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Top 100 Climbers by Most Recent Ascent

RankClimberAscentsPeaksTrip ReportsGain-FtGain-MList of ListsMost Recent Ascent
1.Anderson, Heather437Ascent List385Peak List  1Trip Reports  51,432  15,676List of Lists2015-03-05
2.Flood, Terry3495Ascent List2017Peak List  249Trip Reports  1,200  366List of Lists2015-03-05
3.Grant, Sam550Ascent List371Peak List  36Trip Reports  1,053,435  321,087List of Lists2015-03-05
4.Jones, Ken2374Ascent List2198Peak List  358Trip Reports  2,753,453  839,252List of Lists2015-03-05
5.Drolpo, Dorje282Ascent List282Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-04
6.Fieberling, Karl884Ascent List878Peak List    3,800  1,158List of Lists2015-03-04
7.Gaiger, Nicholas36Ascent List35Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-04
8.Gerlach, Greg1419Ascent List1016Peak List  104Trip Reports  181,801  55,413List of Lists2015-03-04
9.Huber, Dave126Ascent List84Peak List  15Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-04
10.Jay, Mike47Ascent List38Peak List  30Trip Reports  41,492  12,647List of Lists2015-03-04
11.Laxamana, Kelley455Ascent List454Peak List  21Trip Reports  212,245  64,692List of Lists2015-03-04
12.Reed, Jason216Ascent List147Peak List  97Trip Reports  88,518  26,980List of Lists2015-03-04
13.Waxman, Asher1769Ascent List792Peak List  1071Trip Reports  27,337  8,332List of Lists2015-03-04
14.Weiland, Craig247Ascent List231Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-04
15.Boos, Andy1290Ascent List869Peak List  2Trip Reports  859,068  261,844List of Lists2015-03-03
16.Butler, Paul6Ascent List5Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-03
17.Christiansen, George1187Ascent List643Peak List  7Trip Reports  4,600  1,402List of Lists2015-03-03
18.Craig, Bruce1448Ascent List473Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-03
19.delaney, aaron52Ascent List43Peak List  8Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-03
20.Ecker, Eric387Ascent List242Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-03
21.Gilbertson, Eric343Ascent List337Peak List  101Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-03
22.Gruhn, Steven510Ascent List296Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-03
23.Khamis, Miriam779Ascent List652Peak List  87Trip Reports  800  244List of Lists2015-03-03
24.Knapp, Lorena7Ascent List5Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-03
25.Laverdure, Jean André 1789Ascent List1127Peak List  529Trip Reports  432,881  131,942List of Lists2015-03-03
26.Lostracco, Ben3465Ascent List2604Peak List  1530Trip Reports  2,114,723  644,568List of Lists2015-03-03
27.McMaster, Spencer46Ascent List46Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-03
28.Nelsen, Don286Ascent List282Peak List  21Trip Reports  37,697  11,490List of Lists2015-03-03
29.Rankine, Graeme318Ascent List219Peak List  20Trip Reports  10,696  3,260List of Lists2015-03-03
30.rice, scott704Ascent List635Peak List  46Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-03
31.Snodgrass, Jason6Ascent List6Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-03
32.Snyder, Wayne273Ascent List248Peak List  209Trip Reports  19,530  5,953List of Lists2015-03-03
33.Uherkovich, Szaniszlo220Ascent List168Peak List  15Trip Reports  388,184  118,318List of Lists2015-03-03
34.Caulfield, Seán23Ascent List23Peak List  23Trip Reports  6,781  2,067List of Lists2015-03-02
35.Christiansen, Mike149Ascent List123Peak List  36Trip Reports  241,240  73,530List of Lists2015-03-02
36.Cope, Tom662Ascent List488Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-02
37.Hegler, Daniel116Ascent List92Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-02
38.McCarty, Brian5Ascent List5Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-02
39.Sanger, David296Ascent List269Peak List  52Trip Reports  97,908  29,842List of Lists2015-03-02
40.Sullivan, Michael741Ascent List640Peak List  139Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-02
41.Abbamondi, Valerio218Ascent List131Peak List  34Trip Reports  158,128  48,197List of Lists2015-03-01
42.Adams, Russell23Ascent List21Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-01
43.Bardsley, John120Ascent List109Peak List  43Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-01
44.Barlow, Craig783Ascent List769Peak List  9Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-01
45.Battaglia, Evan305Ascent List301Peak List  50Trip Reports  193,416  58,953List of Lists2015-03-01
46.Britton, Shelly478Ascent List456Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-01
47.Brown, Steve246Ascent List216Peak List  12Trip Reports  20,169  6,148List of Lists2015-03-01
48.Burgess, George129Ascent List128Peak List  128Trip Reports  313,893  95,675List of Lists2015-03-01
49.carr, jeff79Ascent List61Peak List  77Trip Reports  15,922  4,853List of Lists2015-03-01
