USA County High Points - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top 200 climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 3142

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Schwab, Bob232874.092015-05-27Black Mesa High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Packard, Bob175655.892016-06-18Oceana County High Point6Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Ellsworth, Dick140744.782016-06-27Chautauqua County High Point1Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Martin, Bob118837.812004-10-28Yankton County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Oeser, Ken96230.622016-06-20Sawmill Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Schwartz, Michael95730.462016-03-03 gJessamine Lake Northeast Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Lobdell, Fred95030.242016-05-02 aClayton County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Lostracco, Ben93429.732016-07-22 bSummit Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Melton, Doug87427.822016-07-17Pottawattamie County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Dean, Denis86727.592016-07-17Mills County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Wymore, Jobe84226.802016-07-23 bGray Wolf Ridge Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Zerphey, Charles80425.592016-03-03Moores Knob Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Carlson, Josh77324.602016-07-14York County High Point2Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Oeser, Annette66421.132016-06-04Mine Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Oeser, Alexandra63720.272012-10-17Montgomery County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Mitchler, John63720.272013-05-26Mount Torbert Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Olson, David63620.242016-06-05Manassas Park City High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Everett, Roxanne60519.262015-09-10Washakie County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Covill, Dave60419.222016-07-16Mount Jefferson11Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Earl, Edward57818.402015-05-22 10Treasure County High Point7Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Williamson, Kevin55917.792009-02-13Effingham County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Robbins, Trapper54717.412010-10-03Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Helman, Adam54217.252013-01-11Puu Alii6Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Jacobs, Bill53917.152014-07-18Diamond Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Jones, Ken53517.032016-07-23Greathouse Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Martin, Andy52316.652015-09-17Castle Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Hebert, Bill49815.852014-02-19Rice Peak-North Ridge Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Surgent, Scott47515.122015-06-24Washington County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Retemeyer, Jim45714.542016-07-23Ocean County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Wallen, Roy43413.812014-07-25Crockett Ridge Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Miller, Sue43313.782014-10-18Southwest Lindsley Hill Peaks Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Mann, Jon40612.922015-08-22Campbell Hill Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Poulin, Dennis40512.892013-08-05Francs Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Kloster, Vince39512.572016-07-10Henry County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Gilsdorf, Chris37611.972016-07-23Sandymush Bald Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Vitz, John36911.742015-08-12Big Baldy Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Oestreicher, Richard34310.922016-05-09Salina Benchmark Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Carey, Richard33310.602016-07-20Greathouse Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Bernier, Alan32510.342015-10-17Tenant Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Musser, William 32210.252016-07-07 bLogan County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Winger, Charlie2919.262016-06-08Redondo Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Covill, Beckie2828.982016-07-03Cookes Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Mallory, Kirk2808.912016-06-01Currahee Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Wymore, Pat2768.782016-05-27 bStratford Hill Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Oeser, Braxton2738.692016-06-04Mine Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Slayden, Greg2728.662015-08-17 bLatour Peak-South Ridge Summit9Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Bolton, Bob2668.472016-05-21 bEagle Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Roach, Gerry2608.272013-08-02Crane Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Barr, Peter2608.272016-04-08Bird Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Courtney, Ryan2578.182015-08-30Naomi Peak1Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Wiley, John2568.152016-07-22Stratton Mountain4Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Hasch, John2558.122016-07-03 bBeard Benchmark Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Clark, Chip2548.082009-10-13Palm Beach County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Wexler, Lanny2497.922015-04-03Stillpond Neck Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Jones, Evan2367.512014-10-11San Jacinto Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Sexauer, Gustav2367.512016-07-16Black Mountain4Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Thornley, Patrick2327.382016-07-03Mount Adams Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Laverdure, Jean André 2297.292015-11-03 cCadillac Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Gilliland, Duane2297.292016-05-28Eagle Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Worth, Tim2257.162010Murdock Mountain-West Slope Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Gergen, Teresa2247.132016-07-01Granite Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Jones, Karen2237.102015-11-01McKnight Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Wandall, Ed2217.032016-07-14Hawkeye Point7Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Molen, Dean2207.002012-07-14Medicine