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Top 100 Climbers by Number of Trip Reports

RankClimberAscentsPeaksTrip ReportsGain-FtGain-MList of ListsMost Recent Ascent
1.Lostracco, Ben3392Ascent List2540Peak List  1479Trip Reports  2,104,609  641,485List of Lists2015-01-26
2.Dunham, Dave1264Ascent List798Peak List  1264Trip Reports  1,053,260  321,034List of Lists2015-01-18
3.Poulin, Dennis2086Ascent List1856Peak List  1200Trip Reports  2,750,251  838,277List of Lists2015-01-25
4.Waxman, Asher1758Ascent List789Peak List  1063Trip Reports  27,337  8,332List of Lists2015-01-25
5.Oestreicher, Richard1115Ascent List793Peak List  944Trip Reports  718,684  219,055List of Lists2015-01-17
6.Beck, Alan905Ascent List561Peak List  804Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-01
7.Thate, Karine717Ascent List209Peak List  649Trip Reports  1,027,261  313,109List of Lists2013-05-27
8.Barlow, James865Ascent List730Peak List  570Trip Reports  1,312,198  399,958List of Lists2015-01-21
9.Fieles, Matthias520Ascent List390Peak List  519Trip Reports  122,221  37,253List of Lists2014-10-29
10.Laverdure, Jean André 1755Ascent List1101Peak List  514Trip Reports  423,991  129,232List of Lists2015-01-23
11.Musser, William 764Ascent List581Peak List  504Trip Reports  560,666  170,891List of Lists2015-01-25
12.Woodall, Rob3004Ascent List2962Peak List  503Trip Reports  1,402,890  427,601List of Lists2015-01-25
13.Darby, David524Ascent List470Peak List  491Trip Reports  247,922  75,567List of Lists2015-01-01
14.Thomas, Will496Ascent List158Peak List  487Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-23
15.Kelliher, Mat508Ascent List459Peak List  473Trip Reports  878,822  267,865List of Lists2015-01-18
16.Kassan, Eric615Ascent List550Peak List  469Trip Reports  1,246,589  379,960List of Lists2014-12-25
17.Raether, Don735Ascent List642Peak List  468Trip Reports  1,055,919  321,844List of Lists2015-01-25
18.Layton, Tom577Ascent List458Peak List  452Trip Reports  251,767  76,739List of Lists2014-12-26
19.Walker, Adam790Ascent List642Peak List  451Trip Reports  1,725,431  525,911List of Lists2015-01-25
20.Hall, Len449Ascent List205Peak List  438Trip Reports  727,715  221,808List of Lists2013-08-25
21.Carey, Richard2321Ascent List2101Peak List  415Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-03
22.Johnson, Frederick1379Ascent List1045Peak List  412Trip Reports  379,659  115,720List of Lists2015-01-24
23.Sasso, John631Ascent List293Peak List  392Trip Reports  1,189,901  362,682List of Lists2014-11-11
24.Stone, Peter946Ascent List820Peak List  385Trip Reports  215,769  65,766List of Lists2015-01-22
25.Butler, Winnette1905Ascent List798Peak List  359Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-25
26.Morrow, John966Ascent List680Peak List  357Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-12-19
27.Noel, Eric787Ascent List643Peak List  357Trip Reports  949,105  289,287List of Lists2015-01-24
28.Stewart, Dennis700Ascent List438Peak List  355Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-03
29.Jones, Ken2357Ascent List2184Peak List  351Trip Reports  2,741,638  835,651List of Lists2014-12-28
30.Peck, Lawrence344Ascent List197Peak List  344Trip Reports  427,382  130,266List of Lists2015-01-11
31.Nakajima, Tomoko375Ascent List318Peak List  342Trip Reports  459,700  140,117List of Lists2014-09-11
32.Wandall, Ed396Ascent List366Peak List  335Trip Reports  169,161  51,560List of Lists2014-08-16
