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Top 100 Climbers by Number of Trip Reports

RankClimberAscentsPeaksTrip ReportsGain-FtGain-MList of ListsMost Recent Ascent
1.Lostracco, Ben3878Ascent List2950Peak List  1733Trip Reports  2,229,365  679,510List of Lists2016-02-08
2.Dunham, Dave1351Ascent List858Peak List  1351Trip Reports  1,114,752  339,776List of Lists2016-02-05
3.Poulin, Dennis2250Ascent List2003Peak List  1258Trip Reports  2,877,052  876,925List of Lists2016-01-27
4.Waxman, Asher1884Ascent List811Peak List  1145Trip Reports  29,417  8,966List of Lists2016-02-07
5.Oestreicher, Richard1304Ascent List931Peak List  1127Trip Reports  814,082  248,132List of Lists2016-02-05
6.Beck, Alan971Ascent List575Peak List  871Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-01-31
7.Barlow, James1018Ascent List876Peak List  760Trip Reports  1,570,977  478,834List of Lists2016-02-05
8.Laverdure, Jean André 2106Ascent List1355Peak List  678Trip Reports  552,266  168,331List of Lists2016-02-05
9.Butler, Winnette2496Ascent List1102Peak List  653Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-02-06
10.Thate, Karine717Ascent List209Peak List  649Trip Reports  1,027,261  313,109List of Lists2013-05-27
11.Musser, William 1018Ascent List718Peak List  634Trip Reports  685,303  208,880List of Lists2016-02-07
12.Thomas, Will640Ascent List201Peak List  631Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-11-25
13.Kelliher, Mat660Ascent List574Peak List  601Trip Reports  984,361  300,033List of Lists2016-02-06
14.Walker, Adam1021Ascent List843Peak List  599Trip Reports  2,155,624  657,034List of Lists2016-02-08
15.Kassan, Eric744Ascent List657Peak List  578Trip Reports  1,485,374  452,742List of Lists2016-02-07
16.Fieles, Matthias549Ascent List403Peak List  548Trip Reports  138,474  42,207List of Lists2016-01-02
17.Raether, Don874Ascent List753Peak List  543Trip Reports  1,152,065  351,149List of Lists2016-02-08
18.Woodall, Rob3564Ascent List3488Peak List  543Trip Reports  1,490,816  454,401List of Lists2016-01-16
19.Darby, David585Ascent List515Peak List  537Trip Reports  295,096  89,945List of Lists2016-01-28
20.Dawson, Kris740Ascent List175Peak List  531Trip Reports  76,293  23,254List of Lists2016-02-08
21.Johnson, Eric J.694Ascent List626Peak List  526Trip Reports  List of Lists2013-12-14
22.Johnson, Frederick1401Ascent List1078Peak List  520Trip Reports  669,017  203,916List of Lists2015-06-01
23.Layton, Tom650Ascent List495Peak List  502Trip Reports  273,718  83,429List of Lists2016-02-03
24.Hall, Len496Ascent List214Peak List  486Trip Reports  818,493  249,477List of Lists2015-12-23
25.Morrow, John1056Ascent List748Peak List  447Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-02-05
26.Carey, Richard2507Ascent List2280Peak List  434Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-02-06
27.Stone, Peter1154Ascent List980Peak List  434Trip Reports  271,388  82,719List of Lists2016-02-01
28.Comerzan, David2104Ascent List620Peak List  417Trip Reports  2,660  811List of Lists2016-02-06
29.Stewart, Dennis763Ascent List493Peak List  417Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-02-02
30.Jones, Ken2463Ascent List2275Peak List  398Trip Reports  2,848,423  868,199List of Lists2015-11-11
31.Sasso, John659Ascent List305Peak List  392Trip Reports  1,197,901  365,120List of Lists2016-01-18
32.Wanberg, Michael481Ascent List235Peak List  387Trip Reports  783,550  238,826List of Lists2016-01-23