Bow Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Dillmore, Shannon2106.682015-08-31Mount Washington88Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Dunham, Dave2096.652016-03-23Chinsegut Hill Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Jones, Colin2086.622015-08-15Grand Teton Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Layton, Tom2066.562016-07-04Sandymush Bald Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Stewart, Dennis2056.522016-03-08 01Romance Lookout Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Young, Cliff2036.462016-03-08Tuscarora Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Dunn, Mick1946.172016-03-27Henry Hill Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Wagner, Van1896.022016-06-12Mount Hope Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Jantz, Adam1885.982015-07-28Mine Camp Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Stolk, John1875.952015-09-11Mount Wilson Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Shortt, Rickey1845.862012-12-22Scofield Ridge Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Harris, Arthur1845.862016-07-05Steens Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Myers, Grant1845.862016-07-16Lilienthal Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Snyder, Wayne1835.822016-07-03Berlin Mountain1Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Willis, Craig1835.822016-07-03Mount Shasta Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Garner, John1825.792010-04-15Hot Springs Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Jackson, Jim1825.792016-06-18Effingham County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Connelly, Brennan1795.702015-08-02Mount Rogers Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Brown, Steve1775.632015-08-24Sunrise Hill Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Dolan, Jay1775.632016-07-03Todt Hill Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Kalet, Brian1765.602016-07-05Pine Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
MacLeod, Gordon1755.572009-08-04Mount Baldy-West Ridge Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Cockrell, Scott1745.542010-07-03Schunnemunk Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Graham, James1745.542016-06-07Sharon Short Hills Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Beavers, Michael1655.252015-10-09Big Bald Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Newman, Laura1655.252016-07-17Mount Lola-North Ridge Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Pomeroy, Tom1595.062013-08-03Baltimore High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Owen, Tom1595.062016-07-21Summit County High Point18Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Townes, Will1564.962016-06-05Driskill Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Montgomery, Darryl1554.932013-12-28Sublette Park Hill Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Barlow, James1544.902016-05-17Wilson County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Baxter, Dan1534.872015-11-03Snow Hill Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Brooks, John1514.812015-09-18Mount Peale Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Mueller, Steve1484.712015-10-05Cadillac Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Henney, Victor1484.712016-04-30 dNutting Hill-Northeast Slope Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Wyman-Henney, Susan1484.712016-04-30 dNutting Hill-Northeast Slope Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Darby, David1474.682016-02-18Chinsegut Hill Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Michelson, Paul1444.582016-06-24Carson County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
DeRoo, Tom1394.422013-05-13Rattlesnake Hills Lookout Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Brekhus, Jerry1364.332012-09-08Mount Grant Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Boos, Andy1364.332016-05-19Mount Greylock Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Bracy, Layne1354.302012-08-07East Benchmark Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Foutz, Tracy1354.302015-10-29Harquahala Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Walstra, Steve1344.262015-10-17McGaffey Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Brekhus, Betty1314.172012-09-08Mount Grant Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Nichols, Mark1314.172015-09-17Castle Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Briscoe, Georgia1314.172016-07-20Shade Mountain-Snyder County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Kamholz, Collin1304.142016-07-02Boulder Top Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Brekhus, Betty1264.012010-09-15Franklin County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
ashby, shane1253.982012-05-28Keeney Knob Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Sartin, Jim1243.952015-07-30Broomfield County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
King, Coby1243.952016-04-24Hazeltop-South Ridge Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Grant, Sam1233.912016-07-22Francs Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Horbal, Matt1223.882016-05-01San Jacinto Peak3Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Garry, Paul1223.882016-06-11Devils Playground Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Brewster, Joel1223.882016-07-22Cobb Mountain-Southwest Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Johnson, Frederick1213.852009-07-26 bMount Frissell-South Slope Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Pellegrini, Dave1213.852010-08-21Mount Elbert Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Stewart, Marshall1183.762016-04-15Stone Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Russell, Ken1173.722015-08-16Mount Edith Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Burd, Bob1163.692014-06-09Kaala Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Noel, Eric1153.662015-09-09 bSpanish Peak98Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Personett, Sue1143.632016-06-22Mount Hood Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Zhou, Victor1133.602016-07-22Francs Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Jenkins, Ron1123.562015-11-24Puu Alii Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Nelsen, Don1113.532015-02-20Copernicus Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Kassan, Eric1093.472016-02-13Blue Angels Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Darr, Jack1073.412012-06-07Mount Hood Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Anderson, Frank1063.372015-10-19Sandia Crest Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Frankle, Brian1063.372016-05-22Beezley Hills Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Geissinger, Eric1053.342016-07-15Big Horn Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
