WA County P1Ks, KittitasN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL35925.71Manastash Ridge2016-07-17 b 
Query  WA County P1Ks, ClallamN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL3412.94Mount Muller2007-01-27 
Query  WA County P1Ks, SkamaniaN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL3333100Mount Whittier2014-08-10 
Query  OR County P1Ks, JacksonN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL30516.67Humpy Mountain2013-06-22 
Query  Idaho P3KsN.A.-USA-IDQuery EditList EditFRL291862.07Queen Mountain2014-07-06 b 
Query  WA County P1Ks, YakimaN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL291241.38Cleman Mountain2016-07-17 a 
Query  WA County P1Ks, Pend OreilleN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL29413.79Snyder Hill2007-09-03 
Query  OR County P1Ks, JosephineN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL28725Silver Peak2013-06-30 
Query  Lower 48 14er P2KsN.A.-USAQuery EditList EditFRL251976Mount Wilson2015-09-11 
Query  Arizona P3KsN.A.-USA-AZQuery EditList EditFRL241666.67Browns Peak2015-10-31 
Query  Oregon P3KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL2222100Pueblo Mountain2009-05-23 
Query  OR County P1Ks, DeschutesN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL211257.14Hampton Butte2016-06-19 d 
Query  ID County P1Ks, IdahoN.A.-USA-IDQuery EditList EditFRL2114.76He Devil2006-08-06 
Query  Colorado P3KsN.A.-USA-COQuery EditList EditFRL201470Mount Wilson2015-09-11 
Query  Colorado 14er P2KsN.A.-USA-COQuery EditList EditFRL201470Mount Wilson2015-09-11 
Query  OR County P1Ks, LinnN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL20840Peterson Butte2016-01-18 
Query  OR County P1Ks, LakeN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL20840Little Glass Butte2016-06-19 c 
Query  WA County P1Ks, MasonN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL18316.67Mount Washington2008-05-31 
Query  OR County P1Ks, HarneyN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL18633.33Dry Mountain2016-06-19 a 
Query  New Mexico P3KsN.A.-USA-NMQuery EditList EditFRL171588.24Organ Needle2016-05-20 
Query  OR County P1Ks, MalheurN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL17635.29Cottonwood Mountain2013-07-05 
Query  WA County P1Ks, PierceN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL16318.75Crystal Mountain2008-06-22 
Query  ID County P1Ks, ValleyN.A.-USA-IDQuery EditList EditFRL16318.75Big Baldy2012-07-23 
Query  Eastern P3KsN.A.-USAQuery EditList EditFRL15746.67Clingmans Dome2010-05-04 
Query  WA County P300s - CowlitzN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL15     
Query  WA County P1Ks, Grays HarborN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL14214.29Weatherwax Ridge2009-06-27 
Query  OR County P1Ks, GrantN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL14642.86Lookout Mountain2006-09-30 
Query  OR County P1Ks, BakerN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL14750Bullrun Rock2013-07-04 
Query  OR County P1Ks, CurryN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL14428.57Edson Butte2013-06-29 
Query  ID County P1Ks, LemhiN.A.-USA-IDQuery EditList EditFRL13323.08Bell Mountain2013-08-11 
Query  Wyoming P3KsN.A.-USA-WYQuery EditList EditFRL11436.36Francs Peak2011-08-29 
Query  OR County P1Ks, ClackamasN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL11981.82Mount Lowe2016-05-30 c 
Query  ID County P1Ks, BonnerN.A.-USA-IDQuery EditList EditFRL10550Roberts Mountain2014-07-07 c 
Query  OR County P1Ks, WheelerN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL10110Spanish Peak2002-08-17 b 
Query  OR County P1Ks, TillamookN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL9888.89Gobblers Knob2016-04-17 b 
Query  WA County P1Ks, PacificN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL8450Peak 24002016-02-15 
Query  WA County P1Ks, CowlitzN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL88100Abernathy Mountain2013-11-10 
Query  OR County P1Ks, Hood RiverN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL77100Middle Mountain2015-11-22 
Query  OR County P1Ks, JeffersonN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL7571.43Gray Butte2011-10-30 
