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Top 100 Climbers by Most Recent Ascent

RankClimberAscentsPeaksTrip ReportsGain-FtGain-MList of ListsMost Recent Ascent
1.Beals, Jerry1139Ascent List376Peak List  51Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-26
2.Flood, Terry3448Ascent List2008Peak List  238Trip Reports  1,200  366List of Lists2015-01-26
3.Tibatong, Habakuk371Ascent List316Peak List  4Trip Reports  348,952  106,361List of Lists2015-01-26
4.Abbamondi, Valerio213Ascent List128Peak List  34Trip Reports  152,833  46,583List of Lists2015-01-25
5.Baradel, Luca483Ascent List444Peak List  8Trip Reports  60,513  18,444List of Lists2015-01-25
6.Barlow, Craig768Ascent List755Peak List  9Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-25
7.Bitton, Ephrat363Ascent List346Peak List  8Trip Reports  7,983  2,433List of Lists2015-01-25
8.Bjørstad, Petter1205Ascent List1141Peak List  149Trip Reports  3,016,943  919,564List of Lists2015-01-25
9.Bobick, Stephen80Ascent List76Peak List    29,734  9,063List of Lists2015-01-25
10.Bryson, Robert153Ascent List94Peak List  21Trip Reports  230,550  70,272List of Lists2015-01-25
11.Burgess, George127Ascent List126Peak List  126Trip Reports  302,513  92,206List of Lists2015-01-25
12.Butler, The Colonel259Ascent List186Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-25
13.Butler, Winnette1905Ascent List798Peak List  359Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-25
14.Calabrese, Chris80Ascent List41Peak List  66Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-25
15.Covill, Dave1251Ascent List892Peak List    List of Lists2015-01-25
16.Dodge, Daryn1262Ascent List1093Peak List  109Trip Reports  293,131  89,346List of Lists2015-01-25
17.Dominguez, Francisco J384Ascent List280Peak List    List of Lists2015-01-25
18.Drew, Ben158Ascent List158Peak List    List of Lists2015-01-25
19.Fleischmann, Daniel284Ascent List261Peak List  24Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-25
20.Francis, David557Ascent List547Peak List  5Trip Reports  6,165  1,879List of Lists2015-01-25
21.Genna, Deborah53Ascent List39Peak List  20Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-25
22.Gerlach, Greg1389Ascent List990Peak List  92Trip Reports  160,401  48,890List of Lists2015-01-25
23.Gilsdorf, Chris578Ascent List575Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-25
24.Grant, Sam530Ascent List355Peak List  32Trip Reports  1,009,140  307,586List of Lists2015-01-25
25.Greth, Eric37Ascent List36Peak List  3Trip Reports  103,082  31,419List of Lists2015-01-25
26.Haynor, Jim395Ascent List105Peak List  326Trip Reports  29,762  9,071List of Lists2015-01-25
27.Hesse, Heather789Ascent List187Peak List  38Trip Reports  141,993  43,279List of Lists2015-01-25
28.Hills, Robert444Ascent List110Peak List    List of Lists2015-01-25
29.Huber, Dave113Ascent List78Peak List  12Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-25
30.J, R104Ascent List95Peak List  38Trip Reports  15,577  4,748List of Lists2015-01-25
31.Kalet, Brian4391Ascent List3540Peak List  63Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-25
32.Katzmann, Phillip67Ascent List59Peak List  51Trip Reports  69,023  21,038List of Lists2015-01-25
33.Kirmse, Andrew175Ascent List166Peak List  16Trip Reports  238,671  72,747List of Lists2015-01-25
34.Knowles, Nick44Ascent List43Peak List  41Trip Reports  3,756  1,145List of Lists2015-01-25
35.Kula, Russ58Ascent List51Peak List  20Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-25
36.Kwok, Amy206Ascent List61Peak List  114Trip Reports  537,303  163,770List of Lists2015-01-25
37.Lakin, Beth118Ascent List106Peak List  74Trip Reports  121,047  36,895List of Lists2015-01-25
38.Laxamana, Kelley430Ascent List429Peak List  21Trip Reports  212,245  64,692List of Lists2015-01-25
39.Lethert, Joe20Ascent List18Peak List    List of Lists2015-01-25
40.Loehrer, Scot161Ascent List158Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-25
41.Logue, Ed52Ascent List49Peak List  2Trip Reports  44,066  13,431List of Lists2015-01-25
42.Lostracco, Marcus140Ascent List101Peak List  69Trip Reports  32,435  9,886List of Lists2015-01-25
43.Lynch, Donovan143Ascent List121Peak List  4Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-25
44.Lyons, Mark165Ascent List147Peak List  106Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-25
45.MacQuarrie, Scott166Ascent List151Peak List  10Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-25
46.Mason, Jonathan174Ascent List168Peak List  1Trip Reports  8,073  2,461List of Lists2015-01-25
47.Massad, Serge1746Ascent List1231Peak List  76Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-25
48.Merkel, Mary Ruth9Ascent List9Peak List  5Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-25
49.Morehouse, James340Ascent List240Peak List  191Trip Reports  545,707  166,331List of Lists2015-01-25
