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Climbers with Last Names Starting with "Z"

ClimberAscentsPeaksTrip ReportsGain-FtGain-MList of ListsMost Recent Ascent
Zafar, Nassim42Ascent List18Peak List    List of Lists2015-08-23
Zaharia, Jackson110Ascent List108Peak List  4Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-02-28
Zahn, Justin 12Ascent List11Peak List    List of Lists2011-07-14
Zakhar, John66Ascent List66Peak List  5Trip Reports  List of Lists2008-09-02
Zanar, Scott16Ascent List16Peak List    List of Lists2013-10-06
Zara, Sam29Ascent List27Peak List  23Trip Reports  14,556  4,437List of Lists2015-12-11
Zarabozo, Peter5Ascent List3Peak List  5Trip Reports  2,800  853List of Lists2011-10-23
Zarnofsky, Catherine46Ascent List46Peak List    List of Lists0000
Zarrella, Marc12Ascent List12Peak List    List of Lists2015-08-09
Zazzi, Dan5Ascent List5Peak List    List of Lists2010-01-09
Zdrojewski, Marty1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists1997-08-01
Zee, Jay121Ascent List121Peak List    List of Lists2015-08-05
Zehnder, Geoff1Ascent List1Peak List    3,000  914List of Lists2013-06-22
Zelei, Peter1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2010-07-19
Zelenz, George97Ascent List97Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-12-15
Zeller, Ernie2Ascent List2Peak List    List of Lists1995-04-01
Zerphey, Charles806Ascent List795Peak List    List of Lists2016-03-03
Zhong, Shan3Ascent List3Peak List    List of Lists2009-07-01
Zhou, Victor476Ascent List463Peak List  4Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-05-22
Ziak, Rodney1293Ascent List906Peak List  102Trip Reports  1,047,165  319,176List of Lists2016-05-26
Ziemendorf, Kolby119Ascent List112Peak List  4Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-04-23
Ziller, Lucas3Ascent List3Peak List    List of Lists2016-04-19
zillig, chris55Ascent List43Peak List  15Trip Reports  38,900  11,857List of Lists2009-03-07
Zillig, Rich71Ascent List49Peak List  63Trip Reports  168,542  51,372List of Lists2009-08-02
Zimmers, Kurt2Ascent List2Peak List  1Trip Reports  6,512  1,985List of Lists2015-05-24
Zimsen, Joe7Ascent List6Peak List    List of Lists1997-05-17
Zirmer, Joel7Ascent List7Peak List    11,435  3,485List of Lists2013-05-11
Zisk, Jonathan70Ascent List70Peak List  1Trip Reports  31,062  9,468List of Lists2016-04-16
Zollbrecht, Jasper2Ascent List2Peak List    List of Lists2006
Zollbrecht, Les128Ascent List79Peak List  54Trip Reports  126,254  38,482List of Lists2013-04-29
Zollner, Rich2Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  6,274  1,912List of Lists2008-07-26
Zucco, Avery5Ascent List5Peak List  2Trip Reports  2,798  853List of Lists0000
Zuech, Kevin225Ascent List162Peak List  109Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-03-20
Zvirzdin, Daniel 25Ascent List19Peak List  25Trip Reports  List of Lists2013-09-02
Zwick, Morris24Ascent List23Peak List  24Trip Reports  8,876  2,705List of Lists2016-04-15
Zyla, Monika10Ascent List10Peak List    List of Lists2015-08-07

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