daks3000 - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top 200 climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 136

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Bernier, Alan11987.502013-02-25MacNaughton Mountain Complete ListPoints
Massad, Serge11685.292013-07-11Hopkins Mountain Complete ListPoints
Morris, Eric9670.592015-06-24Peaked Mountain Complete ListPoints
Clark, Ron8562.502011-10-30Rocky Peak Ridge-East Peak Complete ListPoints
John, Thompson8461.762014-09-30Scarface Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lostracco, Ben7958.092010-05-25 cWilmington Range Complete ListPoints
Sasso, John7857.352014-05-31Avalanche Mountain Complete ListPoints
Laverdure, Jean André 7252.942013-03-14McKenzie Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kemp, Ben7051.472012-11-12Morgan Mountain Complete ListPoints
Whalen, Joe6850.002014-07-10 bPorter Mountain-East Peak Complete ListPoints
Lauzon, Alexandre6749.262013-05-05Wallface Mountain Complete ListPoints
Curran, John6547.792010-09-11Mount Marshall-Northeast Peak Complete ListPoints
Wallace-Brodeur, Jeb6547.792012-07-15Morgan Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hutchings, Timothy6547.792015-05-24Jay Mountains Complete ListPoints
Osterhoudt, Deb & Rob6547.792015-06-06Noonmark Mountain Complete ListPoints
Dubois, Nicholas6447.062013-01-16Hurricane Mountain Complete ListPoints
Van Amburgh, Dennis6447.062014-08-03McKenzie Mountain Complete ListPoints
Dunn, Mick6245.592010-08-15Lost Pond Peak Complete ListPoints
Hoffman, Gregory6245.592010-10-17Giant Mountain Complete ListPoints
P, Lisa6245.592011-10-16Hurricane Mountain Complete ListPoints
Saltsman, Greg6245.592012-09-07Pitchoff Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hébert, Maxime6245.592013-11-04Round Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hart, Tom6245.592014-11-08Porter Mountain-East Peak Complete ListPoints
Pulver, Aaron6144.852012-06-17Sawteeth-Southeast Peak Complete ListPoints
Kent, Trevor6144.852014-09-05Pitchoff Mountain Complete ListPoints
Sage, Pete6144.852014-12-20Hopkins Mountain Complete ListPoints
Van Dyke, Neil6044.122007-07-07Mount Marshall-Northeast Peak Complete ListPoints
Taylor, Rick6044.122010-09-26Scarface Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hill, David6044.122013-10-19Big Slide Mountain Complete ListPoints
Pig, ManBear6044.122014-03-01Table Top Mountain-Middle Peak Complete ListPoints
Gerard, Sebastien5943.382014-04-21Jay Mountains Complete ListPoints
maccue, craig5943.382014-09-07MacNaughton Mountain Complete ListPoints
Cady, Mike5842.650000Pough Peak Complete ListPoints
Coleman, Jack5842.652009-10-25Mount Adams Complete ListPoints
Saracino, Michael5842.652013-09-07McKenzie Mountain Complete ListPoints
Ziemendorf, Kolby5842.652015-06-27McKenzie Mountain Complete ListPoints
Shortt, Rickey5741.912013-10-05Sawteeth Complete ListPoints
McGowan, Craig5741.912014-02-08Scarface Mountain Complete ListPoints
Ziak, Rodney5641.182005-08-05Vanderwhacker Mountain Complete ListPoints
Jackson, Brendan5641.182007-06-25Mount Haystack Complete ListPoints
Hathaway, David5641.182012-08-18Pyramid Peak Complete ListPoints
Benoit, Sylvain5641.182013-11-09Moose Mountain Complete ListPoints
Mault, Denis5641.182014-03-07Bear Den Mountain Complete ListPoints
McKenna, Nicholas5641.182014-09-01Sunrise Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wiley, John5540.442015-02-08Noonmark Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wexler, Lanny5439.712006-10-10Noonmark Mountain Complete ListPoints
Nakajima, Tomoko5439.712011-10-02Pyramid Peak Complete ListPoints
Vaughan, Michael5439.712014-05-23McKenzie Mountain Complete ListPoints
rebecca, nichols5439.712015-05-25Pitchoff Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lawler, Eric5338.972009-04-25Santanoni Peak Complete ListPoints
Standen, Derek5338.972013-08-25 bYard Mountain Complete ListPoints
Klippel, Paul5338.972014-03-15Scarface Mountain Complete ListPoints
Guilfoyle, David5338.972015-03-21Rocky Peak Ridge Complete ListPoints
Stempek, Michael5238.241995-09-29 cPyramid Peak Complete ListPoints
Tremblay, Luc5238.242010-01-16Whiteface Mountain Complete ListPoints
Leonard, Jonathan 5238.242011-12-23Noonmark Mountain Complete ListPoints
Quebec, Wadever5238.242012-08-03Gray Peak Complete ListPoints