33.Nakajima, Tomoko413Ascent List355Peak List  379Trip Reports  463,181  141,178List of Lists2015-07-12
34.Lara, Sandy873Ascent List407Peak List  377Trip Reports  341,732  104,160List of Lists2016-01-17
35.Corcoran, Spencer445Ascent List264Peak List  375Trip Reports  442,453  134,860List of Lists2016-02-08
36.Peck, Lawrence412Ascent List205Peak List  375Trip Reports  514,342  156,771List of Lists2016-01-03
37.Noel, Eric824Ascent List676Peak List  370Trip Reports  961,616  293,101List of Lists2015-12-19
38.Sierra, Marcus544Ascent List454Peak List  366Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-02-07
39.Haynor, Jim434Ascent List112Peak List  362Trip Reports  29,762  9,071List of Lists2016-02-07
40.Fedak, John357Ascent List272Peak List  354Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-06-06
41.Wandall, Ed410Ascent List380Peak List  348Trip Reports  181,705  55,384List of Lists2015-12-31
42.Aschbrenner, Ryan676Ascent List585Peak List  344Trip Reports  464,528  141,588List of Lists2016-02-07
43.Rankine, Andrew347Ascent List289Peak List  341Trip Reports  695,842  212,093List of Lists2016-01-18
44.Albert, Sean430Ascent List246Peak List  338Trip Reports  1,209,425  368,633List of Lists2016-01-31
45.Molen, Dean955Ascent List881Peak List  336Trip Reports  226,714  69,102List of Lists2015-10-04
46.Sexauer, Gustav350Ascent List300Peak List  332Trip Reports  190,900  58,186List of Lists2016-01-26
47.Shih, Susan429Ascent List265Peak List  329Trip Reports  36,857  11,234List of Lists2015-09-28
48.Newton, Lee1224Ascent List1211Peak List  328Trip Reports  506,279  154,314List of Lists2016-01-30
49.Schussler, Arne371Ascent List226Peak List  322Trip Reports  479,796  146,242List of Lists2015-07-13
50.Flood, Terry3922Ascent List2099Peak List  320Trip Reports  1,200  366List of Lists2016-02-09
51.Higgins, Chris423Ascent List251Peak List  318Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-02-02
52.Hebert, Bill1368Ascent List1252Peak List  300Trip Reports  216,708  66,053List of Lists2015-01-01
53.Chrislock-Lauterbach, Marit376Ascent List218Peak List  299Trip Reports  142,042  43,294List of Lists2014-12-07
54.Honey, Gary482Ascent List481Peak List  298Trip Reports  265,106  80,804List of Lists2015-08-17
55.Bernier, Alan3744Ascent List3200Peak List  294Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-02-04
56.Sewell, Tom540Ascent List148Peak List  293Trip Reports  5,361  1,634List of Lists2009-12-31
57.Slayden, Greg1312Ascent List823Peak List  292Trip Reports  2,134,464  650,585List of Lists2016-01-15
58.914, BMS277Ascent List222Peak List  270Trip Reports  668,312  203,701List of Lists2015-08-29
59.Winston, Keith282Ascent List249Peak List  270Trip Reports  375,107  114,333List of Lists2016-02-05
60.Knight, Isaiah268Ascent List143Peak List  268Trip Reports  229,684  70,008List of Lists2015-12-12
61.Morris, Caleb311Ascent List275Peak List  265Trip Reports  504,961  153,912List of Lists2016-01-30
62.Sarna, John E780Ascent List600Peak List  264Trip Reports  1,077,583  328,447List of Lists2016-02-08
63.Bigelow, Andrew823Ascent List362Peak List  261Trip Reports  825,516  251,617List of Lists2015-08-01
64.Snyder, Wayne385Ascent List354Peak List  261Trip Reports  33,558  10,228List of Lists2016-01-02
65.Morehouse, James461Ascent List311Peak List  257Trip Reports  601,952  183,475List of Lists2016-02-06
66.Sullivan, Michael1007Ascent List877Peak List  256Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-02-07
