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Top 100 Climbers by Most Recent Ascent

RankClimberAscentsPeaksTrip ReportsGain-FtGain-MList of ListsMost Recent Ascent
1.Arredondo, Patricia1623Ascent List678Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-31
2.Butler, Winnette1978Ascent List854Peak List  390Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-31
3.Carroll, Conor25Ascent List24Peak List    3,427  1,045List of Lists2015-03-31
4.Christiansen, George1234Ascent List676Peak List  8Trip Reports  4,600  1,402List of Lists2015-03-31
5.Cope, Tom671Ascent List495Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-31
6.Flood, Terry3531Ascent List2029Peak List  256Trip Reports  1,200  366List of Lists2015-03-31
7.Hanson, Fred141Ascent List130Peak List  12Trip Reports  113,472  34,586List of Lists2015-03-31
8.Kelliher, Mat541Ascent List488Peak List  494Trip Reports  893,769  272,421List of Lists2015-03-31
9.Khamis, Miriam843Ascent List714Peak List  97Trip Reports  800  244List of Lists2015-03-31
10.Maya, .146Ascent List146Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-31
11.Morehouse, James363Ascent List258Peak List  197Trip Reports  563,791  171,843List of Lists2015-03-31
12.Porter, David281Ascent List264Peak List  59Trip Reports  72,551  22,114List of Lists2015-03-31
13.Potkay, Jason235Ascent List206Peak List  27Trip Reports  32,862  10,016List of Lists2015-03-31
14.Raether, Don770Ascent List666Peak List  488Trip Reports  1,087,138  331,360List of Lists2015-03-31
15.Ray, John538Ascent List471Peak List  1Trip Reports  4,251  1,296List of Lists2015-03-31
16.Roton, Tanya445Ascent List423Peak List  6Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-31
17.Thornley, Patrick827Ascent List609Peak List  4Trip Reports  1,276  389List of Lists2015-03-31
18.Tibatong, Habakuk468Ascent List325Peak List  6Trip Reports  461,858  140,774List of Lists2015-03-31
19.White, Bill585Ascent List383Peak List  25Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-31
20.Williams, Brian47Ascent List45Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-31
21.Wymore, Jobe2143Ascent List1119Peak List  9Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-31
22.Bardsley, John125Ascent List114Peak List  48Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-30
23.Bernier, Alan3032Ascent List2552Peak List  185Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-30
24.Bullard, Jay28Ascent List16Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-30
25.Carey, Richard2347Ascent List2124Peak List  421Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-30
26.Craig, Bruce1467Ascent List489Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-30
27.Ellsworth, Dick1305Ascent List1284Peak List  10Trip Reports  1,400  427List of Lists2015-03-30
28.Hill, Craig105Ascent List63Peak List  22Trip Reports  178,121  54,291List of Lists2015-03-30
29.Huber, Dave143Ascent List91Peak List  15Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-30
30.J, R130Ascent List121Peak List  53Trip Reports  67,920  20,702List of Lists2015-03-30
31.Lara, Sandy829Ascent List396Peak List  337Trip Reports  220,700  67,269List of Lists2015-03-30
32.Lennon, Duncan319Ascent List311Peak List  39Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-30
33.Lisiewicz, Volker53Ascent List38Peak List  8Trip Reports  45,301  13,808List of Lists2015-03-30
34.Liz, Michael173Ascent List90Peak List  5Trip Reports  67,476  20,567List of Lists2015-03-30
35.Medvedev, Dmitry138Ascent List100Peak List  89Trip Reports  10,065  3,068List of Lists2015-03-30
36.Nelsen, Don305Ascent List301Peak List  29Trip Reports  37,697  11,490List of Lists2015-03-30
37.Newman, Laura1078Ascent List982Peak List  14Trip Reports  2,790  850List of Lists2015-03-30
38.Pfister, John213Ascent List213Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-30
39.Sanger, David314Ascent List286Peak List  57Trip Reports  108,821  33,169List of Lists2015-03-30
40.Smith, Austin D.86Ascent List63Peak List  25Trip Reports  148,216  45,176List of Lists2015-03-30
41.Smith, Mark62Ascent List60Peak List  20Trip Reports  40,154  12,239List of Lists2015-03-30
42.Snyder, Alexa44Ascent List43Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-30
43.Sullivan, Michael757Ascent List655Peak List  143Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-30
44.Wells, Pat384Ascent List346Peak List  59Trip Reports  16,821  5,127List of Lists2015-03-30
45.Wilcox, SharonMarie557Ascent List436Peak List    19,619  5,980List of Lists2015-03-30
46.Wyman-Henney, Susan1876Ascent List1733Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-30
47.Abbamondi, Valerio220Ascent List131Peak List  34Trip Reports  161,422  49,201List of Lists2015-03-29
48.Audin, B634Ascent List343Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-29
49.Battaglia, Evan310Ascent List305Peak List  54Trip Reports  206,121  62,826List of Lists2015-03-29
50.Bielli, Jimmy18Ascent List17Peak List  13Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-29