33.Haynor, Jim395Ascent List105Peak List  326Trip Reports  29,762  9,071List of Lists2015-01-25
34.Lara, Sandy810Ascent List391Peak List  319Trip Reports  191,670  58,421List of Lists2015-01-04
35.Wanberg, Michael394Ascent List212Peak List  315Trip Reports  651,347  198,531List of Lists2015-01-10
36.Schussler, Arne359Ascent List222Peak List  311Trip Reports  466,095  142,066List of Lists2014-10-20
37.Albert, Sean373Ascent List218Peak List  299Trip Reports  1,001,416  305,232List of Lists2015-01-24
38.Chrislock-Lauterbach, Marit376Ascent List218Peak List  299Trip Reports  142,042  43,294List of Lists2014-12-07
39.Hebert, Bill1365Ascent List1252Peak List  299Trip Reports  216,708  66,053List of Lists2014-02-27
40.Honey, Gary480Ascent List479Peak List  297Trip Reports  265,106  80,804List of Lists2013-11-16
41.Aschbrenner, Ryan539Ascent List464Peak List  295Trip Reports  355,666  108,407List of Lists2015-01-18
42.Molen, Dean903Ascent List837Peak List  295Trip Reports  182,904  55,749List of Lists2014-12-02
43.Sewell, Tom540Ascent List148Peak List  293Trip Reports  5,361  1,634List of Lists2009-12-31
44.Corcoran, Spencer344Ascent List186Peak List  279Trip Reports  332,013  101,198List of Lists2015-01-23
45.Breen, Kerry275Ascent List192Peak List  272Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-24
46.914, BMS268Ascent List215Peak List  265Trip Reports  657,735  200,478List of Lists2015-01-16
47.Rankine, Andrew271Ascent List223Peak List  265Trip Reports  559,220  170,450List of Lists2015-01-17
48.Newton, Lee994Ascent List983Peak List  256Trip Reports  403,021  122,841List of Lists2015-01-01
49.Slayden, Greg1251Ascent List784Peak List  256Trip Reports  2,005,878  611,392List of Lists2014-12-22
50.Bigelow, Andrew810Ascent List360Peak List  254Trip Reports  803,646  244,951List of Lists2015-01-17
51.Morris, Caleb289Ascent List259Peak List  247Trip Reports  461,639  140,708List of Lists2015-01-25
52.Knight, Isaiah245Ascent List131Peak List  245Trip Reports  203,475  62,019List of Lists2014-12-28
53.Sarna, John E731Ascent List585Peak List  244Trip Reports  1,055,048  321,579List of Lists2015-01-01
54.Flood, Terry3448Ascent List2008Peak List  238Trip Reports  1,200  366List of Lists2015-01-26
55.Friedrich, Brian254Ascent List171Peak List  224Trip Reports  679,063  206,978List of Lists2013-07-01
56.Kent, Trevor319Ascent List251Peak List  222Trip Reports  59,520  18,142List of Lists2014-12-24
57.Quinlan, Dan216Ascent List203Peak List  216Trip Reports  353,473  107,739List of Lists2014-10-11
58.Straub, Chad256Ascent List189Peak List  215Trip Reports  620,442  189,111List of Lists2015-01-25
59.Dawson, Kris319Ascent List124Peak List  213Trip Reports  56,534  17,232List of Lists2015-01-24
60.Bangel, Alan212Ascent List118Peak List  212Trip Reports  282,762  86,186List of Lists2015-01-20
61.Sexauer, Gustav209Ascent List189Peak List  209Trip Reports  107,344  32,718List of Lists2014-12-30
62.Earl, Edward1553Ascent List1436Peak List  206Trip Reports  2,369,432  722,203List of Lists2014-11-08
63.Garneau, Robert734Ascent List441Peak List  205Trip Reports  1,024,108  312,148List of Lists2014-10-20
64.Snyder, Wayne265Ascent List240Peak List  201Trip Reports  19,530  5,953List of Lists2015-01-18
65.Kraai, Bryan581Ascent List514Peak List  199Trip Reports  730,181  222,559List of Lists2014-12-27
66.Faraday, Amin386Ascent List376Peak List  198Trip Reports  5,100  1,554List of Lists2014-12-21
67.Comerzan, David1827Ascent List458Peak List  192Trip Reports  2,660  811List of Lists2015-01-20