Boldyrev, Sergey5238.242014-07-20Mount Marshall Complete ListPoints
Dewey, Rich5238.242014-09-14Round Mountain Complete ListPoints
O'Connor, Mike & Aiden5238.242014-09-27Mount Marcy Complete ListPoints
French, Michael5137.502006-08-23Esther Mountain Complete ListPoints
Spadaro, Tycho5137.502014-08-24Santanoni Peak Complete ListPoints
Nappi, Todd5137.502014-10-03Rocky Peak Ridge Complete ListPoints
Arrow, Seth5036.762003Rocky Peak Ridge-East Peak Complete ListPoints
MacDonald, Mary5036.762008-11-19Hopkins Mountain Complete ListPoints
Guethle, Mike5036.762012-05-06Mount Colden-North Peak Complete ListPoints
Zisk, Jonathan5036.762012-08-01Porter Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kauffman, William5036.762013-01-19MacNaughton Mountain Complete ListPoints
Barr, Peter5036.762013-10-05Sawteeth Complete ListPoints
Persichilli, Ryan5036.762014-08-04Nippletop Complete ListPoints
Wichelns, Ryan5036.762014-08-23Vanderwhacker Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bugnon, Karoline5036.762014-12-23Noonmark Mountain Complete ListPoints
Blair, Michael4936.032009-10-24Allen Mountain Complete ListPoints
Nuesell, Matt4936.032011-07-04Pitchoff Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hartnett, Mike4936.032012-07-13Mount Haystack Complete ListPoints
Trust, Monica 4936.032012-08-14 aHedgehog Mountain Complete ListPoints
Carr, Anthony4936.032015-05-26Mount Haystack Complete ListPoints
White, Bill4936.032015-07-25Basin Mountain Complete ListPoints
keep, dave4835.290000Hopkins Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lebedev, Artem4835.292010-05-30Cliff Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kezar, Jerry4835.292012-07-14Whiteface Mountain Complete ListPoints
Cote, Vincent4835.292012-09-02Santanoni Peak Complete ListPoints
Nitschke, Andrew4835.292013-09-01Couchsachraga Peak Complete ListPoints
Duclos, Scott4835.292014-06-01Little Haystack Complete ListPoints
Quinlan, Dan4835.292014-07-14 bMcKenzie Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bangel, Alan4835.292014-08-15Jay Mountains Complete ListPoints
Hoffart, Curt4835.292015-07-20Allen Mountain Complete ListPoints
Covell, Steve4734.562011-11-25Hurricane Mountain Complete ListPoints
Reynolds, Richard4734.562013-05-25Scarface Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lacovara, Jim4734.562014-05-18Wright Peak Complete ListPoints
Quinlan, Kaerstin4734.562014-07-14 bMcKenzie Mountain Complete ListPoints
Eichas, Paul4734.562014-09-03MacNaughton Mountain Complete ListPoints
Taylor, Harrison4734.562014-10-03Mount Skylight Complete ListPoints
Stonek, Michael4734.562015-06-20Basin Mountain Complete ListPoints
McLean, Mike4633.820000Jay Mountains Complete ListPoints
Sherman, Tom4633.822011-04-16Noonmark Mountain Complete ListPoints
Spencer, Thomas4633.822013-08-18Whiteface Mountain Complete ListPoints
Cathy, Bev4633.822014-08-09Whiteface Mountain Complete ListPoints
Gratton, Eric4633.822014-11-29Saddleback Mountain Complete ListPoints
Desaulniers, François4633.822015-06-27Big Slide Mountain Complete ListPoints
Rose, John4633.822015-07-19Lower Wolfjaw Mountain Complete ListPoints
Massoth, Tom4533.091994-09-13Mount Colden Complete ListPoints
Stahl, Mike4533.092010-10-03Saddleback Mountain Complete ListPoints
Greenberg, Paul4533.092011-08-13Mount Skylight Complete ListPoints
LaBelle, Adrien4533.092013-05-18Mount Skylight Complete ListPoints
Lawrence, Kimberly4533.092013-08-09Whiteface Mountain Complete ListPoints
Cassier, Andy4533.092013-10-05Mount Haystack Complete ListPoints
Lex, Justin4533.092014-01-05Nye Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wheeler, Terry4533.092014-06-08Morgan Mountain Complete ListPoints
Rosenblatt, Marie4533.092014-08-30Mount Skylight Complete ListPoints
McKeon, Jeremy4533.092014-10-12Nippletop Complete ListPoints
Froelick, Scott4432.352012-07-21Allen Mountain Complete ListPoints
Frewin, Chris4432.352013-10-01Noonmark Mountain Complete ListPoints
Glanton Holzhauer, Cassie4432.352014-06-23Saddleback Mountain Complete ListPoints
Levine, Sam4432.352014-07-26Gray Peak Complete ListPoints
White, David4432.352014-10-26Basin Mountain Complete ListPoints
Rose, Michael4432.352014-11-03Iroquois Peak Complete ListPoints
Rieseler, Peter 4432.352015-06-07Boundary Peak Complete ListPoints