51.Bolton, Bob864Ascent List768Peak List  125Trip Reports  360,722  109,948List of Lists2015-03-29
52.Britton, Shelly489Ascent List467Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-29
53.Browning, Brian508Ascent List415Peak List  13Trip Reports  120,418  36,703List of Lists2015-03-29
54.Burley, Scott112Ascent List87Peak List  30Trip Reports  156,948  47,838List of Lists2015-03-29
55.Butski, Mark421Ascent List364Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-29
56.Campbell, Jayde91Ascent List91Peak List  66Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-29
57.carr, jeff81Ascent List63Peak List  79Trip Reports  17,879  5,450List of Lists2015-03-29
58.Cerney, Anji250Ascent List207Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-29
59.Corcoran, Spencer358Ascent List195Peak List  293Trip Reports  349,603  106,559List of Lists2015-03-29
60.Dawson, Kris412Ascent List139Peak List  242Trip Reports  60,713  18,505List of Lists2015-03-29
61.Dilluvio, Dandelion119Ascent List92Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-29
62.Dodge, Daryn1319Ascent List1150Peak List  113Trip Reports  298,013  90,834List of Lists2015-03-29
63.Dunn, Mick1445Ascent List737Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-29
64.Eckardt, Annett254Ascent List191Peak List    4,193  1,278List of Lists2015-03-29
65.Esparza, Joseph49Ascent List47Peak List  44Trip Reports  88,006  26,824List of Lists2015-03-29
66.F, Andy335Ascent List202Peak List  4Trip Reports  13,345  4,068List of Lists2015-03-29
67.Fedak, John336Ascent List251Peak List  336Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-29
68.Frome, Ryan4Ascent List2Peak List  4Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-29
69.Fullerton, Thomas56Ascent List56Peak List  11Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-29
70.Gabany, Randy761Ascent List708Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-29
71.Garneau, Robert738Ascent List441Peak List  205Trip Reports  1,026,126  312,763List of Lists2015-03-29
72.Garry, Paul1238Ascent List1069Peak List  7Trip Reports  24,404  7,438List of Lists2015-03-29
73.Gerlach, Greg1442Ascent List1029Peak List  109Trip Reports  194,131  59,171List of Lists2015-03-29
74.Girard, Tom180Ascent List170Peak List  15Trip Reports  7,200  2,195List of Lists2015-03-29
75.Grant, Sam566Ascent List386Peak List  42Trip Reports  1,083,364  330,209List of Lists2015-03-29
76.Haynor, Jim401Ascent List107Peak List  332Trip Reports  29,762  9,071List of Lists2015-03-29
77.Hesse, Heather841Ascent List187Peak List  38Trip Reports  141,993  43,279List of Lists2015-03-29
78.Hiker, LA85Ascent List69Peak List  5Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-29
79.Hollis, Andrew110Ascent List97Peak List  66Trip Reports  1,725  526List of Lists2015-03-29
80.Hutchings, Timothy195Ascent List158Peak List  23Trip Reports  229,713  70,017List of Lists2015-03-29
81.Irvine, Ryder276Ascent List262Peak List  105Trip Reports  177,162  53,999List of Lists2015-03-29
82.Jacobs, Gordon165Ascent List141Peak List  12Trip Reports  8,140  2,481List of Lists2015-03-29
83.Jones, Ken2384Ascent List2207Peak List  365Trip Reports  2,761,528  841,714List of Lists2015-03-29
84.Kalet, Brian4499Ascent List3595Peak List  63Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-29
85.Kalsing, Kristian109Ascent List60Peak List  38Trip Reports  367,504  112,015List of Lists2015-03-29
86.Kassan, Eric625Ascent List554Peak List  474Trip Reports  1,263,827  385,214List of Lists2015-03-29
87.Kidder, Jim81Ascent List80Peak List    88,400  26,944List of Lists2015-03-29
88.Kloster, Vince1023Ascent List1023Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-29
89.Laur, Michael398Ascent List309Peak List  1Trip Reports  9,514  2,900List of Lists2015-03-29
90.Laverdure, Jean Andr√© 1804Ascent List1140Peak List  539Trip Reports  441,882  134,686List of Lists2015-03-29
91.Laxamana, Kelley480Ascent List476Peak List  22Trip Reports  212,245  64,692List of Lists2015-03-29
92.Lazutin, Sergey56Ascent List49Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-29
93.Lewis, Michael134Ascent List110Peak List  63Trip Reports  524,697  159,928List of Lists2015-03-29
94.Lockard, Alex161Ascent List64Peak List  12Trip Reports  409,673  124,868List of Lists2015-03-29
95.Lyons, Mark177Ascent List160Peak List  112Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-29
96.Mathias, Sean70Ascent List45Peak List  16Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-29
97.McCarty, Brian10Ascent List10Peak List  6Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-29
98.Mullins, Anne109Ascent List98Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-29
99.Noel, Eric794Ascent List649Peak List  363Trip Reports  952,610  290,356List of Lists2015-03-29
100.Oestreicher, Richard1130Ascent List804Peak List  958Trip Reports  724,024  220,683List of Lists2015-03-29

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