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Top 100 Climbers by Most Recent Ascent

RankClimberAscentsPeaksTrip ReportsGain-FtGain-MList of ListsMost Recent Ascent
1.Barry, Wesley120Ascent List95Peak List  16Trip Reports  76,944  23,453List of Lists2015-05-04
2.Sanger, David339Ascent List307Peak List  57Trip Reports  108,821  33,169List of Lists2015-05-04
3.Stone, Peter1019Ascent List890Peak List  406Trip Reports  234,942  71,610List of Lists2015-05-04
4.Abbamondi, Valerio226Ascent List135Peak List  34Trip Reports  166,423  50,726List of Lists2015-05-03
5.Babiev, Lev122Ascent List119Peak List    13,189  4,020List of Lists2015-05-03
6.Battaglia, Evan313Ascent List308Peak List  57Trip Reports  221,041  67,373List of Lists2015-05-03
7.Belhadj, Malek609Ascent List393Peak List    27,231  8,300List of Lists2015-05-03
8.Bitton, Ephrat387Ascent List370Peak List  8Trip Reports  7,983  2,433List of Lists2015-05-03
9.Bolton, Bob868Ascent List771Peak List  127Trip Reports  364,730  111,170List of Lists2015-05-03
10.branin, jeff577Ascent List523Peak List  134Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
11.Calabrese, Chris102Ascent List60Peak List  87Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
12.Carr, David95Ascent List92Peak List  33Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
13.Cavazos, Amber 190Ascent List132Peak List    List of Lists2015-05-03
14.Cerney, Anji256Ascent List213Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
15.Chan, Cynthia84Ascent List38Peak List  83Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
16.Civarra, Chris42Ascent List39Peak List  5Trip Reports  115,143  35,096List of Lists2015-05-03
17.Colliander, Rickard118Ascent List111Peak List  118Trip Reports  14,124  4,305List of Lists2015-05-03
18.Desaulniers, François227Ascent List184Peak List  27Trip Reports  46,423  14,150List of Lists2015-05-03
19.Drake, Chris12Ascent List12Peak List  12Trip Reports  1,332  406List of Lists2015-05-03
20.DuPont, Chase90Ascent List81Peak List  64Trip Reports  145,617  44,384List of Lists2015-05-03
21.Eames, Eric493Ascent List493Peak List    List of Lists2015-05-03
22.Earl, Edward1586Ascent List1467Peak List  215Trip Reports  2,393,199  729,447List of Lists2015-05-03
23.Edmonds, Larry579Ascent List398Peak List  176Trip Reports  281,491  85,798List of Lists2015-05-03
24.Faraday, Amin405Ascent List397Peak List  199Trip Reports  5,100  1,554List of Lists2015-05-03
25.Fedak, John352Ascent List267Peak List  351Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
26.Fidler, Michael1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2015-05-03
27.Flood, Terry3574Ascent List2039Peak List  268Trip Reports  1,200  366List of Lists2015-05-03
28.G, Chris31Ascent List31Peak List    9,848  3,002List of Lists2015-05-03
29.Gaiger, Nicholas65Ascent List63Peak List    List of Lists2015-05-03
30.Galvez , Yvonne259Ascent List234Peak List  74Trip Reports  8,619  2,627List of Lists2015-05-03
31.Garry, Paul1263Ascent List1093Peak List  9Trip Reports  24,404  7,438List of Lists2015-05-03
32.Gerlach, Greg1495Ascent List1059Peak List  116Trip Reports  236,666  72,136List of Lists2015-05-03
33.Heller, Sarah63Ascent List55Peak List    3,900  1,189List of Lists2015-05-03
34.helminger, mike593Ascent List593Peak List    List of Lists2015-05-03
35.Helzer, L187Ascent List121Peak List  13Trip Reports  14,142  4,310List of Lists2015-05-03
36.Hicks, Bruce126Ascent List126Peak List  1Trip Reports  7,544  2,299List of Lists2015-05-03
37.Hornback, Kevin83Ascent List81Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
38.Huber, Dave154Ascent List100Peak List  17Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
39.Irvine, Ryder284Ascent List270Peak List  108Trip Reports  180,417  54,991List of Lists2015-05-03
40.Jagow, Craig567Ascent List538Peak List  5Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
41.Jones, Karen475Ascent List455Peak List    List of Lists2015-05-03
42.Jones, Ken2395Ascent List2215Peak List  368Trip Reports  2,765,886  843,042List of Lists2015-05-03
43.Kamholz, Collin513Ascent List478Peak List  25Trip Reports  7,792  2,375List of Lists2015-05-03
44.Kassan, Eric633Ascent List560Peak List  482Trip Reports  1,278,728  389,756List of Lists2015-05-03
45.Kelliher, Mat554Ascent List499Peak List  504Trip Reports  898,359  273,820List of Lists2015-05-03
46.Kerepesi, Péter89Ascent List85Peak List    31,866  9,713List of Lists2015-05-03
47.Khamis, Miriam874Ascent List742Peak List  101Trip Reports  800  244List of Lists2015-05-03
48.King, Asa19Ascent List19Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
49.Kloster, Vince1037Ascent List1037Peak List    List of Lists2015-05-03
50.Kula, Russ78Ascent List64Peak List  21Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