Bieri, Dave4331.621994-09-04Mount Redfield Complete ListPoints
32oz, Gatorade4331.622013-08-09Esther Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kane, Chris4331.622013-09-01Panther Peak Complete ListPoints
Sweet, Elizabeth4331.622014-05-11Noonmark Mountain Complete ListPoints
LaMountain, Dave4230.880000Phelps Mountain Complete ListPoints
Sweredoski, Michael4230.880000Couchsachraga Peak Complete ListPoints
Zarnofsky, Catherine4230.880000Couchsachraga Peak Complete ListPoints
Hoff, Lisa4230.882006-09-02Gray Peak Complete ListPoints
Firman, Ryan4230.882011-08-12Wright Peak Complete ListPoints
Persichilli, Angelo4230.882011-08-12Wright Peak Complete ListPoints
Mersich, Akos4230.882011-10-30Allen Mountain Complete ListPoints
Becerra, Daniel4230.882012-08-06Cascade Mountain Complete ListPoints
Moser, Nathan4230.882012-08-23Mount Colden Complete ListPoints
Taggart, Heidi4230.882013-07-13Mount Colden Complete ListPoints
Melita, Debbie4230.882013-09-15Mount Marshall Complete ListPoints
McBeth, Kevin4230.882014-05-31Allen Mountain Complete ListPoints
Smith, Steve4230.882014-11-08Mount Redfield Complete ListPoints
Michela, J4130.152011-11-10Basin Mountain Complete ListPoints
McGuire, Scott4130.152012-08-14Mount Colden Complete ListPoints
Nordberg, Ethan4130.152013-08-04Couchsachraga Peak Complete ListPoints
S, Matt4130.152014-08-30Mount Colden Complete ListPoints
Davis, Crystal4130.152015-06-06Hough Peak Complete ListPoints
Post, Chris4130.152015-06-12 cMount Marcy Complete ListPoints
Petit, Dan4130.152015-06-14Mount Marshall Complete ListPoints
Codington, Whitney4130.152015-07-24Couchsachraga Peak Complete ListPoints
Dayton, John4029.411999-05-30Sawteeth-Southeast Peak Complete ListPoints
Goldsmith, Christopher4029.412013-11-04Couchsachraga Peak Complete ListPoints
Wright, Mike4029.412015-07-11Hopkins Mountain10Complete ListPoints
Drury, Dan3928.682014-10-12Dial Mountain Complete ListPoints
Haynor, Jim3928.682015-02-28Table Top Mountain Complete ListPoints
Taylor, Douglas3928.682015-06-06Couchsachraga Peak Complete ListPoints
Carpentier, Alain3928.682015-06-20Dix Mountain Complete ListPoints
Zuech, Kevin3928.682015-07-04Dial Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lennon, Alex3827.942011-08Hopkins Mountain Complete ListPoints
Forbush, Dan3827.942012-03-17Mount Skylight Complete ListPoints
Black, Austin3827.942012-08-03Mount Marshall Complete ListPoints
Kucar, Dorothy 3827.942015-06-27Saddleback Mountain Complete ListPoints
Antonio, Roy3727.212013-08-17Beck-horn Complete ListPoints
LaFave, Brett3727.212013-08-18Yard Mountain Complete ListPoints
Sitzer, Jess3727.212014-08-02Mount Colden Complete ListPoints
Fortman, Douglas3727.212015-02-26Mount Marshall Complete ListPoints
Souser, Bill3727.212015-06-26Street Mountain Complete ListPoints
Capece, Angie3727.212015-06-27Wright Peak Complete ListPoints
Theroux, JF3626.472011-08-23Santanoni Peak Complete ListPoints
Freeman, Eva3626.472012-06-22Hough Peak Complete ListPoints
Lynch, Adam3626.472015-06-20Mount Haystack Complete ListPoints
McHugh, John3626.472015-07-25Mount Adams Complete ListPoints
Ten Broeck, Hunter3525.742002Round Mountain Complete ListPoints
Britting, Ken3425.002014-02-25Couchsachraga Peak Complete ListPoints
Lapointe, Suzanne3425.002015-05-30Nun-Da-Ga-O Ridge Complete ListPoints
Butera, Leo3324.262011-09-24Allen Mountain Complete ListPoints
Yale, Andrew3324.262014-03-22Panther Peak Complete ListPoints
Treistman, Ross3223.532007-11-04Mount Redfield Complete ListPoints
Brouillette, Guy3223.532010-10-02Cliff Mountain Complete ListPoints
Leonard, Lois3223.532011-11-21Upper Wolfjaw Mountain Complete ListPoints
Briggs, Ken3223.532015-06-13Rocky Peak Ridge Complete ListPoints
Bentley, Heather3223.532015-06-14Bear Den Mountain Complete ListPoints
Washburn, Stephanie3223.532015-07-23Allen Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wallace, Ted3122.792011-10-09 cRocky Peak Ridge-East Peak Complete ListPoints
Miller, Mike3122.792013-08-18Santanoni Peak Complete ListPoints
Schnaufer, Cory3122.792014-07-10Nippletop Complete ListPoints
Hawes, John3122.792014-07-17Hough Peak Complete ListPoints
Kelly, Stephen3122.792014-09-20Santanoni Peak Complete ListPoints
vannort, dvntsea3122.792015-06-25East Dix Mountain Complete ListPoints

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