Mid-Atlantic CoHPs - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top 200 climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 178

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Schwartz, Michael178Complete!2006-06-24Saint Marys County High Point Complete ListPoints
Zerphey, Charles178Complete!2009-04-25Herkimer County High Point Complete ListPoints
Schwab, Bob178Complete!2014-12-19Sampson Rock Complete ListPoints
Lostracco, Ben178Complete!2015-03-23Sampson Rock Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob178Complete!2016-07-25Sampson Rock Complete ListPoints
Lobdell, Fred17799.442008-08-02Flint Hill-Northeast Slope Complete ListPoints
Laverdure, Jean Andr√© 12972.472015-09-26 aBoyers Knob Complete ListPoints
Wexler, Lanny11363.482015-04-03Stillpond Neck Complete ListPoints
Miller, SueAnn9754.492011-06-23Blue Mountain-Berks County High Point Complete ListPoints
Wandall, Ed9452.812015-06-14Allegheny County High Point Complete ListPoints
Wiley, John8447.192016-03-25Quirauk Mountain Complete ListPoints
Clark, Chip8246.072009-07-01Sugar Hill Complete ListPoints
Melton, Doug7441.572015-12-10Bald Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hebert, Bill6838.202004-05-27Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Bernier, Alan6838.202015-10-17Tenant Mountain Complete ListPoints
Robbins, Trapper6435.962010-07-11Erie County High Point Complete ListPoints
Everett, Roxanne6033.712010-07-11Erie County High Point Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Ken5832.582016-06-04Mine Mountain Complete ListPoints
Snyder, Wayne5832.582016-09-20 bVenango County High Point Complete ListPoints
Waltz, Mike5329.782015-07-24Black Mountain Complete ListPoints
Baxter, Dan5028.092013-05-24Cumberland County High Point Complete ListPoints
Saltsman, Greg5028.092016-06-03Bears Head Complete ListPoints
Oswald, Lisa4826.972011-04-15Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Carey, Richard4525.282015-07-23Armstrong County High Point Complete ListPoints
Oestreicher, Richard4424.722015-05-08Montour Ridge-Northeast Slope Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Annette4424.722016-06-04Mine Mountain Complete ListPoints
Cockrell, Scott4324.162010-07-03Schunnemunk Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wallen, Roy4324.162011-12-10Alander Mountain-Southwest Ridge Complete ListPoints
Martin, Andy4223.602014-11-02Bears Head Complete ListPoints
Retemeyer, Jim4223.602016-07-28Howard County High Point Complete ListPoints
Slayden, Greg4022.472014-04-06Cayuga County High Point Complete ListPoints
Young, Cliff4022.472016-08-07Sugar Hill Complete ListPoints
Ellsworth, Dick3921.912015-09-06 dBig Knob Complete ListPoints
Potkay, Jason3921.912016-07-16 aBlue Knob Complete ListPoints
Bahantka, Scott 3821.352014-08-15Oswego County High Point Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Alexandra3720.792011-07-18Crawford County High Point Complete ListPoints
Dayton, John3720.792013-07-10Mount Davis Complete ListPoints
Bahantka, Scott3720.792015-12-16Call Hill Complete ListPoints
Hitz, Brandon3620.222016-08-04 bElk Hill Complete ListPoints
Bickford, Andrew3519.662015-10-10 aBeech Mountain Complete ListPoints
Connelly, Brennan3318.542009-01-18Battle Hill Complete ListPoints
Surgent, Scott3217.982008-05-19Anne Arundel County High Point Complete ListPoints
Loring, Jim3217.982013-06-30Mill Hill Complete ListPoints
Bielli, Jimmy3217.982016-08-02Gurnsey Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Olson, David3117.422016-05-24Atlantic County High Point Complete ListPoints
Olivari, Anthony3016.852015-04-04Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Dunham, Dave3016.852015-10-17Tenant Mountain Complete ListPoints
Schwarting, Dan2916.292016-07-23 bOtsego County High Point Complete ListPoints
Jones, Ken2916.292016-08-27Black Mountain Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Braxton2815.732016-06-04Mine Mountain Complete ListPoints
Mitchler, John2715.172007-02-03Baltimore High Point Complete ListPoints
Harper, Thomas2715.172010-10-15Broad Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wymore, Jobe2715.172015-09-16 aSeward Mountain Complete ListPoints