Query  OR County P1Ks, UnionN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL7228.57Mount Emily2009-06-20 
Query  ID County P1Ks, BoundaryN.A.-USA-IDQuery EditList EditFRL7457.14Clifty Mountain2014-07-07 a 
Query  ID County P1Ks, ClearwaterN.A.-USA-IDQuery EditList EditFRL7114.29Rhodes Peak2004-08-29 b 
Query  OR County P1Ks, ClatsopN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL6583.33Green Mountain2016-04-02 
Query  OR County P1Ks, BentonN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL66100Green Peak2017-04-01 a 
Query  OR County P1Ks, CrookN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL6233.33Grizzly Mountain2011-10-30 
Query  OR County P1Ks, WallowaN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL6583.33Elkhorn Peak2013-07-27 
Query  OR County P1Ks, LincolnN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL5480Table Mountain2016-04-09 c 
Query  OR County P1Ks, CoosN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL5120Mount Bolivar2003-06-13 a 
Query  WA County P1Ks, San JuanN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL5480Turtleback Mountain2012-10-13 c 
Query  WA County P1Ks, KlickitatN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL55100Maryhill Benchmark2013-02-24 
Query  WA County P1Ks, ThurstonN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL4125Larch Mountain2006-02-18 
Query  WA County P1Ks, SpokaneN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL4125Mount Spokane2003-07-27 
Query  OR County P1Ks, WascoN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL44100Mutton Mountains High Point2016-06-11 a 
Query  OR County P1Ks, PolkN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL4250Bald Mountain2010-02-28 
Query  OR County P1Ks, MarionN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL4375Park Butte2016-07-24 
Query  ID County P1Ks, KootenaiN.A.-USA-IDQuery EditList EditFRL4125Latour Peak2004-05-15 a 
Query  Texas P3KsN.A.-USA-TXQuery EditList EditFRL44100Eagle Peak2016-05-21 b 
Query  WA County P1Ks, ClarkN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL33100Green Knob Lookout2013-10-13 
Query  WA County P1Ks, WhitmanN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL33100Kamiak Butte2012-10-07 
Query  OR County P1Ks, YamhillN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL33100Sheridan Peak2012-01-01 b 
Query  ID County P1Ks, BenewahN.A.-USA-IDQuery EditList EditFRL2     
Query  WA County P1Ks, ColumbiaN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL22100Table Rock2009-08-09 
Query  OR County P1Ks, UmatillaN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL11100Tower Mountain2002-08-17 d 

About Personal Lists

Registered users of can create their own lists. The site hosts hundreds of well-known and popular lists on the Peak Lists page, but many users will want to create a collections of peaks that speaks to their climbing interests or goals.

There are two kinds of Personal List a user can create:

  • Query List: Create one on this page. These lists are the results of a query against the peak database, and include peaks based on strict criteria, such as elevation, location, prominence, and other metrics. To create one, you can use the query tool to input your criteria, run the query, tweak the criteria until you get results you are happy with, and then save the results as a list.
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Wish List: Your "Wish List" is a special kind of Pick-and-Choose List. When selecting peaks to add to it, you can only add peaks you have not yet climbed. And once you climb a peak on your Wish List, it is automatically removed from your Wish List. The Wish List also lets others know your upcoming plans, and is used for map shading. It is a good idea to give your Wish List a name that reflects it special status, for example, "John Smith's Wish List".

To make a Pick-and-Choose list your Wish List, click the "List Edit" link for a list, and check the Wish List checkbox on the page. This will set that list to be your Wish List. If you have a current wish list, it will not be deleted, it will remain as a regular Pick-and-Choose list.

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