Aetherius Society Holy Mountains - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top 200 climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 19

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Stone, Peter1368.422015-06-29Ben Hope Complete ListPoints
Woodall, Rob1263.162016-01-02 aKilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Stone, James1263.162018-06-23 3aYes Tor Complete ListPoints
Bloomer, Jim1052.632013-10-17Holdstone Down Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Martin1052.632015-03-14Mount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
Whyte, Ken947.372010-08-14Yes Tor Complete ListPoints
Newton, Lee947.372015-04-10 hBrown Willy Complete ListPoints
Earnshaw, Michael842.110000Creag an Leth-choin Complete ListPoints
Tibbetts, Richard842.112007-12-03Yes Tor Complete ListPoints
Brown, Andrew842.112008-05-25Brown Willy Complete ListPoints
Carey, Richard842.112011-03-25Mount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
Down, Nick842.112012-09-14Brown Willy Complete ListPoints
Edgar, David842.112017-04-14Creag an Leth-choin Complete ListPoints
Thornley, Patrick842.112017-12-04Yes Tor Complete ListPoints
glasper, steve736.840000Yes Tor Complete ListPoints
Dixon, Steve736.842004-11-16Ben Hope Complete ListPoints
Jones, Ken736.842005-08-02Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Law, Douglas736.842009-04-18Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Jenkins, Tony736.842013-02-19 aKinder Scout Complete ListPoints
McAllister, Mark736.842017-08-13 fThe Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Drew, Ben736.842017-11-25Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Babiev, Lev736.842017-12-03 bYes Tor Complete ListPoints
Halstead, Rob736.842018-06-17Ben Hope Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob631.581999-09-30Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Fox, Alison 631.582000Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Kanaris, Daniel631.582009-04-12Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Hill, Martin631.582010-10-24Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Morgan, Ed631.582013Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Bowron, Ronnie631.582015-04-18Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Stone, Twm631.582015-08-30 GThe Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Rayner, Adrian631.582016-01-02Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Martin, Barry631.582017-09-01 bBrown Willy Complete ListPoints
Honey, Gary526.322003-10-19Brown Willy Complete ListPoints
Aitken, Mark526.322005-01-02Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Jones, Karen526.322005-08-02Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Roach, Gerry526.322008-06-28Ben Hope Complete ListPoints
Bjørstad, Petter526.322008-07-06Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Kerr, Bob526.322009-12-18Mount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
Warren, James526.322011-01-16Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Sprinks, James526.322011-10-22Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Wren, Richard526.322012-01-03Mount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
Smith, Steve526.322014-11-29Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Slayden, Greg526.322016-01-02Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
RI, A526.322017-04-08 bYes Tor Complete ListPoints
Giuliano, Dean526.322017-07-18Castle Peak Complete ListPoints
Cope, Tom526.322017-12-04 aYes Tor Complete ListPoints
Colliander, Rickard526.322018-02-09 aThe Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Shortland, Joanne526.322018-03-04 eKinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Gillie, Martin421.050000Ben Hope Complete ListPoints
Illing, Graham421.051993-12-31Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Levey, David421.051994-06-21Ben Hope Complete ListPoints
Briscoe, Georgia421.051994-07-12Mount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
Bartell, Ron421.051994-08-02Castle Peak Complete ListPoints
Ellis, Pete421.052005-03-27Mount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
Kuraguchi, Mari421.052005-12-22Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Lostracco, Ben421.052006-01-25Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Winger, Charlie421.052007-05-12Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Luxton, Adam421.052010-09-24Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Baradel, Luca421.052013-03-30Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Gergen, Teresa421.052014-04-14Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Batt, Morgan421.052014-05-25Brown Willy Complete ListPoints
Garry, Paul421.052014-07-20Mount Tallac Complete ListPoints
Walstra, Steve421.052014-12-12Mount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
Retemeyer, Jim421.052015-07-09 cKilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Mclellan, Denise421.052015-08-30Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Charters, Ian421.052016-01-02Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Humphries, Lee421.052016-08-13Brown Willy Complete ListPoints
Mitchell, Christine421.052016-08-25Mount Tallac Complete ListPoints
Lostracco, Marcus421.052016-09-05 cMount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Crawte , Adam 421.052016-10-16 uThe Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Spaltz , Queren 421.052016-11-13Yes Tor Complete ListPoints
Prowatzke, Michael421.052016-11-17Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Colliander, Gustav421.052017-02-26Yes Tor Complete ListPoints
Khamis, Miriam421.052017-08-20 aMount Tallac Complete ListPoints
Gower, Richard421.052017-09-23Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Harris, Arthur421.052017-11-23Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Harris, Douglas421.052017-11-23Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Dodge, Daryn421.052017-12-28Mount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
Hart, David421.052018-01-03Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Toland, Patrick421.052018-05-16Creag an Leth-choin Complete ListPoints
Brace, Mark421.052018-06-09 aThe Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Caine, Alan421.052018-06-10Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Barlow, Craig421.052018-06-23Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Dolan, Jay421.052018-06-29 bMount Adams Complete ListPoints
NS, Jude421.052018-07-09 cYes Tor Complete ListPoints
O, Sean315.790000Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Johnson, Frederick315.791951-09-09 cMount Adams Complete ListPoints
MacLeod, Gordon315.791979-08-05Castle Peak Complete ListPoints
Henney, Victor315.791983-09-09Mount Tallac Complete ListPoints
Wyman-Henney, Susan315.791983-09-09Mount Tallac Complete ListPoints
Nelson, Ann315.791985Le Nid d'Aigle Complete ListPoints
