Lists Created by Arthur Josephson

This table shows queries/lists that Arthur Josephson has created and saved using the Query Tool page, available to registered site users.

List/Query NameLocation FRL #PeaksClimbedPctMost Recent PeakDatePrio
Andover, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL8     
Androscoggin County MaineN.A.-USA-MEFRL4     
Arthur Josephson's Wish ListN.A.-USA-NHFRL3     
B Pond ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL6     
Bas-Rhin, Alsace, FranceEurope-France-AlsaceFRL11     
Baxter State Park, MEN.A.-USA-MEFRL34     
Belknap County New HampshireN.A.-USA-NHFRL90     
Berkshire Cty MassachusettsN.A.-USA-MAFRL146     
Berlin, NH topoN.A.-USA-NHFRL12     
Bethel, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL6     
Brownfield, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL16     
Bryant Pond, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL11     
Buckfield, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL10     
Canton, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL3     
Carroll County 1, NHN.A.-USA-NHFRL200     
Carroll County 2, NHN.A.-USA-NHFRL58     
Casco, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL3     
Center Lovell, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL16     
Cheshire County 2, NHN.A.-USA-NHFRL1     
Cheshire County 1, NHN.A.-USA-NHFRL200     
Coos County New HampshireN.A.-USA-NHFRL200     
Coos County New Hampshire 2N.A.-USA-NHFRL185     
Cornish ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL20     
East Stoneham, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL22     
Ellis Pond, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL1     
Errol, NH topoN.A.-USA-NHFRL11     
Essex County MassachusettsN.A.-USA-MAFRL28     
Franconia, NH topoN.A.-USA-NHFRL23     
Franklin County MAN.A.-USA-MAFRL187     
Franklin County MaineN.A.-USA-MEFRL123     
Fryeburg, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL6     
Gilead, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL11     
Grafton County New HampshireN.A.-USA-NHFRL200     
Grafton Cty 2, NHN.A.-USA-NHFRL115     
Great East Lake, ME topoN.A.-USAFRL7     
Greenwood, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL22     
Hampden Cty, MAN.A.-USA-MAFRL61     
Haut-Rhin, Alsace, FranceEurope-France-AlsaceFRL15     
Hillsborough Cty, NHN.A.-USA-NHFRL112     
Hiram, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL11     
Kezar Falls, ME topoN.A.-USAFRL19     
Lake Auburn West, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL6     
Le Granit, Quebec, CanadaN.A.-Canada-QCFRL26     
Limerick, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL15     
Limington, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL4     
Marlborough, MA topoN.A.-USA-MAFRL55     
Massachusetts 200 feet PromN.A.-USA-MAFRL36     
Massachusetts 200feetN.A.-USA-MAFRL34     
Merrimack Cty, NHN.A.-USA-NHFRL133     
Middlesex Cty MAN.A.-USA-MAFRL150     
Milan, NH topoN.A.-USA-NHFRL8     
Mount Blue, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL12     
Mount Zircon, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL15     
Mousam Lake, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL5     
Naples, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL5     
New Hampshire 200N.A.-USA-NHFRL200     
New Hampshire 200 2N.A.-USA-NHFRL200     
New Hampshire 200feetN.A.-USA-NHFRL242     
New Hampshire 3N.A.-USA-NHFRL178     
North Sebago, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL12     
North Waterford, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL32     
Norway, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL10     
Old Speck, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL14     
Orange County VermontN.A.-USA-VTFRL14     
Ossipee, NH topoN.A.-USA-NHFRL5     
Oxford County MaineN.A.-USA-MEFRL104     
Oxford, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL13     
Penobscot County MaineN.A.-USA-MEFRL22     
Percy Peaks, NH topoN.A.-USA-NHFRL12     
Pleasant Mountain, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL13     
Puzzle Mountain, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL6     
Rhode Island StateN.A.-USA-RIFRL27     
Rockingham Cty, NHN.A.-USA-NHFRL43     
Roxbury, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL5     
Sanford, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL1     
Shelburne, ME NH topoN.A.-USAFRL19     
Speckled Mountain, ME, topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL20     
Steep Falls, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL11     
Strafford Cty, NHN.A.-USA-NHFRL39     
Success Pond, ME, NH topoN.A.-USA-NHFRL6     
Sullivan County New HampshireN.A.-USA-NHFRL67     
Switzerland #2Europe-SwitzFRL160     
Teakettle Ridge, NH topoN.A.-USA-NHFRL9     
Waldo County MaineN.A.-USA-MEFRL12     
Waterboro, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL1     
Waterford Flat, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL18     
West Alton, NH topoN.A.-USA-NHFRL20     
West Milan, NH topoN.A.-USA-NHFRL15     
West Newfield, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL11     
West Paris, ME, topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL9     
West Sumner, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL19     
Wild River ME, NH topoN.A.-USAFRL12     
Worcester County MassachusettsN.A.-USA-MAFRL200     
Worcester County Massachusetts 2N.A.-USA-MAFRL146     
Worthley Pond, ME topoN.A.-USA-MEFRL2     

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