50.Cavazos, Amber 179Ascent List132Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-01
51.Coppa, Graziano191Ascent List119Peak List  134Trip Reports  233,268  71,100List of Lists2015-03-01
52.Creason, Charlie3Ascent List3Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-01
53.Dennis, Patrick6Ascent List6Peak List    2,948  899List of Lists2015-03-01
54.Dewey, Andy445Ascent List401Peak List  21Trip Reports  9,662  2,945List of Lists2015-03-01
55.Dodge, Daryn1281Ascent List1112Peak List  112Trip Reports  296,389  90,339List of Lists2015-03-01
56.Drew, Ben165Ascent List165Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-01
57.Eames, Eric478Ascent List478Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-01
58.Finch, Bryson16Ascent List13Peak List  6Trip Reports  29,135  8,880List of Lists2015-03-01
59.Fleischmann, Daniel289Ascent List265Peak List  25Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-01
60.Francis, David566Ascent List556Peak List  5Trip Reports  6,165  1,879List of Lists2015-03-01
61.Galvez , Yvonne238Ascent List216Peak List  69Trip Reports  8,619  2,627List of Lists2015-03-01
62.Grier, Kevin14Ascent List14Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-01
63.Halstead, Rob802Ascent List802Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-01
64.Hart, David521Ascent List470Peak List  134Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-01
65.Hedges, Marc102Ascent List76Peak List  34Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-01
66.helminger, mike585Ascent List585Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-01
67.Hern, Steve94Ascent List77Peak List  52Trip Reports  1,640  500List of Lists2015-03-01
68.Hesse, Heather814Ascent List187Peak List  38Trip Reports  141,993  43,279List of Lists2015-03-01
69.Hicks, Bruce121Ascent List121Peak List  1Trip Reports  7,544  2,299List of Lists2015-03-01
70.Higgins, Chris248Ascent List181Peak List  143Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-01
71.Hills, Robert446Ascent List110Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-01
72.Keats, Sarah429Ascent List269Peak List  19Trip Reports  3,002  915List of Lists2015-03-01
73.Kraai, Bryan593Ascent List526Peak List  201Trip Reports  730,537  222,668List of Lists2015-03-01
74.Kula, Russ66Ascent List54Peak List  21Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-01
75.Massad, Serge1756Ascent List1239Peak List  76Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-01
76.McCormick, Mark1106Ascent List966Peak List  34Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-01
77.Mongue-Wymore, Libby122Ascent List108Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-01
78.Morris, Caleb293Ascent List261Peak List  251Trip Reports  465,339  141,835List of Lists2015-03-01
79.Musser, William 773Ascent List588Peak List  512Trip Reports  563,336  171,705List of Lists2015-03-01
80.Najdzin, Joanne64Ascent List52Peak List  12Trip Reports  4,875  1,486List of Lists2015-03-01
81.Nash, Aaron140Ascent List76Peak List  65Trip Reports  456,147  139,034List of Lists2015-03-01
82.Peterson, Maria5Ascent List5Peak List  5Trip Reports  2,570  783List of Lists2015-03-01
83.Peterson, Rick293Ascent List289Peak List  21Trip Reports  46,140  14,063List of Lists2015-03-01
84.Retemeyer, Jim1568Ascent List1266Peak List  97Trip Reports  15,550  4,740List of Lists2015-03-01
85.Richardson, Martin2110Ascent List2087Peak List  133Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-01
86.Rohrer, Marco388Ascent List354Peak List  108Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-01
87.Roy, Nicolas19Ascent List11Peak List    8,000  2,438List of Lists2015-03-01
88.Russell, Ken442Ascent List434Peak List  133Trip Reports  557,234  169,845List of Lists2015-03-01
89.Santoro, Cerise65Ascent List53Peak List  24Trip Reports  125,400  38,222List of Lists2015-03-01
90.Sarna, April37Ascent List33Peak List    33,555  10,228List of Lists2015-03-01
91.Sarna, John E734Ascent List587Peak List  245Trip Reports  1,055,903  321,839List of Lists2015-03-01
92.Scott, Brian142Ascent List80Peak List  90Trip Reports  312,233  95,169List of Lists2015-03-01
93.Shema, David84Ascent List48Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-01
94.Slayden, Greg1260Ascent List791Peak List  260Trip Reports  2,019,324  615,490List of Lists2015-03-01
95.Soskins, Christine505Ascent List505Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-01
96.sosnowski, michael157Ascent List154Peak List  149Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-01
97.Still, Ben458Ascent List458Peak List  144Trip Reports  1,600,519  487,838List of Lists2015-03-01
98.Strauch, John881Ascent List876Peak List  26Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-03-01
99.Themer, Karl375Ascent List278Peak List    877,429  267,440List of Lists2015-03-01
100.Themer, Vera11Ascent List11Peak List    8,107  2,471List of Lists2015-03-01

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