67.Quinlan, Dan246Ascent List232Peak List  246Trip Reports  398,573  121,485List of Lists2015-08-22
68.Kent, Trevor344Ascent List271Peak List  244Trip Reports  68,976  21,024List of Lists2016-02-06
69.Bangel, Alan240Ascent List128Peak List  240Trip Reports  310,861  94,750List of Lists2015-10-23
70.branin, jeff799Ascent List721Peak List  228Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-01-31
71.Straub, Chad286Ascent List213Peak List  228Trip Reports  749,555  228,464List of Lists2016-01-17
72.Garneau, Robert808Ascent List460Peak List  227Trip Reports  1,161,764  354,106List of Lists2015-11-01
73.Friedrich, Brian254Ascent List171Peak List  224Trip Reports  679,063  206,978List of Lists2013-07-01
74.Kraai, Bryan611Ascent List543Peak List  219Trip Reports  735,531  224,190List of Lists2015-11-10
75.Surgent, Scott827Ascent List776Peak List  218Trip Reports  172,584  52,604List of Lists2016-01-30
76.Hensley, Richard349Ascent List306Peak List  211Trip Reports  667,028  203,310List of Lists2016-01-30
77.Osterhoudt, Deb & Rob279Ascent List186Peak List  207Trip Reports  340,082  103,657List of Lists2016-01-02
78.Couët, Gabriel296Ascent List224Peak List  203Trip Reports  337,574  102,893List of Lists2016-01-21
79.Gerlach, Greg1774Ascent List1275Peak List  203Trip Reports  984,291  300,012List of Lists2016-02-07
80.Lunde, Lupe274Ascent List143Peak List  202Trip Reports  232,345  70,819List of Lists2016-02-06
81.Earl, Edward1606Ascent List1486Peak List  201Trip Reports  2,417,999  737,006List of Lists2015-06-18
82.Wing, Kathy600Ascent List590Peak List  201Trip Reports  22,100  6,736List of Lists2016-01-17
83.Edmonds, Larry713Ascent List500Peak List  199Trip Reports  281,491  85,798List of Lists2016-02-06
84.Faraday, Amin433Ascent List425Peak List  199Trip Reports  5,100  1,554List of Lists2016-01-24
85.Lardiere, M (whichway)389Ascent List275Peak List  192Trip Reports  40,081  12,217List of Lists2013-10-06
86.Puckle, Donnie228Ascent List188Peak List  192Trip Reports  322,589  98,325List of Lists2016-01-09
87.Bradshaw, Franklin464Ascent List428Peak List  191Trip Reports  26,954  8,216List of Lists2014-01-18
88.Guethle, Mike288Ascent List230Peak List  189Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-01-30
89.Gerber, Andrej296Ascent List296Peak List  182Trip Reports  1,446,342  440,845List of Lists2015-12-27
90.Henry The, Mountain Man760Ascent List315Peak List  182Trip Reports  1,285,210  391,732List of Lists2014-06-22
91.Owen, Tom261Ascent List244Peak List  182Trip Reports  23,622  7,200List of Lists2015-09-05
92.SC leads, MAK181Ascent List176Peak List  180Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-01-17
93.Baxter, Dan542Ascent List498Peak List  177Trip Reports  412,099  125,608List of Lists2016-01-24
94.Helman, Adam1112Ascent List1063Peak List  176Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-12-30
95.Lombardo, Eric176Ascent List124Peak List  176Trip Reports  117,784  35,901List of Lists2015-12-24
96.Blair, Michael603Ascent List276Peak List  171Trip Reports  3,488  1,063List of Lists2013-01-04
97.Van Amburgh, Dennis235Ascent List225Peak List  170Trip Reports  127,830  38,963List of Lists2015-10-11
98.Lyons, Mark285Ascent List246Peak List  169Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-02-07
99.Stone, James1542Ascent List908Peak List  167Trip Reports  66,142  20,160List of Lists2016-01-23
100.Retemeyer, Jim1841Ascent List1452Peak List  165Trip Reports  31,580  9,626List of Lists2016-02-08

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