Dunn, Mick2715.172016-03-27Henry Hill Complete ListPoints
ferris, tom2614.610000Todt Hill Complete ListPoints
Anderer, PJ2614.612016-08-21Broad Mountain14Complete ListPoints
Musser, William 2514.042016-03-29 aBattle Hill Complete ListPoints
MacQuarrie, Scott2514.042016-05-21Second Watchung Mountain-Essex CoHP Complete ListPoints
Post, Chris2514.042016-09-03 aLyon Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kloster, Vince2413.482012-09-06Sand Hills Complete ListPoints
John, Thompson2413.482015-05-05Berlin Mountain Complete ListPoints
Townes, Will2413.482015-05-18Brace Mountain Complete ListPoints
Retemeyer, Seth2413.482016-07-28Howard County High Point Complete ListPoints
Flynn, Emily2212.362012-06Bailey Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Pig, ManBear2212.362013-05-26Virgil Mountain Complete ListPoints
Darby, David2212.362013-07-12Hunter Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hollis, Andrew2212.362016-04-11Greene County High Point Complete ListPoints
Schneider, Micah2212.362016-06-25Hunter Mountain Complete ListPoints
Jackson, Jim2212.362016-08-16 eEast Big Flat Ridge Complete ListPoints
Barlow, James2111.802012-08-26 aFlint Hill-Northeast Slope Complete ListPoints
Holland, Mike2111.802013-12-15Whiteford Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Stewart, Dennis2011.242011-08-07 01Tuscarora Mountain Complete ListPoints
Jantz, Adam2011.242012-09-28Hector Backbone-North Slope Complete ListPoints
King, Coby2011.242016-07-29Chestnut Hill Complete ListPoints
Swift, Brian2011.242016-09-11 cLancaster County High Point14Complete ListPoints
Koppel, Eric1910.672010-10-22 bHuntersfield Mountain Complete ListPoints
Helman, Adam1910.672012-05-19Second Watchung Mountain-Union CoHP Complete ListPoints
Shortt, Rickey1910.672012-12-22Scofield Ridge Complete ListPoints
Wymore, Pat1910.672013-06-01 bMount Davis Complete ListPoints
Huber, Dave1910.672016-01-03Dorchester County High Point Complete ListPoints
Taylor, Rick1810.112010-10-03Hector Backbone-North Slope Complete ListPoints
Nappi, Todd1810.112013-10-05Seward Mountain Complete ListPoints
Covill, Dave1810.112014-04-21Reno Reservoir35Complete ListPoints
Gilsdorf, Chris1810.112015-09-30Quirauk Mountain Complete ListPoints
Curran, John179.552010-08-27Seward Mountain Complete ListPoints
& Joe Hollingshead, Nicole Cawlo179.552011-11-19Cecil County High Point Complete ListPoints
Jurista, Jim179.552014-09-07Tioga County High Point Complete ListPoints
Brigham, Brian179.552016-05-30Connecticut Hill Complete ListPoints
Dean, Denis168.992013-11-30Wicomico County High Point Complete ListPoints
Vitz, John168.992014-09-08Lyon Mountain Complete ListPoints
Walsh, Steve168.992015-10-11 aHunter Mountain Complete ListPoints
Feldman, Iona168.992016-03-26Chestnut Hill Complete ListPoints
Dolan, Jay168.992016-07-03Todt Hill Complete ListPoints
Pomeroy, Tom158.432013-08-03Baltimore High Point Complete ListPoints
Brown, Steve158.432014-10-09Hunter Mountain Complete ListPoints
Jennings, Todd158.432016-09-22Schenectady County High Point Complete ListPoints
Wieman, Scott147.872011-08-13High Point Complete ListPoints
Earl, Edward147.872011-08-30 11Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Bubniak, Gregory147.872012-05-26 06Brace Mountain Complete ListPoints
Anderson, Frank147.872012-07-01Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Michelson, Paul147.872012-08-28Jaynes Hill Complete ListPoints
Barr, Peter147.872013-07-06Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Massad, Serge147.872014-05-03Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Kent, Trevor147.872014-09-17Backbone Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wolfhagen, Eli147.872015-07-14Laurel Hill Complete ListPoints
Harris, Arthur147.872015-08-06Tuscarora Mountain Complete ListPoints
Myers, Ethan147.872016-03-20Jones Mountain Complete ListPoints
Retemeyer, Oleta147.872016-07-28Backbone Mountain Complete ListPoints
Cassidy, Ali147.872016-09-07Boyers Knob Complete ListPoints
McGillian, Joe137.302012-07-27Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Aschbrenner, Ryan137.302015-04-24 cBerlin Mountain Complete ListPoints
Traci, Scott137.302015-09-06Warren County High Point Complete ListPoints