50.Morris, Caleb289Ascent List259Peak List  247Trip Reports  461,639  140,708List of Lists2015-01-25
51.Musser, William 764Ascent List581Peak List  504Trip Reports  560,666  170,891List of Lists2015-01-25
52.Najdzin, Joanne58Ascent List48Peak List  9Trip Reports  4,875  1,486List of Lists2015-01-25
53.Nanevicz, Tom533Ascent List500Peak List    List of Lists2015-01-25
54.Newman, Laura1040Ascent List943Peak List  14Trip Reports  890  271List of Lists2015-01-25
55.Nguyen, Thanh62Ascent List56Peak List    List of Lists2015-01-25
56.Parratt, David134Ascent List121Peak List  35Trip Reports  74,410  22,680List of Lists2015-01-25
57.Piecuch, Oleta205Ascent List194Peak List  1Trip Reports  7,866  2,398List of Lists2015-01-25
58.Potkay, Jason207Ascent List179Peak List  26Trip Reports  32,862  10,016List of Lists2015-01-25
59.Poulin, Dennis2086Ascent List1856Peak List  1200Trip Reports  2,750,251  838,277List of Lists2015-01-25
60.Raether, Don735Ascent List642Peak List  468Trip Reports  1,055,919  321,844List of Lists2015-01-25
61.Retemeyer, Jim1546Ascent List1248Peak List  86Trip Reports  12,362  3,768List of Lists2015-01-25
62.Sanger, David263Ascent List240Peak List  48Trip Reports  75,043  22,873List of Lists2015-01-25
63.Santoro, Cerise52Ascent List41Peak List  22Trip Reports  27,523  8,389List of Lists2015-01-25
64.Shepard, Chris93Ascent List65Peak List    135,156  41,196List of Lists2015-01-25
65.Stolk, John1392Ascent List1262Peak List  29Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-25
66.Strand, Andrew565Ascent List530Peak List    List of Lists2015-01-25
67.Straub, Chad256Ascent List189Peak List  215Trip Reports  620,442  189,111List of Lists2015-01-25
68.Sullivan, Michael715Ascent List617Peak List  132Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-25
69.Taylor, Dean180Ascent List152Peak List    List of Lists2015-01-25
70.The Dog, Kiwi29Ascent List28Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-25
71.Tiefenbruck, Laura90Ascent List81Peak List  3Trip Reports  22,008  6,708List of Lists2015-01-25
72.Walker, Adam790Ascent List642Peak List  451Trip Reports  1,725,431  525,911List of Lists2015-01-25
73.Waxman, Asher1758Ascent List789Peak List  1063Trip Reports  27,337  8,332List of Lists2015-01-25
74.Whitney, Will205Ascent List200Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-25
75.Wing, Kathy542Ascent List534Peak List  179Trip Reports  22,100  6,736List of Lists2015-01-25
76.Woodall, Rob3004Ascent List2962Peak List  503Trip Reports  1,402,890  427,601List of Lists2015-01-25
77.Wright, Wesley179Ascent List138Peak List    361,711  110,250List of Lists2015-01-25
78. #, Ashwin229Ascent List77Peak List  74Trip Reports  650,300  198,211List of Lists2015-01-24
79.Albert, Sean373Ascent List218Peak List  299Trip Reports  1,001,416  305,232List of Lists2015-01-24
80.Alifanz, Marc23Ascent List20Peak List  2Trip Reports  21,077  6,424List of Lists2015-01-24
81.Batt, Morgan220Ascent List206Peak List  13Trip Reports  39,373  12,001List of Lists2015-01-24
82.Baxter, Dan467Ascent List432Peak List  152Trip Reports  369,905  112,747List of Lists2015-01-24
83.Bedard, Richard165Ascent List129Peak List  121Trip Reports  300,733  91,663List of Lists2015-01-24
84.Bergeron, Patrick140Ascent List111Peak List  58Trip Reports  226,203  68,947List of Lists2015-01-24
85.Bolton, Bob851Ascent List756Peak List  125Trip Reports  359,592  109,604List of Lists2015-01-24
86.Breen, Kerry275Ascent List192Peak List  272Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-24
87.Browning, Brian492Ascent List401Peak List  10Trip Reports  111,133  33,873List of Lists2015-01-24
88.Butler, Aidan107Ascent List102Peak List  8Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-24
89.Cardona, Alvin13Ascent List11Peak List  9Trip Reports  41,723  12,717List of Lists2015-01-24
90.Caverly, Arthur119Ascent List88Peak List  7Trip Reports  102,460  31,230List of Lists2015-01-24
91.Cerney, Anji243Ascent List200Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-24
92.Chambers, John45Ascent List41Peak List  29Trip Reports  33,004  10,060List of Lists2015-01-24
93.Charest, Nicolas55Ascent List49Peak List  12Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-24
94.Christiansen, Mike137Ascent List112Peak List  33Trip Reports  222,199  67,726List of Lists2015-01-24
95.Cleghorn, Jason 16Ascent List15Peak List  12Trip Reports  8,181  2,494List of Lists2015-01-24
96.Cope, Tom650Ascent List476Peak List    List of Lists2015-01-24
97.Craig, Bruce1403Ascent List453Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-24
98.Cusick, Michael196Ascent List186Peak List  2Trip Reports  323,110  98,484List of Lists2015-01-24
99.Daniel, Jay22Ascent List11Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-24
100.Dawson, Kris319Ascent List124Peak List  212Trip Reports  56,534  17,232List of Lists2015-01-24

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