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Ascents of Runyon Summit

This page shows all the ascents and attempts of Runyon Summit that have been entered by registered climbers on this site. This list only shows climbs by users, and is not a comprehensive list of everyone who has summited this peak. Some peaks may also have ascents by famous climbers listed, often the first ascent.

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Ascent Date
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TripReportGPSClimberRouteAttempt OnlyGain-FtTrip-FtMiRoute IconsGear IconsQltyAsc#StartElevFt
2006-04-16  Waxman, Asher          
2006-09-01  Waxman, Asher          
2006-11-13  Waxman, Asher          
2006-12-31  Waxman, Asher          
2007-03-14  Waxman, Asher          
2007-03-28TR Waxman, Asher          
2007-04-25TR Waxman, Asher          
2008-01-12TR Waxman, Asher          
2008-08-01  Wilson, Brooke          
2008-10-29  Waxman, Asher          
2009  Newman, Laura          
2009-01-07  Waxman, Asher          
2009-01-28  Waxman, Asher          
2009-05-02  Waxman, Asher          
2009-11-28TR Waxman, Asher          
2010  Richter, Dan          
2010-02-10  Waxman, Asher          
2010-02-26  Waxman, Asher          
2010-07-04  Waxman, Asher          
2010-10-13TR Waxman, Asher          
2010-11-17TR Waxman, Asher          
2010-12-12TR Waxman, Asher          
2011-01-12TR Waxman, Asher          
2011-01-16TR Waxman, Asher          
2011-01-19TR Waxman, Asher          
2011-02-02TR Waxman, Asher          
2011-02-04TR Waxman, Asher          
2011-02-05TR Waxman, Asher          
2011-03-11TR Waxman, Asher          
2011-03-16TR Waxman, Asher     
2011-03-30 aTR Waxman, Asher          
2011-03-30 bTR Waxman, Asher          
2011-04-16TR Waxman, Asher          
2011-05-14TR Waxman, Asher          
2011-07-30 aTR Waxman, Asher          
2011-07-30 bTR Waxman, Asher          
2011-10-09 aTR Waxman, Asher          
2011-10-09 b  Waxman, Asher          
2011-10-09 c  Waxman, Asher          
2011-12-16TR Waxman, Asher          
2011-12-18TR Waxman, Asher          
2011-12-25TR Waxman, Asher          
2011-12-26TR Waxman, Asher          
2012-01-13 xx  Butler, Winnette          
2012-01-18  Silva, Sterling          
2012-01-27TR Waxman, Asher          
2012-02-09TR Waxman, Asher          
2012-02-18 aTR Waxman, Asher          
2012-03-26  harman, kenyon          
2012-03-30 xTR Waxman, Asher          
2012-05-20 aTR Waxman, Asher          
2012-05-20 bTR Waxman, Asher          
2012-05-20 cTR Waxman, Asher          
2012-06-10TR Waxman, Asher          
2012-07-12  Butler, Aidan          
2012-08-19TR Waxman, Asher          
2012-10-06TR Waxman, Asher          
2012-10-07  Garry, Paul          
2012-10-08TR Waxman, Asher          
2012-10-27TR Waxman, Asher          
2012-11-03TR Waxman, Asher          
2012-11-22TR Waxman, Asher          
2012-12-15TR Waxman, Asher          
2012-12-19TR Waxman, Asher          
2012-12-25TR Waxman, Asher          
2012-12-30TR Waxman, Asher          
2013  Mejia, Chris          
2013-01-09TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-01-20 abTR Waxman, Asher     
2013-01-26TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-02-09TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-02-22 abTR Waxman, Asher          
2013-03-02 aaTR Waxman, Asher          
2013-03-09TR Waxman, Asher  13001300 
2013-03-26TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-03-27TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-04-10TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-04-17TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-05-31TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-06-01TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-06-08TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-06-12TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-06-15TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-06-30TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-07-20TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-07-28  Stemm, BradSW trail  1201200.7
 3 1200
2013-08-03TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-08-07TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-08-11  Waxman, Asher          
2013-08-31TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-09-05TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-09-13TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-09-15TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-09-18  Butler, The Colonel          
2013-09-18 xxTR Butler, Winnette     
2013-09-25TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-10-11TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-10-18  Waxman, Asher          
2013-10-20TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-10-23TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-10-26TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-10-30TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-11-01TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-11-03  Waxman, Asher          
2013-11-08TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-11-17 abTR Waxman, Asher          
2013-11-23  Greffin, Pam          
2013-11-27TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-12-01TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-12-04TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-12-14TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-12-15TR Waxman, Asher          
2013-12-22  Wells, Pat          
2013-12-27TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-01-05TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-01-12TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-01-15TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-01-18TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-01-22TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-01-25  Waxman, Asher          
2014-01-29TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-02-01TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-02-09TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-02-12TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-02-15  Waxman, Asher          
2014-02-17TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-02-22 xTR Waxman, Asher          
2014-03-08TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-03-12TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-03-14TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-03-15TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-03-23TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-03-27  Butler, The Colonel          
2014-03-27 xxTR Butler, Winnette     
2014-04-05  Waxman, Asher          
2014-04-12TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-04-25TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-04-26  Waxman, Asher          
2014-04-30TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-05-07TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-05-11  Waxman, Asher          
2014-05-20TR King, Coby     
2014-05-31TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-06-14  Waxman, Asher          
2014-06-25TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-07-06TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-07-11  Waxman, Asher          
2014-07-16TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-07-18TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-08-02  Waxman, Asher          
2014-08-06TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-08-09TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-08-11 pmTR Waxman, Asher          
2014-08-15  Waxman, Asher          
2014-08-29  Waxman, Asher          
2014-08-30TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-09-03  Waxman, Asher          
2014-09-19TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-09-21TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-09-24TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-09-26TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-09-27  Waxman, Asher          
2014-09-28TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-10-01TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-10-03 nTR Waxman, Asher          
2014-10-08  Waxman, Asher          
2014-10-11TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-10-12TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-10-18TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-10-22TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-10-24  Waxman, Asher          
2014-10-25TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-10-31TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-11-01TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-11-05TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-11-08  Waxman, Asher          
2014-11-15TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-11-16 nTR Waxman, Asher          
2014-11-19  Waxman, Asher          
2014-11-28TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-12-05  Waxman, Asher          
2014-12-06TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-12-10TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-12-13TR Waxman, Asher          
2014-12-19  Waxman, Asher          
2014-12-28TR Waxman, Asher          
2015-01-03  Waxman, Asher          
2015-01-07TR Waxman, Asher          
2015-01-14  Waxman, Asher          
2015-01-23  Waxman, Asher          
2015-01-24  Waxman, Asher          
2015-01-31  Waxman, Asher          
2015-02-04  Waxman, Asher          
2015-02-08TR Waxman, Asher          
2015-02-13TR Waxman, Asher          
2015-02-21TR Waxman, Asher          
2015-03-01  Waxman, Asher          
2015-03-04  Waxman, Asher          
2015-03-07  Waxman, Asher          
2015-03-15  Waxman, Asher          
2015-03-22  Waxman, Asher          
2015-03-28  Waxman, Asher          
2015-03-29TR Waxman, Asher          
2015-04-04  Waxman, Asher          
2015-04-05  Waxman, Asher          
2015-04-05 GPSGiurgiulescu, MihaiRunyon Fire Road 1004200.6
2015-04-11  Waxman, Asher          
2015-04-15  Waxman, Asher          
2015-04-26 nTR Waxman, Asher          
2015-05-01  Waxman, Asher          
2015-05-03  Waxman, Asher          

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