Eastern Europe Peaks with 600 m of Prominence - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top 200 climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 27

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Trošcák, Ondrej2488.892018-04-15Inovec Complete ListPoints
Belhadj, Malek1451.852017-11-19 bPilsko Complete ListPoints
Kovac, Martin1348.152017-08-28Babia Góra Complete ListPoints
Jck , Jacek1348.152018-05-13Ďumbier Complete ListPoints
Valaitis, Deividas1244.442016-05-21 A1Pilsko Complete ListPoints
Skorupa, Bartek1140.742017-04-30Klínovec Complete ListPoints
Kovác, Michal1140.742017-11-11Inovec Complete ListPoints
Uherkovich, Szaniszló1037.042015-07-16Pol'ana Complete ListPoints
Halstead, Rob1037.042017-08-30Lysá hora Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Martin933.332012-08-31Pol'ana2Complete ListPoints
Matejka, Martin933.332015-07-25Gerlachovský štít Complete ListPoints
Newton, Lee933.332016-08-01Vtáčnik Complete ListPoints
Smirnov, Alex829.630000Velký Kriváň Complete ListPoints
Kerepesi, Péter829.632016-03-14Pol'ana Complete ListPoints
Rayner, Adrian829.632016-08-01Vtáčnik Complete ListPoints
Jelen, Urszula829.632016-10-01Kékes Complete ListPoints
Milliard, Tom829.632017-11-19Klínovec Complete ListPoints
Majerczak, Adam725.932013-05-04Sněžka Complete ListPoints
Alexa, Richard725.932014-06-28 eVelký Kriváň Complete ListPoints
Marek, Daniel725.932015-06-24Kékes Complete ListPoints
Radwan, Marcin725.932016-05-27Vihorlat4Complete ListPoints
Woodall, Rob725.932016-08-01Vtáčnik Complete ListPoints
W, Jakub725.932017-10-01Čierna hora Complete ListPoints
Rankine, Graeme622.222017-06-04Králický Sněžník Complete ListPoints
Eckardt, Annett622.222017-07-15 aKlínovec Complete ListPoints
Tibatong, Habakuk622.222017-07-15 aKlínovec Complete ListPoints
Ban, Zoltan622.222018-03-16Istállós-kő Complete ListPoints
Ellis, Pete518.522016-07-31Velká lúka Complete ListPoints
Rankine, Andrew518.522017-06-04Králický Sněžník Complete ListPoints
Jesinghaus, Karolina518.522017-10-30Praděd Complete ListPoints
Jesinghaus, Stephan518.522017-10-30Praděd Complete ListPoints
Platzer, Dagmar414.812013Milešovka Complete ListPoints
Fieles, Matthias414.812013-10-04Gerlachovský štít Complete ListPoints
Jasion, Radoslaw414.812014-01-25Velký Kriváň Complete ListPoints
Urbanski, Marek414.812016-07-31Pilsko Complete ListPoints
Polanská , Veronika 414.812018-01-29Lysá hora Complete ListPoints
Jurskis, Arnas311.112007-08-22Gerlachovský štít Complete ListPoints
Lund, Brian311.112009-04-14Vel'ký Choč Complete ListPoints
Schaefer, Norbert311.112009-08-10Gerlachovský štít Complete ListPoints
Holme, Lars311.112010-10-03Gerlachovský štít Complete ListPoints
Gilbertson, Eric311.112014-08-15Kékes Complete ListPoints
Gilbertson, Matthew311.112014-08-15Kékes Complete ListPoints
Bazley, Bob311.112014-10-04Gerlachovský štít Complete ListPoints
McAllister, Mark311.112014-10-04Gerlachovský štít Complete ListPoints
Batt, Morgan311.112015-07-14Sněžka Complete ListPoints
Garneau, Robert311.112015-08-02Kékes Complete ListPoints