Garneau, Robert315.791993-02-16Mount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
Sumner, Bob315.791998-07-15Castle Peak Complete ListPoints
Flood, Terry315.791998-08-23Castle Peak Complete ListPoints
Vitz, John315.791999-09-11Mount Tallac Complete ListPoints
Wallen, Roy315.792001-04-14Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Hebert, Bill315.792002-05-31Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Lobdell, Fred315.792002-06-08Castle Peak Complete ListPoints
Miller, Michael315.792002-08-26Mount Adams Complete ListPoints
Cervelli, Dan315.792004-07-05Mount Tallac Complete ListPoints
Helman, Adam315.792005-08-07Castle Peak Complete ListPoints
Spieczny, Jan315.792006Mount Adams Complete ListPoints
Stolk, John315.792007-04-13Mount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
Carter, Stu315.792007-09-26Brown Willy Complete ListPoints
Sugden, Jim315.792008-07-19Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Watkins, John315.792008-11-15Yes Tor Complete ListPoints
Cockrell, Scott315.792009-04-01 bRams Head Complete ListPoints
Baumann, Ben315.792009-05-05Mount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
Gordon, Chris315.792009-09Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
M, Serge315.792009-10-29Mount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
Covill, Dave315.792011-01-06Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Zhou, Victor315.792011-07-04Mount Adams Complete ListPoints
Berk, Scott315.792012-06-07Mount Adams Complete ListPoints
Cusick, Michael315.792013-03-20Mount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
Murray, Robert315.792013-03-22Mount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
McKenna, Nicholas315.792013-06-10Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Ide, John315.792013-06-27Mount Adams Complete ListPoints
Carlson, Josh315.792013-07-27Castle Peak Complete ListPoints
Mallory, Kirk315.792013-09-01Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Gilbertson, Eric315.792013-09-22Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Schultz, Brian315.792013-11-23Mount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
Rosen, David315.792013-12-30Mount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
Myers, Grant315.792014-01-12Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Rich, Kathy315.792014-06-01Mount Tallac Complete ListPoints
Graham, James315.792014-06-22 aLe Nid d'Aigle Complete ListPoints
Jones, Colin315.792014-06-25Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Sklansky, David315.792014-07-08Mount Tallac Complete ListPoints
Kassan, Eric315.792014-08-15Castle Peak Complete ListPoints
Wilner, Hannah315.792014-08-15Castle Peak Complete ListPoints
Rea, Matthew315.792014-09-12Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Graver, Nicolas315.792014-10-25Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Hyland, Mark315.792014-12-30Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Curtis, Ken315.792015-01-01Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Palfrey, Simon315.792015-03-07Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Sarna, John E315.792015-03-17Mount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
Watson, Ashley315.792015-03-21Rams Head Complete ListPoints
Buturla, Michael315.792015-06-26Mount Tallac Complete ListPoints
Mclellan, Richard315.792015-08-30Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Kirmse, Andrew315.792015-09-28Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Homyak, Patrick315.792016-05-28Mount Adams Complete ListPoints
Slosson, John315.792016-06-16Mount Adams Complete ListPoints
Tompos, Eszter315.792016-07-03Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
McCoy, Casey 315.792016-07-12Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Laquerre, Fred315.792016-08-14 cCastle Peak Complete ListPoints
Erritt, Louis315.792016-08-22Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Bowles, Chris315.792016-09-03Mount Tallac Complete ListPoints
Christiansen, Lana315.792016-09-10Castle Peak Complete ListPoints
Rigby, Stephen315.792016-10-11Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Becht, Tom315.792016-10-19Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Jordan, Andrea315.792016-11-01Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Wittmier, Dustin315.792016-11-01Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Personett, Sue315.792017-02-22Mount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
Lennon, Duncan315.792017-02-27Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
K, W315.792017-04-24Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Kalet, Brian315.792017-05-14Mount Tallac Complete ListPoints
Doyle, Jim315.792017-06-18 aMount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Marra, Anthony315.792017-08-09Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Jesinghaus, Stephan315.792017-08-12Mount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
Pirog , Kasia 315.792017-10-06 xCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Oliver, Ronald315.792017-11-15Mount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
Barboza, Lisa315.792017-12-28 aMount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
Gaudet, Dean315.792017-12-28 aMount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
Kamholz, Collin315.792017-12-29Mount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
Ihl, Matthias315.792018-01-07Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
H, Harry315.792018-02-09 cMount Adams Complete ListPoints
Simich, Petar315.792018-02-20Mount Kosciuszko Complete ListPoints
Ayre, John315.792018-03-24 aPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Leckenby, Amber315.792018-04-08 bCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Lennon, Alex315.792018-04-19Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Beck, Al315.792018-04-23Rams Head Complete ListPoints
F, Andy315.792018-04-23Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Rocz, Paw315.792018-06-02Yes Tor Complete ListPoints
Christiansen, Mike315.792018-06-28Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Perkins, Fraser210.531980-05Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Hess, Katie210.532003-12-29Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Pie, Liz210.532004-10-23Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Jones, Evan210.532005-08-02Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Katter, Chad210.532008-11-17Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Drew, Sean210.532009-03-21Mount San Antonio Complete ListPoints
Derman, Stuart210.532011-08-16Mount Adams Complete ListPoints
Betheil, Phil210.532014-09Mount Adams Complete ListPoints
Gilliland, Duane210.532016-01-02Kilimanjaro Complete ListPoints
Larson, Matt210.532016-07-27Mount Adams Complete ListPoints

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