68.Lardiere, M (whichway)389Ascent List275Peak List  192Trip Reports  40,081  12,217List of Lists2013-10-06
69.Bradshaw, Franklin464Ascent List428Peak List  191Trip Reports  26,954  8,216List of Lists2014-01-18
70.Morehouse, James340Ascent List240Peak List  191Trip Reports  545,707  166,331List of Lists2015-01-25
71.Couët, Gabriel274Ascent List206Peak List  190Trip Reports  316,118  96,353List of Lists2015-01-08
72.Winston, Keith188Ascent List179Peak List  185Trip Reports  273,157  83,258List of Lists2015-01-23
73.Hensley, Richard295Ascent List259Peak List  184Trip Reports  588,824  179,474List of Lists2014-11-03
74.Puckle, Donnie219Ascent List186Peak List  183Trip Reports  309,943  94,471List of Lists2014-10-25
75.Henry The, Mountain Man760Ascent List316Peak List  182Trip Reports  1,285,227  391,737List of Lists2014-06-22
76.Owen, Tom260Ascent List244Peak List  182Trip Reports  23,622  7,200List of Lists2014-10-26
77.Shih, Susan280Ascent List182Peak List  182Trip Reports  36,857  11,234List of Lists2014-02-13
78.Wing, Kathy542Ascent List534Peak List  179Trip Reports  22,100  6,736List of Lists2015-01-25
79.Helman, Adam1112Ascent List1063Peak List  176Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-12-30
80.Surgent, Scott769Ascent List723Peak List  176Trip Reports  172,584  52,604List of Lists2015-01-18
81.Blair, Michael603Ascent List276Peak List  171Trip Reports  3,488  1,063List of Lists2013-01-04
82.Edmonds, Larry534Ascent List363Peak List  171Trip Reports  281,491  85,798List of Lists2015-01-24
83.Guethle, Mike261Ascent List220Peak List  162Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-24
84.Hanson, Vic253Ascent List194Peak List  159Trip Reports  326,049  99,380List of Lists2014-11-12
85.Van Amburgh, Dennis209Ascent List201Peak List  157Trip Reports  124,513  37,952List of Lists2014-10-04
86.Baxter, Dan467Ascent List432Peak List  152Trip Reports  369,905  112,747List of Lists2015-01-24
87.Gerber, Andrej265Ascent List265Peak List  150Trip Reports  1,324,421  403,684List of Lists2015-01-11
88.Bjørstad, Petter1206Ascent List1142Peak List  149Trip Reports  3,022,225  921,174List of Lists2015-01-26
89.Ortiz, Gregory732Ascent List579Peak List  148Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-18
90.sosnowski, michael153Ascent List150Peak List  146Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-19
91.Hibbard, Lou146Ascent List138Peak List  143Trip Reports  104,185  31,756List of Lists2014-10-27
92.Still, Ben456Ascent List456Peak List  141Trip Reports  1,596,269  486,543List of Lists2014-11-22
93.Robinson, Phil165Ascent List128Peak List  139Trip Reports  240,726  73,373List of Lists2014-10-25
94.Bernier, Alan2885Ascent List2418Peak List  136Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-20
95.Cockrell, Scott429Ascent List426Peak List  136Trip Reports  187  57List of Lists2010-11-13
96.Blanchette, Steve155Ascent List120Peak List  134Trip Reports  76,830  23,418List of Lists2015-01-02
97.Hart, David516Ascent List465Peak List  134Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-11-27
98.Boester, Brad367Ascent List350Peak List  133Trip Reports  845,272  257,639List of Lists2014-05-16
99.Courtney, Ryan446Ascent List419Peak List  133Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-11-21
100.Higgins, Chris238Ascent List179Peak List  133Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-21

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