McEntee, Connor1053.342016-07-20Mount Davidson Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Gabany, Randy1043.312016-06-26Mecklenburg County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Potkay, Jason1043.312016-07-16 aBlue Knob Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Christiansen, Mike1023.252016-06-11Butte County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
pelton, michael1023.252016-07-13Glacier Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Traci, Scott1013.212015-09-06Warren County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Anderson, Chris993.152013-08-17Garns Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Coleman, Josey993.152016-06-04 bMount Megunticook Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Dodge, Daryn993.152016-07-02Big Pine Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Hibbard, Lou983.122016-07-16Mount Jefferson Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
St. Pierre, Mark973.092015-10-02Humphreys Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Bauman, Marion973.092016-06-30Mount Eddy Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Bjørstad, Petter963.062012-08-16Greenhorn Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Gilbertson, Eric953.022016-04-02Glacier Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Saltsman, Greg953.022016-06-09Whitetop Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Millsap, Dale942.992015-01-14Tulsa County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Cope, Tom942.992016-05-07 aCrowley County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Retemeyer, Oleta942.992016-07-23Ocean County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Massad, Serge922.932014-07-27Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Waltz, Mike922.932015-07-24Black Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Harrington, Garry922.932016-07-21Charleston Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Irvine, Ryder922.932016-07-21Tweedy Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Retemeyer, Seth912.902016-07-22Alander Mountain-Southwest Ridge Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Frink, Stu902.862014-03-17Black Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Urban, Doug902.862016-06-16Pierce County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Sarna, John E902.862016-06-25Jaynes Hill Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Flynn, Emily892.832012-08-21Katahdin Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Bickford, Andrew892.832015-10-10 aBeech Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Carl, Ben882.802012-08-04Big Jay Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Painter, Chad882.802015-06-12Grays Harbor County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Bishop, Jim882.802015-09-13Mount Lincoln Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Wheeler, Terry872.772014-08-30 dGillespie Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Zaharia, Jackson872.772016-07-02West Spanish Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Sorenson, Blaine862.742012-10-20Mount Peale Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Sorenson, Linda862.742012-10-20Mount Peale Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Peavy, Scott862.742015-09-24Mount Ingalls Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Peterson, Rick862.742016-05-20Star Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Christensen, Keith862.742016-05-26Driskill Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Pig, ManBear852.712013-05-26Virgil Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Flood, Terry852.712013-08-01Monument Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Peters, William852.712013-08-11South Sister Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Kirmse, Andrew852.712016-07-17 dSmoky Hill Ridge14Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Paul, Susan842.672015-09-19Vermilion Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Miller, Michael842.672016-06-16Mount Marcy Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Wilson, Rich832.642014-10-26Big Pine Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Rowe, Terri832.642015-09-07Blackfoot Benchmark Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Aschbrenner, Ryan832.642016-04-02 dBurley Hill Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
branin, jeff822.612016-05-29Johnston County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Willhite, Eric812.580000Mount Stone Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Whittington, Joe812.582015-08-28South Saddle Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
McClellan, Paul812.582016-05-18 cBrandy Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Maki, Mary812.582016-06-10Mount Hood Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Post, Chris802.552015-06-12 cMount Marcy Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Greco, Scott802.552016-07-06Ruby Dome Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Kohn, Jerry792.512016-07-20Campbell Hill Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Schwarting, Dan782.482013-09-28Equinox Mountain Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Sumner, Bob782.482015-08-03Kane County High Point Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
stout, pat782.482015-09-19Tray Mountain-Southeast Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Kuwayama, David782.482016-06-12Castle Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Erickson, Dustin782.482016-07-11Ruby Dome Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Meeker, Garrick772.452013-08-08Diamond Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Hymas, Steven762.422009-08-08Gannett Peak Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static
Dayton, John762.422013-07-10Mount Davis Complete ListPoints  Dynamic  Static

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