Hedderman, Dylan137.302016-03-05Hector Backbone-North Slope Complete ListPoints
Carlson, Josh137.302016-07-12Somerset County High Point Complete ListPoints
Hatzos, Andy137.302016-09-09Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Kell, Jay126.742009-07-26Blue Mountain-Berks County High Point Complete ListPoints
Kemp, Ben126.742012-09-28Backbone Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lubbert, Brian126.742013Mount Marcy Complete ListPoints
Wheeler, Terry126.742013-10-08 dGomer Hill Complete ListPoints
Horbal, Matt126.742014-02-14Bronx High Point Complete ListPoints
Vadeboncoeur, Matt126.742015-04-08 bScofield Ridge Complete ListPoints
Colquhoun, Ian116.182009-09-26Hunter Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lange, Nate116.182011-02-26Bailey Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Poulin, Dennis116.182012-05-28Snowy Mountain Complete ListPoints
Antonio, Roy116.182012-06-02Bailey Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Whalen, Joe116.182013-07-12 bBlack Mountain Complete ListPoints
Armencha, Val116.182013-07-27Beech Mountain Complete ListPoints
Winograd, Sam116.182014-11-15Black Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lentz, Mark 116.182016-04-09Blue Knob Complete ListPoints
rebecca, nichols116.182016-06-19High Point Complete ListPoints
Zhou, Victor116.182016-06-26Mount Marcy Complete ListPoints
van den Boom, Ruud116.182016-07-16Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Beck, Aly116.182016-07-28Backbone Mountain Complete ListPoints
Petit, Dan116.182016-09-17High Point Complete ListPoints
Cady, Mike105.620000Sugar Hill Complete ListPoints
Ziak, Rodney105.622008-05-23Bearpen Mountain-Northwest Peak Complete ListPoints
Shamberger, Jason105.622009-06-19Backbone Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lawler, Eric105.622010-06-12Hunter Mountain Complete ListPoints
Rakin, Dennis105.622012-04-06Wyoming County High Point Complete ListPoints
Zuech, Kevin105.622012-12-08Seward Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hasch, John105.622013-07-27 aBackbone Mountain Complete ListPoints
Sasso, John105.622013-10-26Schunnemunk Mountain Complete ListPoints
Mays, Mike105.622014-09Blue Mountain-Lehigh County High Point Complete ListPoints
Repka, Paula105.622014-09-26Laurel Hill Complete ListPoints
Stonek, Michael105.622015-03-14Seward Mountain Complete ListPoints
St. Pierre, Mark105.622015-08-30Black Mountain Complete ListPoints
Klippel, Paul105.622015-10-24Battle Hill Complete ListPoints
Hutchings, Timothy105.622016-01-20Lyon Mountain Complete ListPoints
McHugh, John105.622016-05-23Slide Mountain Complete ListPoints
Leavitt, Wilder105.622016-09-22Anne Arundel County High Point Complete ListPoints
Williamson, Kevin95.062002-07-27Laurel Hill Complete ListPoints
Chinigo, Peter95.062008-09-14Schunnemunk Mountain Complete ListPoints
Brennen, Neil95.062010-08-25Mount Davis Complete ListPoints
Frugis, Brian95.062012-04-16Gore Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kalet, Brian95.062012-08-21Connecticut Hill Complete ListPoints
Leonard, Lois95.062012-11-09Snowy Mountain Complete ListPoints
French, Michael95.062013Baltimore High Point Complete ListPoints
Van Amburgh, Dennis95.062013-05-04Berlin Mountain Complete ListPoints
Brennan, Theodor95.062013-05-12Jaynes Hill Complete ListPoints
Dorohovech, Joe95.062013-06-26Reno Reservoir Complete ListPoints
Gilbertson, Eric95.062014-06-21Seward Mountain Complete ListPoints
McBeth, Kevin95.062014-07-22Hunter Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kumerle, Kevin95.062014-08-04Seward Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kassell, Henry95.062014-08-24Hunter Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bauman, Marion95.062015-05-11Battle Hill Complete ListPoints
Bangel, Alan95.062015-07-24Snowy Mountain Complete ListPoints
Ledwith, Matthew95.062016-03-26Mount Marcy Complete ListPoints
Souser, Bill95.062016-06-23Seward Mountain Complete ListPoints
Murray, Robert95.062016-07-30Brace Mountain Complete ListPoints
Whalen, Jared95.062016-08-27Seward Mountain Complete ListPoints

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