51.Larrain, Kyle70Ascent List67Peak List    110,299  33,619List of Lists2015-05-03
52.Laxamana, Kelley528Ascent List500Peak List  23Trip Reports  212,245  64,692List of Lists2015-05-03
53.Layton, Tom581Ascent List459Peak List  453Trip Reports  252,727  77,031List of Lists2015-05-03
54.Lazutin, Sergey59Ascent List51Peak List    List of Lists2015-05-03
55.Lin, Cindy40Ascent List37Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
56.Marr, Kevin4Ascent List4Peak List    List of Lists2015-05-03
57.Mason, Jonathan264Ascent List253Peak List  1Trip Reports  8,073  2,461List of Lists2015-05-03
58.Massad, Serge1791Ascent List1272Peak List  76Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
59.McHugh, John284Ascent List219Peak List  74Trip Reports  293,252  89,383List of Lists2015-05-03
60.Meng, Bo239Ascent List140Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
61.Miller, Michael468Ascent List344Peak List  17Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
62.Murphy, Colleen275Ascent List233Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
63.Musser, William 835Ascent List630Peak List  542Trip Reports  585,645  178,505List of Lists2015-05-03
64.Myer, Julie204Ascent List198Peak List  62Trip Reports  11,179  3,407List of Lists2015-05-03
65.Newman, Laura1108Ascent List1009Peak List  14Trip Reports  2,790  850List of Lists2015-05-03
66.Newton, Lee1144Ascent List1133Peak List  282Trip Reports  425,072  129,562List of Lists2015-05-03
67.Noel, Eric796Ascent List651Peak List  363Trip Reports  952,610  290,356List of Lists2015-05-03
68.Oestreicher, Richard1155Ascent List824Peak List  982Trip Reports  734,831  223,976List of Lists2015-05-03
69.ONeill, Patrick493Ascent List424Peak List  41Trip Reports  632,695  192,845List of Lists2015-05-03
70.Partyka, Ginger37Ascent List33Peak List    13,500  4,115List of Lists2015-05-03
71.Peck, Lawrence364Ascent List198Peak List  364Trip Reports  453,307  138,168List of Lists2015-05-03
72.Pfister, Mike30Ascent List22Peak List  15Trip Reports  105,318  32,101List of Lists2015-05-03
73.Pinkard, Brian80Ascent List72Peak List    List of Lists2015-05-03
74.Prosser, Mark216Ascent List152Peak List  49Trip Reports  53,000  16,154List of Lists2015-05-03
75.Radley, Boo21Ascent List21Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
76.Ray, John547Ascent List480Peak List  1Trip Reports  4,251  1,296List of Lists2015-05-03
77.rebecca, nichols182Ascent List135Peak List  26Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
78.Ross, Carlos79Ascent List55Peak List  36Trip Reports  7,581  2,311List of Lists2015-05-03
79.Roton, Tanya457Ascent List433Peak List  6Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
80.Russell, Ken458Ascent List450Peak List  140Trip Reports  573,926  174,933List of Lists2015-05-03
81.Salzmann, Jared82Ascent List74Peak List  74Trip Reports  72,715  22,164List of Lists2015-05-03
82.Sandorff, Al799Ascent List774Peak List  110Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
83.Schenk, Gary418Ascent List403Peak List  14Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
84.Schneider, Micah108Ascent List103Peak List  101Trip Reports  2,447  746List of Lists2015-05-03
85.Sexauer, Gustav221Ascent List198Peak List  218Trip Reports  119,494  36,422List of Lists2015-05-03
86.Sheriff, Steve662Ascent List658Peak List  53Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
87.Still, Ben462Ascent List462Peak List  146Trip Reports  1,609,629  490,615List of Lists2015-05-03
88.Still, Jill79Ascent List79Peak List    204,517  62,337List of Lists2015-05-03
89.Suhr, Louise157Ascent List133Peak List  41Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
90.Sullivan, Michael782Ascent List677Peak List  143Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
91.Taylor, Rick1204Ascent List547Peak List    List of Lists2015-05-03
92.Terrones, Nick209Ascent List209Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
93.Thornley, Patrick839Ascent List616Peak List  4Trip Reports  1,276  389List of Lists2015-05-03
94.Tibatong, Habakuk508Ascent List335Peak List  6Trip Reports  493,866  150,530List of Lists2015-05-03
95.Waxman, Asher1792Ascent List795Peak List  1081Trip Reports  27,337  8,332List of Lists2015-05-03
96.Webster, Dallen5Ascent List5Peak List  5Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
97.Wheeler, Stephen48Ascent List43Peak List  26Trip Reports  87,520  26,676List of Lists2015-05-03
98.Whitney, Will228Ascent List222Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-03
99.wilde, jake1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2015-05-03
100.Willis, Craig852Ascent List797Peak List  76Trip Reports  1,293,062  394,125List of Lists2015-05-03

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