Auderset, Iwan311.112015-08-20Gerlachovský štít Complete ListPoints
Gerber, Andrej311.112015-10-03Gerlachovský štít Complete ListPoints
Hugli, Péter311.112015-10-03Gerlachovský štít Complete ListPoints
Kaczynski, Piotr311.112016-07-10Gerlachovský štít Complete ListPoints
Pawlas, Patryk311.112016-08-13Babia Góra Complete ListPoints
Friedrich, Martin311.112016-10-06 bKlínovec Complete ListPoints
Heyerick, Andreas311.112016-10-13Kékes Complete ListPoints
Mclellan, Denise311.112017-02-23Sněžka Complete ListPoints
Mclellan, Richard311.112017-02-23Sněžka Complete ListPoints
Lö, Johannes311.112018-04-11Velký Kriváň Complete ListPoints
Somkuti, Nandor27.411989Gerlachovský štít Complete ListPoints
Slayden, Greg27.411993-07-27Sněžka Complete ListPoints
Hansen, Carl27.411995Gerlachovský štít Complete ListPoints
Dunn, Mick27.412002-09-11Gerlachovský štít Complete ListPoints
Riihikallio, Petri & Raija27.412008-07-17Sněžka Complete ListPoints
Warren, James27.412009-06-30Kékes Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob27.412009-07-27Gerlachovský štít Complete ListPoints
Wiley, John27.412009-08-27Istállós-kő Complete ListPoints
Wabnig, Dagmar27.412009-09-16Kékes Complete ListPoints
Bartlett, Ken27.412009-10-25Kékes Complete ListPoints
Dixon, Steve27.412010-06-10Sněžka Complete ListPoints
Greiman, Travis27.412010-07-10Gerlachovský štít Complete ListPoints
Olszewski, Krzysztof27.412010-08-07Babia Góra Complete ListPoints
Olszewski, Krzysztof27.412010-08-11Babia Góra Complete ListPoints
Olszewska, Aleksandra27.412010-09-05Babia Góra Complete ListPoints
Olszewska, Aleksandra27.412010-09-05Babia Góra Complete ListPoints
Harrington, Garry27.412010-09-08Kékes Complete ListPoints
Rae, Chris27.412011-03-31Sněžka Complete ListPoints
Udén, Björn27.412011-05-17Kékes Complete ListPoints
Barlow, Aidan27.412011-07-22 aKékes Complete ListPoints
Barlow, James27.412011-07-22 aKékes Complete ListPoints
Rodés Muñoz, Pere27.412012Sněžka Complete ListPoints
Westcott, Julian27.412012-04-06Sněžka Complete ListPoints
Kincel, Ivan27.412012-09-18Gerlachovský štít Complete ListPoints
Schenck, Ivan27.412013-09-21Kékes Complete ListPoints
Ekroth, Louise27.412014-06-21Sněžka Complete ListPoints
Jensen, Anders27.412014-06-21Sněžka Complete ListPoints
Gower, Richard27.412014-08-17Kékes Complete ListPoints
Cope, Tom27.412015-10-17Sněžka Complete ListPoints
Thornley, Patrick27.412015-10-17Sněžka Complete ListPoints
Humphries, Lee27.412016-04-17Sněžka Complete ListPoints
U, Alex27.412016-05-01Kékes Complete ListPoints
Toland, Patrick27.412016-06-26Kékes Complete ListPoints
Beckman, Vaughn27.412016-09Sněžka Complete ListPoints
Cordes, Moritz27.412016-10-02Sněžka Complete ListPoints
Friedrich, Brian27.412016-10-06Kékes Complete ListPoints
L, Mr.27.412017-03-29 aMilešovka Complete ListPoints
Gumsley, Ashley27.412017-07-18Babia Góra Complete ListPoints
Pirog , Kasia 27.412017-10-06 iGerlachovský štít Complete ListPoints
Tomasova, Livia27.412018-03-04Velký Kriváň Complete ListPoints
Wieczorkiewicz, Damian27.412018-03-19 aSněžka Complete ListPoints

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